Apr. 28th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Who: Walter Price, the residents of the Alesci household, and OPEN!!!
Where: Locke City -- specifically his new home, on the way to/from work/Agro's stable, etc!!
When: April 20th-28th, or thereabouts

CLOSED to Alesci house occupants, early 4/22 )

OTA in Locke )
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Who: Danny and Walter
What: One is a spirit, the other is possessed by spirits! SURELY WE CAN FIND A WAY TO NAVIGATE THIS.
Where: starting at Walter's house, then moving...somewhere.......
When: April 10th
Warnings: schloopy teens being schloopy

i have a headache, i can't be bothered to pun right now )
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Who: TWO large monsters duking it out, Walter trying to stop the one he's responsible for, and OPEN FOR DAMAGE CONTROL/FREAKING OUT
What: A hair monster and a stone bird wrecking a European capital
When: April 3rd
Where: Central London
Warnings: Destruction and chaos

make it double )
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ATTENTION: My horse is missing.

Please, PLEASE, if you're in Locke City, keep an eye out for a large black mare with a white diamond splotch on her forehead.


Thank you.

action; walter or doppel!walter )
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Who: Danny and Walter
What: Just two dudes hanging out at White Castle on Valentine's Day Eve, it's most definitely not a date
When: 2/14
Where: Walter's house, then White Castle
Warnings: teenagers



Feb. 11th, 2015 09:02 pm
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Who: DoppelWally and OPEN
What: General doppelganger shenanigans
Where: Neuschwanstein, Locke City, and Las Vegas
When: Week of the 9th
Warnings: Underage drinking, potential violence, discussion of suicide

location options! )
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )

10. video;

Dec. 28th, 2014 10:32 am
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[ Here's Walter, looking supremely awful. His skin is nearly paper white, the lines on his face and especially his neck have darkened considerably, and all traces of red have faded from his hair. At least he isn't bleeding? Always look on the bright side and all that. ]

So, ah...

[ A lot has been going on lately in Locke City. There's obviously a ton of things to discuss. Important things. Things that are clearly weighing on his mind. ]

Does anyone have any experience with... with dyeing hair?

[ Orrrr he could just talk about his hair. ]

Really... really... really really dark hair? It -- I know it's dumb, and it probably wouldn't even look good. I was just. You know. Wondering.

09. video;

Nov. 16th, 2014 03:46 pm
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 [ Well, Walter seems to be bleeding again.  Minor bleeding -- looks kind of like cat scratches -- but what's alarming this time is the color. The blood is pitch black. ]

So. This is now a thing.

I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones with --

[ He's cut off by someone caterwauling offscreen. "IT'S BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUE" ]

Tavia, calm down! It's not... not that big of a deal...

[ Walter wipes some of the blood away and stares at it for a long couple of seconds. He doesn't look like he believes what he just said. ]

...anyw-- oh my gosh -- !!

[ This time he's interrupted by what sounds like a mix between a honk and a hiss. Whatever it is, it sounds ANGRY. It's hard to believe, but yes, Octavia can get louder. And she does. ]

How did it get in your hair?!

[ With that, he hastily shuts the connection down. ] 


Nov. 13th, 2014 08:19 pm
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[Backdated to the 9th]

[Her writing is a bit messier today, but still perfectly legible.]

Has anyone seen Danny today? At all?

I think he's going to leave Locke.

08. video;

Oct. 19th, 2014 11:34 am
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[ The video opens with a chaotic shot of Walter's backyard. It finally (sort of) stabilizes on Walter's face, which is... not looking great. His nose is bleeding, his mouth is bleeding, and even his ears seem to be bleeding. There's a pair of nasty looking puncture wounds near the base of his neck. It looks like something bit him.

Please, I need -- they're here, at my house --

[ He doesn't have a lot of time to deliver a message, though, because 'they' -- a trio of mafia members -- exit through the back door of his house. They don't seem to be in any hurry, and they're even laughing. This is a pathetic escape attempt.

cut for violence/gore )
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[Danny's number is hastily scrawled across some paper--even just from seeing it you can tell how thin and crappy it is. More importantly, though, it has the following printed on it.]

[To the side, the handwriting is messy and frantic.]

quick, somebody tell me the answer to this question I only have 2 minutes left for it and I have no idea what any of these mean!


