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05 | network (for doppel-Stefan) and action, backdated to last week

[A] network; video]

[Doppelganger!Stefan here, in the Alesci house with a sleeping doppelganger!Xander on the couch behind him. It's been a hell of a month, let him tell you. He's holding a beer bottle, but he doesn't sip from it as he regards "the camera."]

Okay, "Stefanizo," I get that I owe you big time, but actually working your job was not part of that IOU. I don't do crowds. [Now the world knows how Stefan mysteriously got his shifts "covered" while he's in Tokyo.] You're welcome, by the way, for compelling all the babies at Sunday school. Perfect little angels, right?

[He finally takes a sip of his beer.] More seriously - since we keep talking about preparing ourselves for the worst, I might as well cure some of my boredom. Who's interested in learning hand-to-hand combat?

I promise I'll go easy on you. At first.

[B] action]
Who: (original) Stefan, Misa, and third-party interlopers!
Where: various places around Tokyo
When: Sometime last week
What: His powers finally catch up with him - and thanks to circumstances beyond his control, Stefan realizes he's finally become a vampire.

Spiritual care was a lot harder to deliver in another country, especially when language barriers (and different religious customs) were involved. As the only openly Numbered with this kind of experience, Stefan had found himself at the forefront of the debate within Tokyo's religious community. Some hadn't taken too kindly to Numbered assistance, leaving him with more scars and bruises than he'd anticipated. Most of them, he could bandage and pretend that they'd no longer exist. Remembering a rumor about the healing properties of healing blood, he'd even sought out Emi's help. (It was worth a shot, right? Blood wasn't halal, but God would forgive him if it were a life and death emergency - or so he tells himself.)

However, even her blood couldn't save him from the worst. One night, as he's returning to Misa's place from yet another of these long meetings, a car swerves and hits him, full-stop. Even with his speed, he couldn't avoid the impact. The car doesn't even stop; it just keeps going, leaving him on the side of the road.

It's only a few hours later, when he pulls himself up, that he realizes the impact should've killed him. He can see the dried blood across his arms, and he certainly doesn't feel like he's fully functional. The pain had overwhelmed his system and-- and by all logical, rational accounts, he shouldn't be breathing. Stefan pauses, staring up at the apartment building nearby.

He's not dead. (He thinks.) So he hesitates, before finally pulling out his phone and using the Network to contact Misa.

Sorry I'm late! Could you meet me outside first, though? I'm in front of the building.

Maybe after tonight, he'll go home to Locke. At least in America, he knows their dangers.

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