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Open Network and Locked Log

*Guess who's facing the 'camera' in an empty hallway with a familiar tablet in hand? This guy. Hopefully Cesar won't miss that thing for communicating, because Doppelganger!Cesar won't be giving it back any time soon...*

*Doppel!Cesar gives the castle window (his network connection) a small smile, before putting the tablet's screen right up to fill the feed's vision. The screen has... a power point presentation?*
Hello! I'm afraid I physically can't talk, but there's a few things that need to be said.
*He holds it up long enough to be absolutely sure the viewers have finished reading, before hitting the next slide.*
1. Strange things are happening in Neuschwanstein. Please don't be alarmed: they appear to be harmless, if somewhat disruptive. No one is in danger.
*No, not even the people Thorin is threatening. Shut up. Next slide.*
2. I'd like to help explain these strange incidents. If anyone has any information about them, please send me a message.
*Next slide.*
3. On a more personal note, I owe you all an apology. I've been secretive to the point of absurdity before now, and it's time for this to change. From now on I will answer any and all questions you ask as honestly as possible.
*Next slide. The real Cesar won't see this post until later, and it's about this time that he'll start to panic.*
As a show of faith, here's a few things about myself.

I live in Locke.

I'm showing you slides instead of speaking because my vocal chords were unexpectedly removed a couple of months ago.

My hobbies include research, accordion music, and hiking.

Echoes suggest that my Other was a scientist.

My name is Cesar Sanches-Ortiz.
*Next slide.*
Your turn. Questions?
*He ends with a wider, breezier smile to the camera, before the feed cuts out. People re-windowing to the page a couple of hours later may notice that the post's content has been erased, only to go back up a minute later. The struggle continues for nearly half an hour, before the post stays as is, with the occasional subversive editing of that last slide.*

Who: Tony, Cesar, and Doppel!L
What: Tony and Cesar come to collect 'L' before he does anything rash.
When: Early on during all the confusion.
Where: Germany, starting in a cafe near the castle
Warnings: Doppel!L and his suggestiveness!
Log Closed.

It took Cesar almost fifteen minutes to tear himself away from the teleporter, and in the end it's a reminder from Tony that does the trick. 'This is just great, and all, but weren't you worried about L?' Yes, he was. There aren't so many cafes in the area that they have to search far, but they still have a cellphone out for directions, and the snow is thick enough that they almost get lost regardless. It's winter in Germany.

By the time they finally get to the right cafe, Cesar is half expecting L to be gone. The bell on the door tinkles when they open it, and they're immediately met by warm air and a comfortable bustle of the late afternoon crowd. He stops a little off to the door's side, scanning the room.

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