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Parrots make everything better!

Who: Torin and you!
What: Torin's getting his affairs in order before things get crazier. He's going to get the parrots he grew up with out of the zoo and settle them inside his giant robot dinosaur. Such a normal day.
Where: Locke City; namely the zoo, Espresso Yourself, and inside the shiny new Spirit Base that is now inside Bragigas.
When: After the moon turns into a giant snake.

[A - At the Zoo]
Torin is not dressed in the robes he normally favors, the outfit he Echoed back before taking his current form. Ever since he'd transformed into his other self's true form, he'd visited various tailors throughout Locke. Upon finding one who was up for a bit of a challenge and not too weirded out by a bird-dinosaur-man, Torin had some clothing made. There were copies of those original robes, as well as a few that took different colors into account. There was also a suit, for Torin thought he might want it for special occasions. Though he does look nice in his suit, he is also imposing in his suit. The briefcase he's carrying his GigaGaburevolver in likely isn't helping matters much, but he hopes it makes him look businesslike.

But he's an ex-parrot on a mission. Big things are going down, and Torin has taken a brief moment from fussing over the newly-enlarged Bragigas to take care of some important business. He's going to bust the other parrots out of the zoo. He's on his way to the zoo offices now to declare his intent and attempt to negotiate for the purchase of his brothers and sisters, but if that doesn't work, he won't hesitate to waltz into the aviary and do what he has to.

The world is changing, and he very much wants to keep those parrots safe.

At the Spirit Base, Open to Close CR
Getting the parrots settled in their new home is rather important to Torin. Granted, he's still getting settled there as well. Bragigas had gone through a major growth spurt after the moon had gone crazy, and with that growth spurt had come the Kyoryugers' spirit base within him. Torin knew that was where his other self lived before, and so that's where he's planning on living now.

Though the timing could be better, Torin is still willing to take a quick moment to show the place off to his friends. Besides, he needs to give Bragigas's Beast Batteries time to recharge, just in case things get through the moon-snake's defenses.

Outside Espresso Yourself
Torin has a lot of fond memories of this place. He doesn't know if the poor old coffee shop will be able to last this current round of trouble, but that doesn't stop him from taking a brief rest atop the building late that night. One last perch? Perhaps.

He sits there for a moment, listening to the sounds of the city, and he starts to sing. It's a song he remembers, one that brought him back from a very bad place. Though he's singing in Japanese, he hopes that the meaning of it still carries through. The birdman's melody carries through the wind, and he's receptive to speaking with anyone who might be curious.

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