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Who: Tony, Lazarus, and Feivel
What: The big reveal
Where: A diner in Locke
When: Backdated to the afternoon of the 9th.
Warnings: None yet!

Lunch with Lazarus isn't that strange, well it is a little considering he still barely remembers to eat, but lunch with Lazarus and Feivel is considerably more strange. Not that Tony disliked the kid, actually he's grown quite fond of him fairly quickly. He was daring and had a disregard for authority close to his own heart. It was kind of endearing, actually.

Since Fe didn't know where the diner was Tony had agreed to meet him at the teleporter and lead the way. All of this is slightly strange and struck as if Lazarus was up to something, but not knowing what it could possibly be Tony isn't going to worry about it. Lazarus was one of the few people who had his complete trust, after all, and anything sneaky he was up to would be for everyone's benefit, he has no doubt of that.

Nothing to worry about. Maybe he has something interesting to pass on to them, or a surprise? Who knew. Or heck maybe he just wants to hang out. With everything being crazy, it would make perfect sense to want a calm down period.

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