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action + network video;

Who: Lily Tsukuyomi and you!
What: Back in and around and about town.
When: Action anytime from around March 9th through to March 26th; Network post is March 24th.
Where: Locke City


Lily had never much considered herself a city girl, and yet... she'd missed this place. Beyond the occasional, brief trip back that usually wasn't for good things, it felt like she, Winter, Jasmine, and Marina had been on the run since September. Mostly because...

Well, they had been.

Returning here, it's on the run again. Raye's double had seen to that. They could have returned to Europe, easily. There's still work to do there, but... In the end, home felt like a necessity.

It didn't feel quite the same. Not entirely. The military presence was unsettling. Foreboding. And yet, even if she considered "home" to be wherever she went with her family, or family-to-be, was... It felt good to be here again, after everything. To at least for a little while, go about life day to day like a normal person.

Most of that was still spent hovering over Winter. She was still recovering, but even Lily realized she might get a little overbearing at a certain point. Jasmine and Marina were still there to help too, and... frankly, Lily was more than a little dissatisfied having had to spend the last half a year mooching off her father, at a time she should have been in college. Should have gotten a job.

So, that last part had been taken care of too - thanks to Lazarus, and part time employment at Espresso Yourself. It helped to have friends, and while she would never, ever view it as such... it was kind of funny how that brought things full circle since her first month on the Network, some fifteen months later.

She knows something is coming. Everything seems to be lining up towards that. The Doppelgangers, the Animals, the Aliens, the Echo areas... Lily is prepared to face those challenges, but first she has to make sure that all Precure are in fighting shape for that purpose. Once Winter was ready, Lily would be ready.

Until then... They get to live their lives just a little bit longer.

[OOC: Lily can be found around and about Locke City, Espresso Yourself, or at her & Winter's home, anytime from around the 9th to the 26th! Feel free to poke her~]


[Lily's image flickers onto the Network, and she's. Well, she actually looks oddly content, in spite of everything.]

Hello, everyone. It's been awhile since I just... talked I suppose, hasn't it? There's been a lot going on, and we've run into... a whole lot of problems. We've got a whole lot more on our plate now, but...

It was always going to be like that in some way or another, wasn't it?

We were always going to have to fight, one way or another. It's why we're here. I can't imagine I became a Precure for any reason other than to protect everyone I can. It's not about Yuri Tsukikage's legacy - I am Cure Moonlight, and right now, that's all that matters so far as that goes. I spent a lot of time wondering about that, over a year ago. If I was worthy, if I could even do anything...

Then, the snake came up. I realized that I could do precisely that. [She frowns a little...] Even if that was the wrong thing to do then. [But she rubberbands back, brightening quickly.] It's been a year since then, hasn't it? It seems almost surreal. Our number has shrunk over the last year, but my memories of all those people who stood by our side...

[Banagher. Harper. Annie. Kari. Russel. Cherise, and... others still. She looks a little wistful, sighing.]

It's really sappy of me to say, but you're probably used to that by now, so... I sort of feel like they're all with me still, a little bit. Everyone I've met has changed me a little bit, and that's been for the better.

We've got a lot ahead of us now, but... I'm sure that we can do what we all need to, if we're together.

[She grins.]

I feel like a Precure is supposed to be hopeful, so... For now, that's what I'll be.

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