Feb. 15th, 2015

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Who: Lily, Winter
What: Anniversary. The other one. And maybe something plotty. POSSIBLY? We shall see.
Where: Around and about Vegas.
When: February 14th, Evening

Lily is determined to not let anything ruin today. )
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Who: Anthony and Nathan
What: Confrontation regarding poor decisions made while under the influence of Peer Pressure
When: Couple days after this
Where: L's boarding academy
Warnings: Angry teenagers and Serious Talks about alcohol use.

Doppelgangers cause trouble everywhere they go )
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Who: Arthur(York), Emilia + Doppel!Arthur, Doppel!Emilia
What: Two separate dates!
When: Valentine's Day
Where: Locke(Real!!), Neuschwanstein(Doppels)
Warnings: Anything that may pose a warning over R will get musebox'd.

This is for real... )