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Who: Stefan and Tony
What: Tony's hunting Stefan down after visiting Misa in the hospital. Stefan, on the other hand, thinks he kind of deserves all of this.
When: backdated to April 23-ish?
Where: Tokyo, near NTT Medical Center

Where do we start if we'll end apart? )


Apr. 28th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Who: Walter Price, the residents of the Alesci household, and OPEN!!!
Where: Locke City -- specifically his new home, on the way to/from work/Agro's stable, etc!!
When: April 20th-28th, or thereabouts

CLOSED to Alesci house occupants, early 4/22 )

OTA in Locke )
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Who: Misa and YOU
What: At the wrong place at the wrong time, Misa was bitten by a now vampiric Stefan and had a good deal of blood drained. She survives thanks to a blood transfusion and timely care, but spends a few days recovering in the hospital. Come visit her!
When: April 21-26
Where: NTT Medical Center Tokyo

Bring on the apocalypse already. )
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[A] network; video]

[Doppelganger!Stefan here, in the Alesci house with a sleeping doppelganger!Xander on the couch behind him. It's been a hell of a month, let him tell you. He's holding a beer bottle, but he doesn't sip from it as he regards "the camera."]

Okay, "Stefanizo," I get that I owe you big time, but actually working your job was not part of that IOU. I don't do crowds. [Now the world knows how Stefan mysteriously got his shifts "covered" while he's in Tokyo.] You're welcome, by the way, for compelling all the babies at Sunday school. Perfect little angels, right?

[He finally takes a sip of his beer.] More seriously - since we keep talking about preparing ourselves for the worst, I might as well cure some of my boredom. Who's interested in learning hand-to-hand combat?

I promise I'll go easy on you. At first.

[B] action]
Who: (original) Stefan, Misa, and third-party interlopers!
Where: various places around Tokyo
When: Sometime last week
What: His powers finally catch up with him - and thanks to circumstances beyond his control, Stefan realizes he's finally become a vampire.

This does involve deadly car accidents, just as a heads-up. )


Apr. 14th, 2015 05:54 pm
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[There's Hajime, looking human and not at all like he's in the mood to be trolling people as a giant bug. He should probably get some sleep, even if he claims he doesn't need it anymore. He revealed way more than he ever wanted the public to know in Japan, and now he's got to deal with that on top of remembering a bunch of very unpleasant things at seeing Tokyo a wreck.]

Three things: one, I'm done with the Lord of the Bugmen crap. I'm not taking that form again. Not if I can help it. It's more than just the whole everyone knowing who I am thing, it's...more than that. I guess you could say I know too much about it now. It's...I don't want to say it was ever fun, but it sure as hell just got less appealing. I've got a different armored form to fight with, and I'm going with that instead.

[He runs a hand through his hair and looks worn out.]

Two, so I'm famous now, I guess. People keep bugging me for stuff, they had to shut down the restaurant for a couple days because the media was kind of going nuts. How do you even deal with that? Do you have any idea how many exterminators I've had calling wanting me to do endorsement deals with them? How do famous people do it and not lose their minds? Or tear a paparazzi's arm off? And three...

[He leans forward a bit and actually looks a little anxious.]

This is a long shot, but...does anyone know someone named Kazuma Kenzaki?
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[Jovan's eyes takes up the entire screen at first. It takes a few moments, but eventually he leans back so that the rest of his head is visible. Behind him, a massively huge pile of little plastic bags filled with what looks like weed.]

Guys. Guys. Oh my god.

I figured it out. I figured it aaaaaalllllll out.

I'm the queen of England.
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[Misa is obviously freaking out a little. He eyes are wide, she's breathing fast, and she is newly blonde since she last appeared on the network. But her latest echoed change isn't anything that's visible.]

The lights over Tokyo— something is happening, I'm going home. If anyone is coming and needs a place to stay, my apartment is open to you. It's not very big, but I'll make room for anyone who needs it. Bring a sleeping bag or air mattress if you can. Private message me for the address, and if you have a doppelganger either do it in person or by phone. I don't want any uninvited guests showing up.

[[ooc: feel free to handwave Misa giving your character this information, as long as they are not a doppelganger and we have some previous CR.]]


