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[Jovan's eyes takes up the entire screen at first. It takes a few moments, but eventually he leans back so that the rest of his head is visible. Behind him, a massively huge pile of little plastic bags filled with what looks like weed.]

Guys. Guys. Oh my god.

I figured it out. I figured it aaaaaalllllll out.

I'm the queen of England.
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Who: TWO large monsters duking it out, Walter trying to stop the one he's responsible for, and OPEN FOR DAMAGE CONTROL/FREAKING OUT
What: A hair monster and a stone bird wrecking a European capital
When: April 3rd
Where: Central London
Warnings: Destruction and chaos

make it double )
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[Jovan appears on the screen, wearing old glasses that very few people on the network have seen before, and generally looking quite timid and sheepish.]

I...I think I might have made a mistake. I just wanted to re-enroll at LCU, but I had to go get my death certificate revoked first, and now there are reporters swarming my house constantly asking how I'm alive again.

Does...does anyone know what to do? I can't just leave to let my dad get swarmed by these people all the time, but I also need to get back to school and get my degree...
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This is Dr. Aaron Strider. I'd like to formally announce that LSR Clinic will be closing for good as soon as I can get the paperwork in. It shouldn't take more than a month or so, and the other doctor there will see you if you have any emergencies.

[The eyeroll is audible. Also, his voice sounds...younger. Definitely younger.]

I'm also withdrawing from Number-related activities. It's been very nice working with all of you, but Locke City isn't where I need to be. I'm reenlisting as soon as I can.


Who: DouchebagDouble!Aaron and you in either Neuschwanstein or Locke | bonus: prompt for Aaron himself
What: D!Aaron is trying to enlist but having a hard time getting them to believe his identification isn't fake. He's also less than pleased about having to go back through the teleporter every night. Original!Aaron is just going running.
Where: Locke City army recruitment center OR Neuschwanstein Castle for the copy; all over Locke for Aaron himself
When: Over the course of this week! Any time of day for D!Aaron, morning for original-flavor.
Warnings: He's going to be a real jerk. There's a very real risk of classism and macho pro-Army propaganda. Also, thanks to a recent Echo the real Aaron hasn't told anyone about, he's been de-aged to about 25. So there's that. Also, prose and action are both fine! Specify which Aaron and which location you want in your subject line.

D!Aaron -- Locke City )

D!Aaron -- Neuschwanstein )

Original!Aaron -- Locke City )
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[Video - network]
[He didn't really want to do a video but. He feels like he owes it to everyone to do one. So here is the face of one (1) Jovan Burzek, looking unusually shy and awkward.]

Hi, everybody. Um, I guess I just...wanted to apologise for all the things I've said. And--and done, to everyone here since getting on the network. It was really rude, and uncalled for, and...if I ever actually hurt anyone's feelings, I didn't really mean to. Sorry.

And, uh...if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll do my best. So...if anyone needs me, I'll be around Locke, trying to move back in with my dad.

action - locke )

action - germany )


Jan. 20th, 2015 08:53 am
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As you probably know through Jovan, there is more worth in gold and gems in this mountain than the federal gold reserve holds, at least approximately. It would destroy the economy, not only of this country, if we let unnumbered find and unearth it. ...So, while I do not hope that they ever find out about the inside of the mountain - in case they ever do. Does anyone have a the ability to hide a large amount of inanimate objects, or easily build and without a trace seal up a large cave? And if we have to do the cave-building by menial means; who will help me in this? After all the worldwide economy is in your best interest as well, it sustains your lives and safety.

That said. I am back. Whatever it was that Thorin had that I echoed back on Christmas, he also overcame it. [Or at least got a grasp on it. He can't quite tell yet, because it is surprisingly hard to tell how his mental constitution was before this - did he use to feel like this?] I am fine now.

That said, I wish to apologize to those that met me over the last weeks, and speak to them. [action option: He'll also seek those out of whose whereabouts he knows.]

[And yet another urgent matter...]

I can't reach Julien. Who has heard anything about his whereabouts in the last weeks?
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[Liam is off screen coughing for a moment before he leans his face back into view with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders tightly. He looks and sounds decidedly unwell., but also a bit panicked.]

Guys, this is like, really important you gotta listen to me. I think I might have bird flu. That's really dangerous right? So--

[He turns away to cough.]