Oct. 10th, 2014 08:43 pm
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Who: Any teenagerly types enticed by Octavia's post
What: Searching for clues/giant pink birds during the day, camping out and being idiot teenagers at night. Also truth or dare and consumption of german beer. Oh em gee.
When: October 10th
Where: Around Füssen
Warnings: Alcohol? Will update if necessary!

[ If there's any better way of dealing with hard times than escapist shenaniganry, Octavia certainly doesn't know about it. Let's be real - the real motivation for this trip is the partying. And the lack of responsibility. And the drinks and snacks.

Still - finding the mystery bird monster ahead of time would be rad. In pursuit of this, anyone who meets up with octavia at the start of the day will be given an Awesome Adventurer's Kit (tm) - a small package consisting of a shitty two dollar compass, a notepad, a pen and a poorly-made swiss army knife.

Those things could be useful, okay. God.


Oct. 9th, 2014 06:38 pm
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[ Octavia is, as usual, sitting on her huge-ass pile of treasure. She's also sporting fangs and a pair of glasses with one lens blacked out like an eyepatch, thanks to her losing an eye during CRAB BATTLE. Arr, mateys. ]

First person to make jokes about my depth perception, call me cyclops or otherwise mock my heroic war wound gets mind controlled into licking the floor of the nearest public bathroom, just eff why eye. I am talking business! So I am cutting that shit off before it starts.


So. The unpronounceable German place is oooooooobviously going to come with its own hugeass pink bad guy. A duck or whatever, I guess. And we are going to spend forever twiddling our collective thumbs until it pops out one day and surprises us like some kind of asshole! Right?


[ And she slides dramatically down the treasure pile. But leaves her laptop behind and has to fly back up and grab it. NOBODY SAW THAT OKAY ]

I recently got back memories of being really super great at finding enormous bad guys with very little to go on. The best at it! So tomorrow I am heading for Germany to go find the giant goose monster and kick the shit out of it. And then I will spend the evening being fucking awesome. Anybody whose age ends in -teen should totally join me! Because. Like I said. Awesome. It'll be like a camping party, only way less lame.

[ There's a tiny thoughtful pause before she adds: ]

Say, did you know the legal drinking age in Germany is just sixteen?
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[The video feed comes up on Harry's office in his home. He's spent some time since discovering what the Number in his head is for looking over this network thing and it's probably about time to let the other people know.]

Okay, now the whole "Number" thing makes sense.

[He takes a breath, scrubbing a hand over the day or so of stubble growth on his face.]

Well, I did want to be in the loop but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Some of you already know me, but for everyone who doesn't, my name's Harry Lyre.

[Another breath.]

I'll just drop this bomb now, I'm with the press and I've been following this whole situation since March and I'm not a fan of the rep you guys have been getting lately. So... if anybody wants to get their story out, consider this an offer to help you do just that. Anonymous or otherwise.

So, now that that's out of the way. [He claps his hands together, leaning forward slightly.]

Who's Danny?

Later On, Private to Melissa's Number Courtesy of Robyn

You and I are going to need to have a talk soon.
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[ Have a view of Walter's impeccably clean bedroom, network. Except today, it has a little addition. Several, actually -- the room is infested with what appears to be dozens of lizards. They're on the walls. They're on the furniture. One is even on Walter, who is looking bug-eyed and frantic. He gestures wildly at the mess, as if there's anyone who could have possibly missed this blizzard of lizards. ]



Sep. 2nd, 2014 02:40 pm
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If anyone tries to free Robyn, you will have crossed me.

Albero has reason to keep his promise right now, and he doesn't like people that cross his path, you should have realized that by now. Useless interference might not only cause her harm but kill her and harm all of us. Let Albero think that we're considering it. It will buy all of us time.
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[HEY LOOK, isn't that the number of that one douchebag who died a few weeks ago?? I hope you guys are ready for your daily dose of creepy audio posts, because this one starts with the sound of scratching on wood and some heavy breathing. Soon enough, though, the scratching becomes more erratic and the breathing heavier and louder--and then it's just full blown wheezing.]

Somebody...somebody get me the fuck out of here!

[Then a series of loud 'thud's as the voice becomes more frantic.]

Right now!
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[The feed clicks on and it shows none other than Eri Ampora. He takes his time staring into the feed, not exactly looking sure of himself, or at all comfortable. He shifts in his seat, before folding his arms over his chest. Eventually, he huffs, looking off to the side. Whatever he has to say, it isn't easy.]