Who: Misa and ALL THE PEOPLE
What: Crash at Misa's one-bedroom apartment during insanity in Tokyo. SLUMBER PARTY. There will be separate header threads for different weeks, plop your person anywhere.
When: April 10-28
Where: Tokyo, Misa's place
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[Jovan appears on the screen, wearing old glasses that very few people on the network have seen before, and generally looking quite timid and sheepish.]

I...I think I might have made a mistake. I just wanted to re-enroll at LCU, but I had to go get my death certificate revoked first, and now there are reporters swarming my house constantly asking how I'm alive again.

Does...does anyone know what to do? I can't just leave to let my dad get swarmed by these people all the time, but I also need to get back to school and get my degree...
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Who: Stefan Alesci, you, and a whole lot of doppelgangers!
What: Stefan intends to bring his doppelganger (and Xander's) back to Locke. There may or may not be the smashing of a swan statue involved.
When: March 25th
Where: Locke City + the Castle in Neuschwanstein

I haven't heard from my doppelganger in three weeks. Or Xander's, for that matter. From what I can tell, that's not normal - especially since he hasn't tried to quit my job. Again. Since they're from the castle, I figured I'd pay the area a visit and see what's going on.

If anyone wants to come, I'll be by the teleporter in Locke around
[hour]. I can wait for late-comers too - just let me know so I don't leave without you.

action or prose, either works. )
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Who: Misa Amane + Lazarus, Cesar, Emilia, and Stefan.
What: It's reverse-White Day! A chance to thank those who have helped her out so far.
Where: Various houses in Locke City and Las Vegas
When: March 14
Warnings: None expected

Chocolate for all! )


Mar. 10th, 2015 03:59 pm
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Saaaay, I know I've been pretty quiet lately but with all the garbage between the doppelgangers and everything I kinda needed a break, you know? Anyway, has anyone seen a sword wandering around?

Y'know, big, metal, sharp, has skulls on the handle?

[He holds up a rough sketch of this for the camera.]

Darn thing just up and left, who would've thought? And I already checked the refrigerator so don't even ask. Apparently that's where we're keeping swords these days.

[He puts on a slightly disapproving frown, but at this point it's fruitless to argue it.]

03 | voice

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:55 pm
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So... I thought I should let you guys know that Xander headed back to Minneapolis.

[Stefan's voice is quieter and more reserved than usual. He doesn't really want to make this post, but who else is going to relay everything? He made a promise, and it's not as if Xander can magically regain all of his Echoes anytime soon. Minneapolis isn't within the boundary.

So he pauses for a few seconds, and keen listeners might be able to hear him sigh.]
He remembers most of us, and that he was a Numbered, but stuff relating to the Network's a no-go. Um, that said...

Purim's tonight. If anyone wants to come celebrate, even if they're not Jewish, let me know. My work's holding an interfaith event in coordination with [one of the Locke City synagogues] in the evening, so feel free to drop by if you're around Locke. Just tell the other interns you're with me.

{003} Video

Mar. 2nd, 2015 05:01 pm
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[Misa has been largely silent since her run in with the doppel Dians, scared out of her mind that they would come murder her before anyone could put a stop to them. The thought still scares her, but as she is currently in a different country (London, not far from the transporter) it's probably safe to show her face without giving too much away. And she wants to show her face. Aside from having a small echo to show off, she can't expect anyone else to be open with her if she isn't open herself.]

I never thought one trip would lead to me visiting so many places... Has anyone else seen the light over London and changed, somehow?

[She holds her phone as far away from her body as her arm will allow for a moment, before bringing it back to her face. The difference isn't at all obvious, but she is somewhat thinner.]

I didn't notice right away, but I lost 20 pounds! I haven't been this tiny since high school. [She giggles, sounding pleased.] Maybe the other-me really is a model, that's weird to think about. Anyway, if anyone else saw the lights and changed I'd like to hear about it!

[She pauses for a few seconds, about to end the message, when something else occurs to her.]

Does anyone on here celebrate White Day? It feels weird to celebrate Valentine's Day and not White day— not that I did anything for Valentine's... but I heard that people in this part of the world only celebrate one.


Feb. 27th, 2015 03:02 am
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I was wondering if anyone would let me stay somewhere else.