So we should like, quarantine the mountain! And if you've been near me or Julien you should stay at home for a while so it doesn't spread.

[He reaches out from under the blanket and hold the laptop by the monitor, as if taking someone's shoulders, and looks into the camera seriously with red rimmed eyes.]

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about I'm a prince.
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Who: Thorir and you!
What: Goldsick dwarf king on his pile of gold having issues with people trying to talk sense into him, or generally existing on his pile of gold, depending on how he knows them.
When: Christmas Day until mid-January
Where: Las Vegas, inside the mountain
Warnings: Fantasy mental illness

So much for 'I will not become like my grandfather and father' )
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[Jovan's face is lit only by the light from his phone. The background is mostly pitch black, but it's clear that he's sitting in a pile of something shiny.]

Alright, not being funny here, I need a rescue mission right the fuck now before a dragon comes out of here somewhere and eats me! SOS, SOS, send down those rescuers who got the Chilean miners out! I'm inside that new mountain that popped up in Vegas!

[He swings the phone around to give the network a view of his surroundings. Not much is visible, but Jovan clicks on his flashlight and illuminates at least a small portion of the area--he is sitting on a giant pile of golden coins, trinkets, jewels, and the like. The full scale is not really visible from the flashlight's view, but one thing is clear: it's BIG.]

Send your best cave dwellers before I die down here!
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Who: Meredith and Jovan
What: Let's go on an adventure!
Where: Las Vegas
When: 24th of December

Dreaming our life away )
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I see you all managed to keep yourselves busy while I was gone.

As entertaining as it's been to follow without echos, would it be possible for someone give me a rundown of everything the news reported incorrectly since October? I'd take a FAQ, but the most recent date on it is from June.

Assume that I've had my number back for a week, and that I'm familiar with the basics of what's recent.

Is anyone hurt?
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[The video opens with just a steady shot of the following flyer.]

image )

[except pretend it's not as shit. or pretend it is EXACTLY as shit as it is.

After it's been up long enough to fully soak in all the details, it zooms away from the image and focuses on Jovan's face. He is wearing a huge black cape with a popped collar over a T-shirt that has like three different food stains on it.]

I hope you've all got life insurance because I am about to blow your fucking minds here with this new magic show I scored at one of the casinos! That's right, folks, Jovan Burzek, the man himself, will be up on stage pulling an infinite amount of dildos out of a hat. Free souvenirs after the show, eh?

Oh, and if one of you could be pregnant and show up to my first night, that'd be great. I'm plannin' on helping deliver a baby, except the baby's going to be the anti-Christ. [He holds his hands out as though he's holding an invisible child and grins in a manner that can best be described as 'diabolical.'] Speaking backwards in tongues with three heads and goat horns and all. That'll get my career off to a roaring start!

Just one thing: you all have to call me Angus O'Malley now. That's my story. I'm an Irish magician who's still learning to speak English like a normal person, alright? So nobody blow my cover!

[Never mind the fact that he already sounds painfully Irish as it is. He looks DEAD SERIOUS about this.

Speaking of dead serious....]

Oh, and one last thing--check me out on Vine, yeah? [He grins and winks, looking about as charming as he possibly can now.] Spread the word, if you can. I'm trying to break their servers with how big this is going to get--Buzzfeed's got nothing on this!

[He holds up a slip of paper next to his innocent grinning cherub-like face with "squirtinglemonjuiceintodeathseyes" written on it. Should anyone choose to check that Vine username, they will see...a series of five vines, each of them showing Jovan dying a variety of gruesome, yet creative deaths while he shouts "I DID IT FOR THE VINE!". The account has three million followers so far, and appears to gain about another 20k every time the page is refreshed.]
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[On the Friday evening news (and on repeat much of Saturday), there is a huge story being covered. Alistair Freeman was allowed to film and interview one Randall Lyall on the full moon last week to get some answers regarding the stalking of the school by a strange creature. Here are just a few snippets of it]

Before the Transformation )

First Half Hour )

End of the Night )

[[OOC: Wanna get in touch with him? Respond here!]
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[the number here may or may not be familiar to some, but its pen taps the paper for some time, as if trying to decide how to start. finally;]

How best do you convince the taximan (and whatever police he threatens to summon) that you did not, in fact, pack a greatsword with your luggage and the fact that there is one in there now is completely out of your hands?