In light a all the attacks goin' on to those far less fortunate than I, an' are you ewer less fortunate...

[Another uncomfortable shift, but he seems set on saying whatever it is he has to say.]

I'd like to extend a offer - charity to the wictims of the Mafia attacks. I feel, seein' as we're all in this together... No matter how shitty some of you are...

[Octavia... Alan... etc....]

We're on the same team, an' therefor I ought to take a more actiwe role in this whole--[a circular hand motion]--thing.

[He almost sounds defeated saying that, like someone is forcing him, but surprisingly to probably most, that's not the case here!]

If you're needin' some allowance to get by, I suppose I can help a handful a you there. An' I guess if some of you'we lost your home and are otherwise street bound... I could offer you lodging, so long as you ain't fuckin' smelly or dirty, I'we my limits.

[He pauses for a good few seconds, shrugging with a long suffering sigh.]

So speak the fuck up while I'm in this generous mood, unless you fancy eatin' outta trashcans.


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Well, I've gone and had a modelling milestone I should've seen coming. While I wrap my head around it, here's a game you shouldn't play unless you're prepared for awfulness: google yourself, what you're known by to the public, or just someone network-famous plus porn. How bad are your results? Can you top mine?

Oh, and I have uncovered an old safehouse. A very nice old safehouse. It's got two pools, hot and cold running roombas, and goddamn twelve cats. A beach party's not really feasible right now, but this should be different. I want people to come see and hang out! Send me a private message.
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[Surprisingly for anyone familiar with Alan's posts in the past, this one doesn't appear to be written in his sketchbook. His handwriting is looking unusually shaky and hurried, too.]

the mafia guys hit me too. my house burned down. Im going to need somewhere else to stay if anyones offering.

we cant allow this to keep going on. those fuckers are going down.
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Who: Danny and Walter
When: July 10th
Where: some local library or some shit
What: Danny is getting incredibly frustrated with this "summer studying" crap.
Warnings: TEEN DRAMA



Jul. 1st, 2014 02:10 pm
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[When Liam's face appears, there's rather angry looking claw marks raked from under his left eye and over this nose. He also looks just about at his wit's end.]

Hey, guys, small emergency. Anybody good with cats? Well, I left the door to the balcony open for some air, right? and then--

[Suddenly there's a sound of a dog barking in the background. Liam looks up with an expression of horror, then tosses his iPad aside onto the couch so you have a nice view of the ceiling.]

Shit! Jack NO!

[More barking, and some angry hissing as well. There's a scuffle, and a slammed door. Afterwards the barking is muted sounding, and Liam is back into view.]

Okay, so, long story short, Naya's out on the ledge and I can't reach her.

[Now he holds the iPad straight in front of him with a hand on either side, as if holding the viewer's shoulders in earnest.]

I am no good with cats you gotta help me. It's like thirty floors up, no joke.
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[ It's hard to tell what's brighter - Octavia's smile or the exceptionally ridiculous dress she's currently wearing. They certainly take away attention from the giant jumble of oversized machinery set up in her basement, anyway.

Her hands are clasped behind her back, as though she's hiding something. HOW MYSTERIOUS.

I have maaaaaaaajorly super important and vital news. On a scale of one to eight, this is like. Two eights. Firstly: Alan helped me figure out what my eye lasers do. Turns out they make people super unlucky! Who knew.

[ Alan staggers into the shot looking slightly rumpled, apparently willing to confirm this. Unfortunately for him, he does so by tripping over the mess of machinery and promptly disappearing from view. ]

...He'll be fine. That's my alchemiter and stuff, bee-tee-dubs! And it is hells of awesome. Check it out. I can take two items, like a knife and a gun, and make a...

[ She finally reveals what she's been hiding behind her back: a gun with a knife fused to it. ]

...knifegun! That shoots tiny little knives. See?

[ She shoots the knifegun to demonstrate. The tiny knife-bullet ricochets off the basement wall with a ping and heads straight for the unluckiest sap in the room - Alan. Who now has a teeny little knife embedded in his butt. Screeching from both parties ensues as Octavia slams her laptop shut, ending the video. ]
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[ Walter is looking like utter crap, and that's putting it nicely. His hair is disheveled (!!!) and he's got bags under his eyes. Though most of his injuries from the demon car have healed up, his arm remains in a cast. He takes a deep breath before speaking. ]

...hey, uh.

