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036 ♦ off-network video + literally everything

Good afternoon, people of Earth. My name is Winter Adamas, or Cure Diamond if you've seen me running around trying to help save the world. I'd like to talk to you about a couple things, so if you have a little time, please listen. I promise, I won't take all day.

[Winter's sitting in her living room, laptop sitting on something high enough that it's recording her straight on. She's acquired a better microphone so she can be a little better understood; it's weird to think of the production values of a YouTube video, but it's quite a bit better than nothing. On the wall behind her, pictures of herself and Lily, and some more of her Numbered friends. A picture of her birthday party, two years ago. A group photo someone took of the All-Stars Precure. The last two years of her life are behind her, and she wants to make sure she'll have a lot more years to come.]

Over the last few months, I'm sure many of you have noticed a number of incidents. Pink lights over cities across the globe. Odd sightings and monsters in those foreign lands. The aliens that landed on Earth a year ago, making public appearances and comments. The movements of the military, of we Numbered, of forces aligned with one or the other. Things have become much more hectic over the last six months, both for us, and for the world. A year ago, we had one small city that all of us lived and worked in, that was the center of all the craziness. Now, there are more than half a dozen. Some of you may have seen the lights over Tokyo, two weeks ago, and the kappa that appeared in the bay. Other places, like London and the Galapagos Islands, a little less recently. We don't understand the reason any more than you, but something is becoming very clear to us.

Our world is shifting. It's preparing for something. The mysterious, giant creatures in each of the boundaries, each of the places our powers function, are not bringers of destruction as we once thought. Wise Snake, in Locke City, New Jersey; Refined Shell, in Las Vegas, Nevada; others such as the hair in the London Underground, the swan in Neuschwanstein, others we don't even know about. These Animals, while dangerous, are not intended to combat humans. They are intended to fight something else. Something... foreign. From another world.

[Winter is well aware that she's not going to be believed immediately on this one. She feels like she needs the image meme of the man on the History Channel, talking about aliens. But she also knows it's nothing more or less than the truth. And one way or another, the truth will be heard. If she has to spread it one person at a time over the internet, so be it. None of that, of course, stops the grimace on her face at her audience's likely reaction.]

I'm aware a lot of you probably just laughed at me, or said something derisive. I don't blame you - it sounds crazy. It is crazy. But it doesn't take superpowers to see the signs. The aliens we know of are mobilizing, seeking to stamp out the Animals in regions we haven't fully explored. They're reaching out to world governments. They've lied when asked about the events that have transpired over the last two years, in ways we can explain readily. I ask you - are these the actions of a foreign power that comes in peace? For myself, and a number of my colleagues, we believe not.

When taken together, it looks a lot like something dangerous is about to happen. It's hard to know, but with our belief that the Animals are on our side, there's one conclusion to draw. Since an event nearly two years ago, we've known that the planet called upon us - upon a number of "past selves", whose souls give us our powers; simply, we're reincarnated - to protect it from some unknown threat. That threat isn't any more known, but I believe it's drawing closer. And that's why I wanted to speak to you today.

[She looks straight at the camera, with a more serious expression than she's perhaps ever shown anyone before. This is the moment-!]

Very soon, a calamity will come to our world. There's no telling what it entails. Who it will affect. The scale of the damage. What the cause will be. None of that is clear to us. But what is clear is that, between the Animals, some offshoots of their power that have gained smaller forms, and the Numbered, we are the fighting force that will defend the planet. The militaries of the world, humanitarian forces, individuals with power of their own... we anticipate and welcome their contributions. But we are the last line of defense. It will fall to us to save the Earth.

[Well. There it is. She's got a feeling she's going to lose a lot of views, right there. Either from shock, anger, disbelief... but what she's saying, she believes wholeheartedly. So she has to keep going, with only a brief pause.]

I don't say this lightly. I've worried about what this means for months. If we should have told anyone in the first place. If we should have tried to appeal to another force for help, to turn over management to another power. If my shoulders, if all of our shoulders together, are wide enough to bear the burden of an entire world. If I have the power to protect the people closest to me, let alone an entire world.

But I'm not alone. The other reincarnates, some of whom I'm proud to call my friends, and all of whom I'll trust in a pinch. [She doesn't let certain specific people she doesn't get along with; that's not the point, and it'd weaken her position.] Those who were once reincarnates, and have since lost their numbers. The beings that draw their powers from the Animals. The Animals themselves. My fiancée, who I cherish with all my heart. All of my precious friends and acquaintances, across town and across the world. I carry everyone's hopes and feelings with me, and I know that, together, we can protect our world from anything that stands against us.