And for that matter, am I allowed to keep said greatsword if I insist it was some sort of prank? It was my luggage, and if something saw fit to give it back to me I believe I should very well keep the damn thing. (Especially after it ruined my best shirts.)

Lyall, I hope you'll read this before you reach our meeting place. I believe I may be delayed for some time.

To the rest of you- if we've already met, I do apologize for these months of forgetfulness but I consider this headache my due punishment. If we haven't - my name is Elian, and I will be pleased to meet you once I am done convincing this poor man I'm as much a victim in this little debacle as he.


Oct. 21st, 2014 07:15 pm
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[Still adjusting to his new super-sight, Liam is wearing glasses when he shows up on the screen. A hint of general anxiety is shown by some fidgeting.]

Okay so... things are bad in Locke, right? I haven't been back in a while. People are talking about moving, and I don't want to move. It's like a second home to me, you know?

[He'd spent a lot of time feeling like he wanted to get away from Locke when his sea-longing first kicked in, but now...]

My family has had property there since I was a kid... I mean I get that the property won't go anywhere, but I'm kind of attached to it.

[Liam takes a deep breath then sits back from the camera. When he speaks again, he's less somber.]

Okay, distraction time. So, a lot of people I know have names for their past lives or old selves or whatever - is that pretty common? I figured I should get one too, if that's the case. Don't want to be left out. Any ideas?


...Okay nobody say "butthead" or something.

08. video;

Oct. 19th, 2014 11:34 am
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[ The video opens with a chaotic shot of Walter's backyard. It finally (sort of) stabilizes on Walter's face, which is... not looking great. His nose is bleeding, his mouth is bleeding, and even his ears seem to be bleeding. There's a pair of nasty looking puncture wounds near the base of his neck. It looks like something bit him.

Please, I need -- they're here, at my house --

[ He doesn't have a lot of time to deliver a message, though, because 'they' -- a trio of mafia members -- exit through the back door of his house. They don't seem to be in any hurry, and they're even laughing. This is a pathetic escape attempt.

cut for violence/gore )


Oct. 15th, 2014 11:28 pm
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Hey, all.

[Arthur sat on a couch in his old family home, going through a number of papers, including a few travel guides. He was wearing a familiar suit, the loud sound of a clock permeating through the room. It was, after all, a fairly rustic house and with that came a lot of easily shifted silence. He went quiet just as soon as he talked, putting down the papers he was handling as if he seemed to entirely forgot what he wanted to say.]

I gotta talk about dividing estate with my brother. Anyone know how to do this?

[Private; Emilia]

[Interrupting that, Arthur loosens his tie a little and reached for a tall-neck he had on the coffee table by his phone, which was playing that message.]

Hey, uh. I'm applying for a big job--kinda big. I might be gone a day or two, alright?

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Alright, three things.

First off, who's got a change of clothes? I think I vomited on myself and it's starting to smell.

Second off, who pulled me out of that enormous freak battle? Finally somebody does something decent for a change! Waking up in the desert is still a load of cock, but I'd rather take a load of cock than find myself buried alive again. No bonus points for saving me, though--I still died, you dicks!


[and here he switches to audio. His speech is a little different now--those who are familiar with a variety of British accents might recognize it as being Irish, a far cry from his old New Jersey accent.]

What the fuck even is this accent? What am I, Welsh?
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[...Jovan doesn't know how to act on the network any more. They know who he is now, they have a name and a face they can attach to the messages, so he doesn't know what he can or can't say any more.

And he especially doesn't know what to do and how to do it after he died and was dug up by some of the people on this network. So he just goes for the most neutral phrasing possible.]


How do you track down the person who received all your stuff after you died if you don't know who they are?
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[When the video feed pops up, Mao isn't visible. His room behind his computer is, and the wall behind his battle station desk is lined with glass cases holding figurines lit up by the flourescents he'd wired into the casing to show off the collection. It's only part of his room, but at least it looks... clean? Surprisingly clean for the young boy who finally appears, sitting back down on his computer chair with a bag of snacks in hand. He sniffs, then realizes the camera's turned on.]

Finally! That weird code seemed to have worked.

[He eats a chip.] So this is the Network... I see.

[Mao looks thoughtful before he grins.]

Now I have another forum to keep up with! I've been so bored lately, this will do! [The blond wheezes.]

