Jan. 30th, 2015

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Who: EVERYONE, santas, grinches and aliens
What: The great big Finale
Where: Korvatunturi Mountain, Lapland, Finland
When: 30th of January

So all these things went down.

And then three things happened in short succession:
↬ Dani and Toushiro connected to the network.
↬ An earthquake shook a large part of the wider area, including the northern half of Finland; small parts of northwestern Russia; northern Sweden and Norway.
↬ All santas and grinches, no matter if they were currently engaged in combat or not, started running towards Korvatunturi Mountain, a mountain with three peaks located northeast of Rovaniemi and roughly 50 American miles away from the numbered cabins and the police station. The only minor exception is that if they come across a sentient person that has no yet completed their 14th year of life, they will take a short detour in an attempt to still snatch them up, numbered or not. Last minute kidnappings!
Once there, they will try to ensure three things: That the heating is not turned off, that the children remain where they are, and that the numbered don't get into the building. Numbered children will be considered children in this, and their opinion won't change even if the numbered in question attacks them with their powers.

Fun facts )

Please direct all questions, including "if I do this what will happen?", to the Lapland plot post. Please also go here for NPC requests and so on.
You may NPC grinches and santas yourself under the following condition: They are no easy opponents. They are stronger than a human (they CAN twist your head off), their teeth and sharp, sturdy nails are nasty, and most importantly they can blip out of time and thus gain a few seconds for action between one moment and the next. The best plan is to attack them as a group, as they have trouble focusing on more than one person at a time. They can sense numbered and children but don't understand speech, and they are not malicious towards children, simply neutral to their well-being.
You may also NPC kidnapped children yourself. Most of them are Finnish or Sami, some Russian, and there's one or two Swedes/Norwegians. Some of them speak a bit of English. They were kidnapped and then deposited in the room where the numbered found them, and oddly enough have felt neither hunger nor thirst nor other human necessities since - they even seem in fairly good health for having been there for days and longer. They are, however, (understandably) scared and confused. Also, most of them are not dressed for the cold but for bed. So getting them out of the building without providing blankets/etc will make them freeze to death.

↬There are two major directions in which this whole venture can go at this point, thanks to Shiro-chan! So it is impossible to give even a rough estimate of how this will turn out, but two notes on future plot things anyway: Location voting ends today, and the doppelgänger trouble start on the 1st!