Robyn....forgot a few weeks ago. She still remembered me and I told her about being numbered, but she doesn't remember any of the Network stuff. She said it's still fine for me to stay with her, but...

But if something follows me home, I don't want it to be her home when she wouldn't be prepared for it.
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[For those who have been on the network for a while, they would know that Xander barely uses the video function. This post would be his fifth video he's made and unlike the other videos, he was sitting in front of the 'camera'. Despite looking well-dressed, the dark haired man looks uncomfortable and distraught.]

I must apologize for being distant and quiet lately. As well as my behavior on my previous post. I was afraid of taking responsibility for a minor and the idea of being unable to help them during a dire situation would tear me apart. [He is referring to Anthony Janvier's death.] I don't want any more blood on my hands.

[With a glance to the 'camera', he opens his mouth to say more but leans forward and wipes away his number, ending the recording abruptly.

About thirty minutes later, the doppelganger could be found wandering around Neuschwanstein looking rather guilty about the post he just made on the network.]


Feb. 16th, 2015 08:22 pm
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[ there's a minute or two of someone muttering in the worse gutter trash talking Japanese that anyone could ever gutter trash talk in Japanese, intermixed with some heavy nasty words in Chinese and all wrapped up in the kind of accent that makes his words even harder to understand. but at the end of it is a heavy sigh and then, Shou is speaking in English. ]

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm staying in my pillow fort until this all blows over.

[ pillar of the community? wanting to protect people? sorry, he just wants to not deal with dopples at all. oops. ]

If anyone wants to join me, you're welcome so long as you know the secret magic word.
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[ Have a late fourties man with messy dark hair and a nice suit ]

Ah... is this working now? Oh! Hello! Yes! Nice to meet you all! I'm Arnold, Arnold Benedict. Some of you may know my son Liam! Thank you for looking after him, all this time. Just thought I'd... say hi, as it were! I'm gonna be in the area for a while, and it turns out I'm Numbered too, so... yes! Hello!

[ He looks thoughtful ] There was something else... Oh! Yes, folk in the Art Community might recognise me - Benedict Galleries, is, indeed, run by me. We're always looking around for new pieces to show, and I'm hoping to do an exhibition around here too, one day. So! Any budding artists, I'd be glad to chat! I can be reached on this number - [ Have a neat business card with his details ] and if you see me around, don't be shy! I'd love to say hi.

[ And with a wave he disconnects ]

But if you meet him on the street, you would not recognise him )
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[Emi appears on the network again in a video, with of course the usual bearing about her, but looking a bit concerned over recent entries on the Network this week. They had barely dealt with the trouble in Lapland and barely a week after they all get home, something else starts to kick off. She's seen the... other her's Network log, though. As soon as she can get a hold of the original, powered Numbered she can trust, she's going to tell them to get over to Germany and keep her doppelgänger safe.]

It appears there's copies of us running around now. Normally I would have thought this impossible, but there's nothing about us that isn't impossible, is there?

If nothing's done we will be getting more trouble from non-Numbered soon, given the way some of these copies, if they really are copies, are behaving. I don't have to tell everyone that they need to be stopped quickly, yes?
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Who: Stefan and Danny
Where: on the streets of Locke, near a laundromat
When: today? I guess???
Warnings: none that I can think of

this is the first time he's done laundry since he left the old Fenton house )
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Who: Arthur, OPEN [Via Network]
What: Testing something out--
Where: In the mountains surrounding Neuschwanstein
When: 2/5/15, Late Night
Warnings: Introspection and orbital lasers!

Two-Parter! )

[He entered the numbers into his phone's text message contacts--]
[Private - To Emilia]

srry emi gonna be out longer

[OPEN, Public]
sorry didnt mean to send another text

[Easily a lie--Arthur had something he wanted to ask about, but years of parenting and a mean brother told him that opening himself up in any way like that was a sign of weakness. As quickly as he decided he wanted to voice it, Arthur clammed right back up and decided to just put his shoulders up and deal with it.]
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Who: Stefan Alesci & Xander Jarle
What: Stefan's gotten back some strange echoes and he wants to make sense of them all.
Where: Stefan's and Xander's home
When: February 2nd, mid-evening
Warnings: possible language, references to past violence

I expect[ed] a familiar face )

{001} Video

Feb. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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Wow, a secret network! This whole story keeps getting more and more mysterious!

