Mar. 31st, 2015

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Who: Saretha, Amy, Raye, and a robotic cheesepuff
What: A discovery
Where: The orbital elevator, Neuschwanstein
When: March 31st

What we leave behind )


Mar. 31st, 2015 10:47 pm
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Who: Aaron + Liam
What: Getting horses in London
When: After the hair shows up, before things get too chatotic.
Where: London!

"We're going to investigate the subways, aren't we?" asks Aaron, as he keeps pace with Liam down a London street. The past few weeks have been fantastic, honestly -- Aaron doesn't know when he's been so content. Being out of doors, seeing places he's never seen, being in good company, the future only a vague worry, it's all been good for him. Not even that one wolpertinger they had stumbled across put a damper on it.He's a little worried that he wasn't able to detect any underground creatures, and their existence is still a nagging fear, but this extended camping trip is what has made Aaron finally feel ready to take on the real world and its mysteries again. There's a spring in his step and confidence in his voice.