Jan. 1st, 2015

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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Not quite friendship, not quite animosity; everything depends on where it goes from here.
When: January 2, Friday
Where: Tea-riffic Coffee
Warnings: Nothing yet!

I want it all )
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Late on the night of the first, Winter realizes that she never actually got around to the one big thing she wanted to do when the clock hit midnight - she was too busy looking up at the night sky the first time, too busy being attached to her favorite person the second time, and too busy with her parents the third time. So she's taken a picture of herself and Lily, arms around each other and smiling for the camera. The caption, as it's posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and from there picked up by the news when they need something low-importance to report on - is, "My resolution for 2015 is to be closer to the people I love! My fiancée and I are ready to take on the world!"

It's followed shortly thereafter by the belated Facebook notification that Winter Adamas is engaged to Lily Tsukuyomi. Which is itself followed by the realization that that notification isn't private... and is met with a shrug. She's Numbered and she'd already made all those posts tonight, it won't really matter. Probably.

Popping open a video feed shortly thereafter, as the clock in Las Vegas ticked past ten, Winter smiles into her Kindle. "I know New Year's Eve was yesterday, and it's already 2015, but... I just want to thank everyone. We've gone through a lot this year, and I know I can be a little... weird, sometimes. We've managed so far, though, and it's through the support I get from everyone. So I want to express my gratitude to everyone, and my hopes that 2015 will be a better year across the board. Seriously, thank you. Um... enjoy the rest of your New Year's Day, everyone."
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Who: EVERYONE including visitors
What: This is the first general post for the fourth wall. This post is for network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction, and visitors can top-level.
When: 2nd of January
Where: Everywhere inside the five echo boundaries.
Warnings: Please warn in the subject line of your threads if anything comes up!

Fourth Wall OOC information! As a reminder: Visitors may tag all posts tagged "-fourth wall" that are posted on [community profile] savetheearth.

Special things happening today: A sudden surge in Vermini and Vermedi activity! Some of them are aggressive towards the numbered and will attack, but some seem rather interested in herding or baiting people with numbers towards other people with numbers... They clearly want as many numbered as possible to be together or at least not be alone today.