[She had never imagined finding something like this so soon after arriving in the States. Though nearly breathless with excitement, Misa attempts to keep herself in check and remain at least a little bit professional. Beaming at the discovery is impossible to cover up, but she manages to avoid blurting out the first question that comes to mind in favor of a thought-out response.]

Hello, my name is Misa Amane! I’m new here and I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who has been here a while, or has information about what’s been going on. The news has been pretty crazy, but if you want to share your stories then I’m here to listen!

[There, that sounded pretty good, right? She hopes that no one too weird answers, but at least with this number she doesn’t have to meet them face to face right away. Besides, an insider scoop is definitely worth the risks. This is going to get her name on the map for sure.]
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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[Written in his cell phone, Arthur broke his period of silence as innocently as one ever could. He was seated on a big cushy chair in front of his cell, which was leaned on a table in front of him.]

I'm between job applications and my hand's crampin' up as a result. Anyone want to hang out, tonight? I managed to pass for 21 at the package store last night, so, y'know--

[He stared dumbly at the screen, realizing he said this aloud and where folks could seriously hear him and remember.]

We got a bunch of stuff. Er, y'know... Dependin' on what anybody'd like to play, right? Emi's house is mostly empty so it wouldn't be a big deal if we were a little loud, y'know?

(OOC: This is a prompt prep for an IC gamenight! Details will be provided if your muse is interested!)

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[Stefan's sitting on the floor of the local library this time, his cell phone positioned so the feed shows him and the mug of tea he's been holding in his hands. If he looks weary, it's because he is.]

Has anyone else been teleporting to weird places lately? I'm not talking about the teleporter, even if that's still pretty surreal. [He pauses for a second, trying to figure out how to best say this...] I don't know if this was a side effect of coming back from Boston, or just our Echoes acting up, but I really hadn't planned on ending up here.

I mean, the library's great, but I think they've locked me in for the night.

[The feed hastily switches over, revealing that Stefan isn't alone - there's a brunette, roughly sixteen years old, sitting beside him with her own mug of tea. She hastily waves at the camera too.] Hey, they've locked me in too! Steffie, don't forget to mention you're not alone here.

[Stefan can't help rolling his eyes as he brings the camera back towards him.] Right, sorry. Is... anyone good with picking locks? Because we're kind of at a loss here.

[ooc: While this is mostly a Stefan post, his kid sister Olette is temporarily Numbered and thus able to respond to comments as [personal profile] suriyan. If you could, please specify which Alesci kid you want (or if you want both kids) when you reply?]
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Who: Everyone!
What: Run for a good cause!
Where: Locke City
When: throughout the 18th of December

Each year, there is a Christmas charity run in Locke. Businesses from the area (from large ones like Thunder Corp to tiny ones like the Italian pizza place around the corner) pay a set amount of money for every participant that finishes the run. Everyone may participate. There tend to be two or three causes that the money that is earned through it will go to, one local and one (inter)national one. This year it is research for medical engineering and local NGOs that work with people who lost friends or family to the various catastrophes of the year.

Tents and little stalls have been set up along the run's route by businesses that donate, selling food and drink to everyone (most of them donating their earnings to charity as well) and using the moment to advertise for themselves a bit. But churches and various NGOs have stalls or tents as well, selling food and beverages and informing about their cause, and it generally has the atmosphere of a little fair.

Though the curfew will cut the festivities short in the evening, people are in a happy, light mood, enjoying the break from the dire atmosphere and displaying a "our spirit may not be broken" attitude. The run has way more participants this year than usually, despite the slight decrease in residents that Locke has seen over the last year. In the dispute about the run, if it should happen despite everything or not, the opinion that it should prevailed, and clearly people are fully behind that decision.

It must however be noted that the military and also the police are very present, not intervening but simply standing in streets and corners, watching over the proceedings.

