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Who: Nathan and Misa
What: Awkward bonding times?
When: March 31st, evening
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
Warnings: None anticipated

Should he be working so much? Maybe not. But there honestly isn't much else for Nathan to do while he's at the school and he doesn't leave it much these days. It hardly makes sense to not be productive while he's here. Right?

It helps distract his thoughts from what he's trying to avoid, at any rate. He can't work himself up too much if he's busy repairing code. Tony is always nearby and that's both a comfort and a worry. A comfort because the other young man can keep him safe, but a worry because he has to keep him safe. How long this is going to go on, Nathan does not know.

He's at least used to the various comings and goings, can recognize a few people just from the sound of their footsteps now. That helps calm him, too. He can be aware of who's moving around without even having to look up. And thus he won't even bother to do so when someone comes in.

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