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035 ♦ closed

[A | closed: Summer, D!Lily | 4/3, evening | Neuschwanstein Castle]

It'd been a week since the battle at the Heart Tree. Summer and her Lily had gotten out unharmed, as had largely everyone except both of Raye. And, well... Jasmine. Their Jasmine had gone out in a blaze of glory and silver light. And there hadn't been a damned thing they could do about it. Both of them had been busy, occupied by other things, and Jasmine had paid the price. There hadn't even been anything left to bring back, aside from a few of the feathers. One was sitting in front of her now, on a nearby table, where she sat next to Lily.

The other girl was, understandably, depressed. Her sister is dead, by the hand of a young woman wearing the same face that looked back at her in the mirror every day. Neither Winter had raised a hand to stop it. The real thing had been trying to stop her Lily from going to assist, and Summer herself... had found ways to half-heartedly take potshots and generally stand away from the action. Saretha had made some convincing arguments, and fighting didn't seem like a good idea at the time. It still doesn't now, considering that things are coming to a head quickly. She's got a feeling that a big mess is coming, and the All Stars fighting amongst themselves is a very good way to get caught up in that mess without a chance to prepare. All that's going to do is get them killed.

The problem, ostensibly, is that Summer just doesn't have the same ability to lift problems off others' shoulders that her other does. She loves Lily, but her love is more forceful, rather than the gentle, supportive love that seems to radiate off Winter every time they meet. It makes her want to gag, but she regrets that she doesn't have that capacity. Still... she's trying. She's learning. And that's what's most important... probably. As she puts a slightly awkward arm around Lily, Summer sighs. "Dammit... it's killing me to see you like this, Lily. Especially when I can't do anything to help."

[B | closed: Winter, Summer, Lily, D!Lily | 4/6, afternoon | Locke City, Winter and Lily's house]

Summer had sent an e-mail to herself two days ago, which in turn meant she'd sent an e-mail to Winter. She'd proposed that they meet, herself and her other, and Lily and her other. That they needed to talk, that they needed to come to an understanding. She'd sworn, upon her powers and what passed for her honor, that she wouldn't hurt any of them unless Winter or Lily made an honest effort to hurt her first. She'd made specific mention that there'd been enough death to last her a while in the last two weeks. And, in a roundabout way, she'd apologized for what happened, and offered her condolences.

Winter had, at first, had a hard time believing that her other was going to come and not start something, but at the same time... the doubles had lost someone. Someone important to Lily and to her other self- Summer, the girl had used in the e-mail. And while the real Lily had been having some trouble after all was said and done, considering she'd delivered the last hit, things weren't as bad as anticipated. Even beyond that, Winter had told the other Lily that she wanted to meet Summer and Lily both, that she wanted to make friends and figure out how to stop all this. She supposed that started with being open and having a little faith.

And so it was that Winter Adamas sat on her couch on a brisk April afternoon, waiting for a knock at the door from herself, to talk about her fiancee murdering her fiancee's sister's doppelganger. Her head already hurts just considering that sentence, but she'd meant it when she said she wanted to make peace. Now, she's just counting on the girls coming here to make that promise.

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