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Yuuya Sakazaki ([personal profile] espigeonage) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-04-19 02:33 am

[OPEN] When everything starts to fall

Who: Julien and OPEN!
Where: Pretty much anywhere.
When: Now up until April 29. Putting the date in the subject line's cool!
What: Come, spend a little of the time you have left with a big white bird.

[Some prompts! You don't have to stick with them.]

Julien's birthday is on the 25th. No party this year, but he wants to see his friends and spend some time with them. Go out to eat, stay home and cook, just hang out on couch cushions put on the floor, anything's good.

He builds bonfires on several evenings, in several different places, and watches them into the night. And roasts things on them. Were you drawn by the fire? Want some marshmallows?

And of course, he flies and walks anywhere. In Locke he feeds the glossy, overlarge pigeons, setting down seed. Elsewhere he buys grain and oats and such in bulk, not seeming to notice the attention someone who looks like a pigeon the size of a small horse attracts. Maybe he goes swimming off the coast of Christmas Island. Maybe he struggles with stairs. The sight of him in flight or landing is impressive.

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