Do you guys like anime?
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[HEY LOOK, isn't that the number of that one douchebag who died a few weeks ago?? I hope you guys are ready for your daily dose of creepy audio posts, because this one starts with the sound of scratching on wood and some heavy breathing. Soon enough, though, the scratching becomes more erratic and the breathing heavier and louder--and then it's just full blown wheezing.]

Somebody...somebody get me the fuck out of here!

[Then a series of loud 'thud's as the voice becomes more frantic.]

Right now!
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[Today is your lucky day, network, because the mystery of the identity of Simon Fucking Edwards is finally solved. Broadcasting from the same number as all those panic-inducing posts in the past is this chump, in his first full face video broadcast on the network ever.

Too bad it's under less than favorable circumstances. The background of the video is dark and his face is pale, lit up only by his phone's screen as he speaks into it in frantic, whispered tones. The camera jostles every few moments and Jovan is looking around frantically.]

Help! Help me, I--shit--the cult freaks grabbed me and they're--I don't know what they're doing to me now, I don't know what they want from me!

[He looks distressed and...almost to the point of tears, even.]

Somebody fucking--find me and save me!

[That's where the video cuts out.]
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When: 10pm on the 25th and all the way through the 26th. (This post mostly went up this early to provide the OOC thread and Eileen's contact, so don't stress about having to start logging things.)
Where: All over Las Vegas
What: The woman who offered the numbered a place to stay when visiting Vegas got kidnapped by the cultists, and Jovan told everyone about it. Now it is their turn to take action!
Warnings: Violence.

☑ An OOC thread for all your questions regarding what your character might know through their job, find when doing a certain thing, be able to figure out with their powers, etc.
☑ After Jovan's post went up sometime after 10:45, Eileen will be available through phone calls. She will be available through Petunia's landline (redirected to her own phone) and with some delay also call those numbered whom she knows to be in Vegas and whose numbers she might find in her mother's address book through her own mobile.
☑ All action that takes place between 10pm and 8am.
☑ All action that takes place between 8am and 2pm. (Will be opened up once a sufficient amount of things has happened/been agreed on to declare 12 hours passed and if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
☒ All action that takes place between 2pm and 8pm. (Will be opened up if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
☒ All action that takes place between 8pm and midnight. (Will be opened up if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
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[The first part of this post is a screenshot of a text conversation on his phone--a pretty one-sided one at that. By which I mean, entirely one-sided. The 'conversation' is as follows:

abducted by cultists around 10pm
headed to either davie's apartment or "underground fountain"
names james, davie, chloe, 2 more
have guns, knives, 1 automatic gun
help HELP
call Eileen

After attaching the image, Jovan switches back to his usual text format.]

^^^ what the fuck is this supposed to be?! I just got sent this from that lady working at the hotel that's giving us free rooms, Bunbright or something. If this is a prank, it's a really shit one, I'll just say right now.

I have no fucking idea where Davie's apartment is. Or what this "underground fountain" is supposed to be, are those even a thing?!

and who the FUCK is Eileen

holy fuck, somebody do something, i am STARTING TO FREAK OUT A LITTLE over here!! what am I supposed to DO?!

EDIT: Oh my god I cannot BELIEVE I'm doing this but Eileen's this lady's daughter and she's letting us into her house to search it, and I am NOT going alone in there, no fucking way. Who wants to go on this fucked up cultist scavenger hunt?

((OOC: The edit is ICly made approx. an hour after the post initially goes up. Specify in your comment subject if you're responding post-edit or not!))
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[Surprisingly for anyone familiar with Alan's posts in the past, this one doesn't appear to be written in his sketchbook. His handwriting is looking unusually shaky and hurried, too.]

the mafia guys hit me too. my house burned down. Im going to need somewhere else to stay if anyones offering.

we cant allow this to keep going on. those fuckers are going down.
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Now, I know all of us here are freaks, but I at least hope all of you are celebrating the greatest holiday of them all: FOURTH OF JULY, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

cut for an illustrated history of the United States of America )

So how have you all been celebrating? I personally have found out that if I hold my arms out with sparklers from the balcony, the cult nerds think I'm George Washingjesus risen from Mount Rushmore. You ought to try it, I could probably masturbate on these people and they'd call it my freedom blood and then try drinking it.

Like I said: the greatest holiday of them all.
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Watch this.

