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Maglor Makalaure Canafinwe Feanorion ([personal profile] bythewaves) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-04-22 12:57 am

One last party

Who: Arnold (and Benedict) and OPEN!
Where: The Benedict Family House in Locke
When: Now, and til... whenever I guess
What: Arnold's doing an art exhibit, and opening it with a massive party. Because that's what you do when you're idle rich, apparently. Numbered get in free but it *is* open to the public. Once the party is done, the main room of the house will remain open until he gets bored and closes it to have an exhibition elsewhere.

He's wanted to do an exhibit ever since he came to Locke, but what with one thing or another...

But you know, with the Moon being a Snake (and gosh darn it, but he wishes he hadn't slept through his mythology classes)... HEY you only live once right? There'll be flyers posted and ads on the TV, and his friends and pseudo family get invites. Numbered get in free, but Benedict Galleries is holding an open exhibition at the house in Locke.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, catering is provided. There'll be sculpture and art and a live band. Why not come along?

Arnold will be his professional best, grinning and chatting and hobnobbing, or maybe you just want to mingle? Catch up with a few friends, maybe. Benedict's around as well, being quiet and shy and retiring, but if you want to talk art, particularly some of the stranger avant garde type things, he's your man.

Come in, the booze is free.

And for family... well. He wants them to meet, the girl who might be his mother, and the boy who is definitely his father. And he wants them to meet Liam, and Julien, and he wants them to be friends. And if the world really is ending... well. What better place is there to meet that than with family, after all.

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