- Any business, number-run or not, may have sponsored between one and as many as you want runners and have a tent or stall somewhere. Many of them have hired students or other extras for their stalls/tents, but regulars will work there as well.
- Characters might spot Geoff in the crowd sometimes, talking pleasantly to local politicians or owners of large businesses.
- Any character of any age may run! Children up to 15 years of age must only finish half the run to be counted.
- One of the organizers is secretly numbered in case issues appear or someone wanted to help with the run.


Dec. 14th, 2014 07:43 pm
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so. it's been a fun couple of days, hasn't it? i'm pretty glad that we didn't lose anyone to too much crazy during the attack and such but we all know how that goes. sooner or later we're all going to have a lot of baggage but hopefully there are people within our group that can smack our brains back into our skulls.

anyways, i figured that we should do something about the FAQs thing since it's been forever since anyone really has updated it since the doc left. i'm talking about this here ( link to old FAQs ). we've got some info about what has happened to a point on there and if the rest of us old timers croak or forget, who is going to go back looking for this kind of crap to see what triggered everything, right? so i'm putting the link out, asking people if they want to either build a new faq thing or just put information together so someone else can collect it, or do whatever with it. it's just something we might need later.

btw, anyone know about fixing elevators? also want to help do some rewiring? i've been thinking that if this old school is going to get turned into Numbered HQ, it needs some fancy Jim Bate James Bond redecorating before the New Year's. i also am so buying new furniture.

L. no protesting. i get too cold to sleep comfortably on the floor.
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[Xander sounds tired as he addresses the network.]

As much as I dislike advertising on this, I'm in need of a roommate again. My only requirements that you are at least 18, with a job in Locke, able to clean up after yourself and can handle being around two short-haired cats. The apartment isn't too far from Locke University. If you're interested, please contact me over the network.

[He releases a sigh before it turns in to a weak chuckle. With everything that went down recently, he felt mentally exhausted. A concerned meow is heard in the background.]

...Maybe this is the lack of sleep talking, but does anyone else worry about suddenly loosing their 'pulses' and returning back to normal? I didn't think much of it at first, especially after I lost recollection of this whole thing about a year ago. Now? There's a good chance I might die from the injuries I've sustained or collapse from exhaustion. [Despite the grim subject, he's still chuckling.] Although, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't cross many people's minds.
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[HEY REMEMBER THIS KID? You might not. He's been away for about a month, and been sparse on the network for even longer--not due to lost echoes, but just refusing to engage the network in general. Especially after some very concerning messages he left before going into complete radio silence.

BUT THAT'S OKAY NOW BECAUSE HERE HE IS NOW! Maybe he'll explain his erratic behavior?]

webcam photo )


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:10 am
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Network, suil.

[Julien sounds tired. The camera shows two smallish gray animals in a large dog crate. They have combined traits of cygnets and puppies but are clearly neither. One is basically doglike, though it has four webbed feet, barely any tail, and its teeth, showing as it gnaws jerky, are black beakstuff. The other creature resembles some kind of griffin, though it's downy and baby-looking now. Both are clearly wary, both are thin and have dirty fur and feathers.]

I managed to trap these two things. Their parents are dead, and they pretty obviously won't make it out on their own, but I think they should tame. They got relaxed enough around me to catch, anyway. But, I don't really want to keep them. Anyone interested? I think I have something lined up if not.

[He swings the camera around to face himself and smiles.]

Careful. I'm pretty sure the first time you get anywhere near something like this, it gets you a pulse.

01 | text

Nov. 30th, 2014 03:50 pm
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Looks like I picked a pretty bad time to figure out I'm a Numbered one of you, with everything that's been going on lately. Makes me even more grateful my family got out of Dodge a few months ago. Never thought I'd be grateful that they're in freaking Red Sox country (with the inferior team), but here we are.

I guess the burning question on my mind is, what actually happens if we leave town? Every time I head back to school, my ring transforms. Normally, it looks like a silver band, but whenever I come home...

[He's attached a picture of his ring - it's a large, lapis lazuli ring with a silver family crest in the center. It might look a little familiar to characters that've seen Stefan around before (because that ring is massive), but otherwise, it's just an "old family heirloom."]

I figure, it has to be related to all of this somehow. Also, with concerns to leaving town, other stuff on here mentioned possible amnesia? I don't remember a lot, but if I'm going to forget all of this now, it might be better than later - especially since I've got class Tuesday.