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At the last light of the moon;

Who: Lily Tsukuyomi and YOU.
What: A final catch all before the end. Flying trees and magcial fairies and stupid arguments and fluff.
Where: Anywhere around Locke City, Lily & Winter's home, the Tsukuyomi household, Espresso Yourself, or the Great Heart Tree.
When: Anytime from the 19th to the 28th.

A - April 19th - The Great Heart Tree's Great Escape + A Little Visitor [OPEN]

On the morning of the 19th, Lily was woken to a sensation of something moving. Something... happening. A glimpse at the television answered it pretty handily - news broadcasts showing the Great Heart Tree lifting off the ground, floating under its own power into the clouds and then... Seemingly, undetectable. As if it had vanished into nothing. Lily, of course, had other methods to track its presence - the Heartcatch Mirage.

Just trying to get a glimpse of it, or transport herself there, its current placement was pretty easy to determine. Now, it drifted above Locke City, lazily hiding itself in the clouds, peeking out as if watching over them only on occasion.

Eventually, Lily makes it to the park, trying to squint up at the sky to see if it sticks out to her. If it's safe up there, or if it's obvious...

All the while, not realizing there's something, someone watching over her the whole while...

[Here, at some point, Yuri's once-dead fairy Cologne will return to her. SOMEWHERE. We'll see, it depends on who tags me. As to how the Heart Tree got there? It flew through a Ghost Zone.]

B - you wot m8 [Lily + Raye, OPEN to whomever might be around the Tsukuyomi/Adamas house at any given time]

With all the chaos and bluster of the last few weeks, as the girls try their best to get their heads together and back in the game, Lily's house has been fairly open to her closest friends. Of course, they were always welcome within reason, but she was more often than not inviting them over for lunch or what have you, more now than ever. She's not entirely sure what it was - a slight bit of twinging fear at the frequency of the Animals bursting from the ground, worry over what might come next. Something was coming, but just what...

That's where the worry was.

Today however, the tranquil peace of the quaint little home Lily and Winter have made for themselves is shattered, as Lily suddenly slams a fist onto the countertop of her kitchen.

"How could you say something like that?!" she exclaims, her ire directed at an unexpected source: Raye Satterfield. "What I'm saying is just common sense!"

Cologne floats off to the side, just... sort of hanging there helplessly, staring with an expression of only mild interest, and just a bit of worry that this is what he was reincarnated into. He eyes Senketsu briefly, frowning. "This... isn't typical, is it?"

Whatever could have sparked this argument? More over, who dares butt their head into it?

[All replies for this prompt should go in here!]

C - April 22nd - The future and other such things. [CLOSED to Winter]

The daily grind of a job still isn't something Lily's quite used to. Since spending months globe hopping in attempts, sometimes fruitful and sometimes vain, to save the earth, a daily routine is not something she's used to. As such, in spite of her impeccable physical condition, the finds herself more than a little worn down by the time she gets home at the end of the day sometimes.

Still, it's worth it. Because once she gets at the end of that day, once she reaches this little house and opens the door, she knows what's waiting for her. It's an odd feeling, in some ways. To know there's always someone she can rely upon, who will always be there, who she can tell anything.

To have an to hold, in sickness and in health.

Even if they're not married yet... She's fairly sure she can get used to this feeling, even if a year and a half ago she never would have dreamed she could be so lucky. Even as the world and its threats loom over them, they still have lives to live.

Dammit, they're going to do that no matter what.

"Winter!" She calls as she enters. Her keys clatter on the table, her jacket gets shrugged off. "I'm home!"

She almost has to grin to herself as she says that. It's a very stupid, but content grin, and she finds herself getting it over the simplest things of late.

D - WILDCARD: Hit me with anything, and we'll do some stuff in this last little stretch!

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