Speaking for myself and my team, the All-Stars Precure, I take the threat of catastrophe very seriously. It might be a little idealistic - and severely short-sighted - to say that I won't let anything happen on my watch. But I've always said that I didn't get these powers to sit on them and do nothing. I have a responsibility to do my best with the resources I have, and while I'd like to say I can protect the world, I can only be in so many places at once. But you have my word that I'll do everything I can. [Winter being Winter, she'll probably do more than she can, and pay for it afterward. But hey, that's never stopped her before, as the wound on her torso reminds her every day.]

There are ways that you can help, too. If you come across us, and we're fighting, stay back - the fewer other people we have to keep an eye on, the easier it is for us to protect you. As cliché as it is, if you see us running, try to keep up. If we get lost in a city we don't know, we'd appreciate your time and your advice. They're little things, but they mean a lot to us. And beyond that, I've got a special, more limited way to help.

[Picking up something off-camera, she holds up a hand, in which she's got a weird pink stick with a bell on the end, maybe a couple inches long, and not very wide. It almost looks like a little girl's toy.]

This is a Miracle Bouquet Light. I've got a big crate of them - many hundreds, maybe thousands. My past self, Rikka Hishikawa, gained power from these in times of need, through the wishes of other people. For her, for their safety, whatever the reason, their wishes would be turned into strength and travel to her and her teammates. I've got a huge box of these, and I've got a feeling we're going to need them. So I want to pass these out. Alone, we can do a lot. But together, I believe we can do so much more. I'm betting everything on that. I'll be distributing these over the next few days; I can't leave the boundaries, and these probably can't either - or if they do, they won't do anything. But I can set up somewhere in each location, and hand the Lights out. After this goes up, I'll post a list of where I'll be with them. Please come see me at one of those locations; I'd like to meet a lot of new people.

I think that's everything on my list for today... Before I go, I just want to say something about the Numbered as a whole. I know that a lot of people still don't necessarily trust us. The media likes to pretend we're dangerous, that we want to take over the world, that we're unstable. But two years and almost four weeks ago, we were just like you - just trying to make it through life. We didn't have special powers. We couldn't communicate across long distances. We didn't know anything about aliens, or underground creatures, or being chosen by the Earth as a protector. We've had to adapt, since April 1st, 2013. It's hard to believe that, in two short years, we've gone from fearing for our lives if someone found out... to making our voices heard as members of a small group that's fighting for its survival all the same.

I've met a lot of people since I got my numbers, at the end of May, two years ago. I've made some precious friends I can't imagine not knowing. I've grown tremendously as a person - I couldn't go more than a sentence without stuttering, back then. I met the love of my life, someone I can't imagine living without; she's been such a huge blessing, and my sincerest hope is that I can keep her safe in all this. If all goes well, we're going to marry this summer. [Is she blushing? Yes. Yes, she is. On camera, where millions of people can see. Doesn't keep the stupid grin off her face, though.] And she's probably going to give me a hard time for saying that. I love you, Lily.

But anyway, it's been a wild ride these last two years. I've had some bad weeks, and some things I thought would break me... but I pressed on. I kept moving forward, because I wanted to see what kind of future I could make for myself. Everyone's supported me as I went forward, and now I want to be able to support everyone in turn. My friends, my love, strangers on the street, everyone. I can come on a little strong sometimes, because I'm passionate about what I do. But I really want to help, however I can. Even if the sky's falling in on us, I'll stand tall, because that's the kind of woman I want to be. And there's no better time to start building yourself into the person you want to make of yourself than today.

[She takes a deep breath, smiling softly.] I know I've been talking for a long time, and I apologize for that. But if you skipped to the end for a short version, here it is: if something happens in the near future, and it will, we'll be there. No matter how bleak things look, believe in us. We'll give everything we have to protect our homes, and our world. Count on it.

[The feed cuts out there. It hits the internet mid-afternoon eastern time, just in time for the lunchtime news reports on the West Coast, for the late evening news in Europe, and the morning shows in the Far East. If you think Winter timed this on purpose, you're right. Shortly after it hits YouTube, it gets posted to the Seedling subreddit. From there... well. Video has a way of going viral when it has something to say.]

((Winter's going to be in front of her computer for some time yet; she'll be reviewing video responses, tweets, comments, e-mail, network messages... she wants to hear the pulse of the world in response to this. Which may not be terribly much, but hey, you never know. Replies to this post can either be off-network and directed at the video (or something like her e-mail), on-network and directed to her in general, in person picking up a Miracle Bouquet Light over the following couple of days in any Echo barrier, or either way and looking to expand her reach in some capacity. Or whatever else you have in mind works too! Positive, negative, supportive, angry, disbelieving, just wanting merch, any response is good.))

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