[ He brings out a large pinkish bow, fumbling awkwardly as he tries to keep it in the frame. ]

I found this in my closet after the... the car thing. Obviously, I can't shoot it now, but later, I'm -- I'll probably need arrows. Considering how things have been lately, I want to be prepared for... whatever.

But... I'll be honest, it's been getting really, really hard. Keeping all of this a secret, I mean. I just... don't know how much longer I can hide this from my parents. They're kind of oblivious to a lot of things, but they're not stupid...

... ...anyway, on a less... whiny note, I'm eighteen now. I thought I'd feel a little different, but... no, I'm the same old me.

[ Walter offers a weak smile. ]

Pretty silly of me, huh?
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Who: Characters in Locke, most pertinently the characters chosen for the takedown, and Geoff Benwick
When: May 31st, Saturday, around 4PM
Where: The streets of Locke City's urban areas
What: A car monster is on the loose in Locke, rampaging the streets, destroying property - and showing no further consideration for the citizens of the city.
Warnings: Violence, death.

[ OOC: For an overview, please see this plot post. Evan's player is organizing a failed takedown attempt here for anyone interested! Remember that there are two human casualties as a result of the car's rampage, including Network teenager Kaworu Nagisa.

The car monster is rampaging without concern for damage, either to itself or to anything around it, but it is avoiding damage that will take it out of action. Ramming property, causing car accidents, and leaving the road entirely to continue its race along the streets are all kosher. Geoff Benwick is in aerial pursuit, attempting to coordinate with reincarnates and law enforcement alike.
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Who: Walter and friends who would like to ride a horse and/or use the property for whatever reason
When: Saturday
Where: Ranch of an ex-numbered ally in Locke
What: HORSE RIDING. And Titan training. And whatever else you can think of

like a rhinestone cowboy )
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.... . .-.. .--. / - .-. .- .--. .--. . -.. / .. -. ... .. -.. . / - .... . .-. -- --- ... --..-- / -.-. .- -. .----. - / --. . - / ..-. .-. . . / ... --- -- . -... --- -.. -.-- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / .-.. . - / -- . / --- ..- -


trapped inside thermos, can't get free

somebody please let me out))
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[It looks like Lloyd is using his phone and standing outside of Locke City High near a section of wall that is otherwise abandoned. The quick glances from side to side before he speaks confirm that much.]

Okay, Dad wouldn't answer me on the way to school and you guys are usually pretty good at knowing stuff. What all are you allowed to do when you're 18?

[He grins.]

'Cause guess how old I am today~


Apr. 28th, 2014 06:52 pm
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[ Today, Nathaniel is broadcasting via a small circular handmirror. It doesn't provide a particularly expansive view, but he needs something portable and he doesn't own a cellphone. And let's be real, nobody needs to see any more of his horrible flowery chintzy living room than is already visible. Ugh.

He isn't looking quite as bored and above-it-all as usual. There's a hint of slightly-undignified excitement in his expression and everything.

Loath as I am to take up valuable ephemeral-number-network space, I do have something important to announce. I have created a spell set I believe many of you will be interested in. Observe!

[ Holding his mirror steady in one hand, he waves the other in an elaborately theatrical gesture. For a moment the view from the mirror is obscured in a shower of purplish-white lights, and then... ]

Oh, bugger.

[ ...he isn't in his living room any more. He's outside. The mirror gets turned away from his face to display the location more clearly - Nathaniel has been teleported on top of the roof of a building overlooking the Vegas strip.


After a few seconds, the lightshow obscures the mirror once more. When it dissipates, the view is trained back on Nathaniel back inside his living room.

I was aiming for a nearby alleyway, I suppose I shall have to recalibrate a tad... But you get the idea. I have achieved instantaneous transportation between Locke City and Las Vegas. I am also capable of enchanting items with the spells involved, so that non-magical persons will be able to use them.

Supplies are limited. As such, should anyone wish to obtain any enchanted items I will require adequate compensation. [A pause.] And I should note that unlike the staves I produced previously, these are entirely unsuitable for vegans.

[ Which doesn't sound ominous at all. ]
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[The feed comes on, showing none other than Eri--however something looks... off about him. He looks zoned out, like his eyes aren't focused and nearly zombie-like. It takes a moment, but then he starts talking, his voice oddly monotone compared to his usually very dramatic way of speaking.]

I'm Eri Ampora and I hawe a disgustin' crush on Tom Felton. It was 'cos of this crush on him and Draco Malfoy that I discowered my interest in men.

