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second choice (video)

[That talking white horse is on-'screen' again and this time the 'screen' isn't ripping. Instead, it looks like she's indoors, possibly a cafe or coffee shop judging by the background noise. Some canny numbered may even be able to recognize that she's in fact contacting the network while at Expresso Yourself, where she's become quite a regular over the course of the last month.

She takes a delicate bite from one of the sugar cookies piled on a plate in front of her before beginning to MindSpeak:]

:Hello. I'm contacting the Network to tell people that after many days and nights of careful thought, I've decided to start calling myself by my previous self's name. It's not that I don't appreciate what Shou named me all those years ago. Areonwen was a very nice name. It served me quite well when I was a horse.

But-- I'm not really a horse anymore. Or I'm in the process of becoming something else, anyway. Something that may be horse-shaped but isn't really a horse anymore than-- than--:
[There's a pause here as she obviously searches for the right word.] :Than one of your angels is a human.

In the place my previous self came from, there was an institution known as the Heralds and the Herald-Mages. They were humans who wore white uniforms and had mind magic--and the ones called Herald-Mages has true magic as well. They were there to protect the kingdom and to solve any strange or difficult problems within that kingdom.

The Heralds were partnered with beings known as Companions, who were a kind of guardian spirit that took the form of horses because it allowed us to travel quickly and gave us some convenient natural weapons by way of our hooves. That's what I'm becoming again.

And when I was a Companion my name was 'Sayvil.' I'd like it if you called me that now.:

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