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Maglor Makalaure Canafinwe Feanorion ([personal profile] bythewaves) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-03-28 10:45 pm

closed; heartbreak and ice cream

Who: Doppel!Arnold, Arnold & Julien & Doppel!Julien............possibly Liam lol
What: Bad movies, ice cream, and possibly hugging. Also dramatic weeping. Because that is what you do.
When: Sometime before statue smashing goes on
Where: The Benedict House

For once, both Arnold and Benedict are miserable together. Julien seemed very upset the last time he hung up, and this makes them both fret, even if Benedict's main source of distress is his pull back to the Neuschwanstein Castle, which he really, really does not like. Especially not when they are also somewhat on the outs with Liam.

"I don't want to go back."

"I know man, I know. But you'll only get more miserable if you stay."

"But Liam... and Julien..."

"Julien said you could maybe look for his dopple? That might help, I know you're lonely there."

"I... I guess... but not yet. I don't want to go yet. Can we... maybe put a movie on?"

"Guess so. Get the ice cream out?"

"The Choc Chip Dip?"


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