[Well... isn't that insightful?]

An' I got a poster of his face abowe my bed. As well as a shit load of Harry Potter paraphernalia litterin' my bedroom. I wish I was a wizard, and I cried on my elewenth birthday because I didn't get my letter to Hogwarts.


My dad and I watch that shit bloody religiously sometimes, dedicatin' full days to watchin' all the mowies in a row, and sometimes he hugs me afterwards and I lowe it.

[Okay this shit is getting downright embarrassing. But Eri still seems like some dazed zombie, spilling all of these deets for no inexplicable reason.]

I think Octawia's hot as hell, and so's Alan. I'm pretty grateful that I was able to kiss them at Alan's party, I think about that a lot, actually. That and the fact I'm a bloody wirgin.

[Well that sure was enlightening, but he doesn't seem to be coming to from whatever is happening to him. Perfect time to needle him for more embarrassing deets, right? Right. Except there's one last thing he does, that really makes it obvious something is up, beyond everything else, Eri is ending this with a swift punch... to his own face. Yep.]


Apr. 10th, 2014 04:16 pm
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Who: Nathaniel Mithryn and Walter Price
What: Books! Lighter monsters! Tentacles!
When: NOW.
Where: Mithryn's Books
Warnings: Wizards.

If I ever find out who's calling me I will call the wizard law and you will go to wizard jail )
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[Henry’s pacing back and forth around Danny. Letting lot of ‘hmming’ and ‘haaaaing’ as he looks over Danny. He agreed to make a costume for Danny with the given design but Henry was already imagining how to botch it. It was April Fools after all. Something made it all the worse however.

He was secretly making this live to the whole network.

A camera phone set off to the side, hidden with the numbers all punched in. But, he had to make this seem legit so absolute silence was probably not the best thing.]

Shouldn’t be too hard. There’s just one thing I need you to do.

[Danny raises an eyebrow and crosses his arms.] Okay, what?

[Henry has to suppress a smirk and tries to maintain a neutral look.] You have to close your eyes. Or else the magic won’t work.

[Danny resists the urge to roll his eyes. He’d question it, but, well. Echoes work in strange ways. So he closes his eyes as instructed.] Okay, now what? Just stand here and wait for you to do...whatever?

[Oh my God, he was buying it. Henry stifles his laugh but quickly says:] Exactly.

[And as he looks at Danny he begins to believe the stuff that Danny’s wearing….into the most ridiculous thing he can come up with.] Done!

[Danny opens his eyes and for a split second, wonders what, if anything, had changed. He felt the same. But he brings his hands up to his face and feels the edges of the mask--it must’ve worked. He grins a little and is about to say thanks when he brings his hands down and sees something...different about his costume. He’s speechless for a few seconds, unable to get his vocal cords to work, but eventually, he manages.]

What--you--WHAT DID YOU DO?!

[There’s no real response, just fits of laughter It’s a good thirty seconds before he can stop and say:]

April Fools. [and a gesture towards the camera’s hidden place.

[Danny looks up, follows the gesture to the camera’s hiding spot, and immediately dives for it, switching off the video before he’s seen in this monstrosity any longer.]

(ooc: Blue is Danny
Black is Henry)
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 [ The video being shot is alarmingly shaky. We're talking nigh-Cloverfield levels here. But it's still possible to make out what's going on, and it appears to be... some sort of ceremony? Yeah, definitely a ceremony. One that involves a certain lovestruck pair of extremely recognizable teenagers. Tavia Serket is wearing a wedding dress (over her t-shirt and jeans, natch) and she's hanging off Alan Hunter. Well, they're both kind of hanging off each other. It's a miracle they're managing to stay upright, really. ]

You may now kiss the bride.

[ The priest overseeing this awful ceremony looks rather... vacant as he blesses the newly wedded couple, who proceed to engage in some seriously sloppy makeouts.

Fortunately, the network isn't subjected to this for long -- offscreen, the person filming this event starts clapping and cheering, shaking the view even more, and as the new bride drunkenly tosses her bouquet everything is thrown for a loop. There's a loud CRASH as the guy filming trips over a gaudy pew in his attempt to make the catch and he's visible for a second before the phone hits the ground.

Yes, that was Walter Price. No, this couldn't get any more horrible. ]

((ooc; Replies won't be (ICly) coming until the next morning! ))