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I really don't care, it's nothing I mind

Who: Cesar and L
What: They grab lunch.
Where: Cesar's apartment
When: Saturday
Warnings: None (may be updated as thread progresses)
The apartment is full of sound. The TV is on at a low but constant murmur, showing a mindless action flick that probably isn't being watched. The stove has meat and onions hissing loudly, and the smells are strong enough that they've crept through the apartment's front door and around the walkway outside. The dining-room has an entire half that's been cleared of clutter. (The other half looks like it has double the usual amount.)
Cesar is standing by the stove, wearing work clothes with the sleeves pushed up. There's a mixing bowl in his hands with green sauce inside, and he's rotating between mixing and glancing at the meat to test for readiness. Almost done. It looks like he hadn't gotten started too late, after all...

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