[When the video focuses, it's a slot machine. Jovan's hand reaches into frame to pull the lever, and the three images go spinning until eventually, he lands on triple diamonds.

Then he moves to the next machine over to the left and pulls that lever too. It eventually lands on triple dollar signs.

Next one to the left, he pulls. It lands on triple cherries.

The video moves faster as Jovan yanks on the lever of literally every slot machine in the row. The video is moving too fast now for much to be understood, beyond the fact that he wins every single game. Triple lemons, triple bells, triple sevens, triple dongs, triple Simon Edwards's drunken face...]

I just made more money than most of you will ever see in your entire lifetimes!
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[ It's hard to tell what's brighter - Octavia's smile or the exceptionally ridiculous dress she's currently wearing. They certainly take away attention from the giant jumble of oversized machinery set up in her basement, anyway.

Her hands are clasped behind her back, as though she's hiding something. HOW MYSTERIOUS.

I have maaaaaaaajorly super important and vital news. On a scale of one to eight, this is like. Two eights. Firstly: Alan helped me figure out what my eye lasers do. Turns out they make people super unlucky! Who knew.

[ Alan staggers into the shot looking slightly rumpled, apparently willing to confirm this. Unfortunately for him, he does so by tripping over the mess of machinery and promptly disappearing from view. ]

...He'll be fine. That's my alchemiter and stuff, bee-tee-dubs! And it is hells of awesome. Check it out. I can take two items, like a knife and a gun, and make a...

[ She finally reveals what she's been hiding behind her back: a gun with a knife fused to it. ]

...knifegun! That shoots tiny little knives. See?

[ She shoots the knifegun to demonstrate. The tiny knife-bullet ricochets off the basement wall with a ping and heads straight for the unluckiest sap in the room - Alan. Who now has a teeny little knife embedded in his butt. Screeching from both parties ensues as Octavia slams her laptop shut, ending the video. ]


Jun. 16th, 2014 06:40 pm
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Who: Emil and Jovan
When: June 11th, after 9:30 PM
Where: The streets of Locke City
What: Two idiots getting caught in a blackout

I can never think of something witty for these things )
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03 [Video]

Jun. 4th, 2014 01:15 pm
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[The video opens to Robyn sitting at her desk in her room, she looks incredibly excited.]

Everyone, I've got something to show you!

Yesterday I got my very first super power! It's pretty cool and to prove it I'm going to show you!

[Robyn will stand up and step back from the chair.]

Alright, three, two, one... Go! [She'll throw her arms into air and ...Nothing will happen at all. She'll just stand there awkwardly for a second before she realizes that it didn't work.]

Wh-Okay, that was practice. This time it's for real.

[She'll throw her arms up again but once again nothing will happen.]

Oh come on! It was doing it earlier, I swear! Come on. Work, WORK!

[She'll close her eyes and start to concentrate really hard. After a solid twenty seconds of nothing happening. She'll huff and stomp her foot.]

Ugh! Why isn't it working!?

...This is so embarrassing...

[She'll hang her head in defeat and slowly move back to sit down at her desk.]

Okay, show's over. You can all laugh now...
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Hey, yo, 'sup. JoJo here.

[ He waves, also showing off some fancyass leather gloves. Despite his friendly attitude, he looks pale. When he speaks, he’s out of breath. ]

Got some requests for another movie night. [ huff. ] So I’ll play those in a bit. It’ll give you somethin' to watch while waiting for me to show off my new super power. You guys wanna see it? I mean, I think it’s pretty cool.

[ huff puff. He holds up a small, Harlequin Romance novel (The Dare, specifically). He presents the book to the network much like a stage magician presents a new prop... before he starts tearing it to pieces. Each page is torn out and ripped up; not even the cover survives. In the end, there’s a pile of what was formerly a particularly hot, steamy novel. ]

So, I’ll ruin the suspense... I can put it back together. It takes a longass time, but, man, like a phoenix, this crappier Fifty Shades will rise from its higher quality ashes.

[ huff. He takes off his gloves and just shoves a hand into the pile of ripped paper. ]

But, like I said, we’re gonna be here for a few hours. So while we wait, here’s some more movies...

[ huff puff. On the schedule tonight and throughout the next day are a few old Godzilla movies, Wickerman, The Bee Movie, Space Jam again, Birdemic and the sequel, half of Gravity before JoJo half-heartedly apologizes and says it’s too stressful, a Batterman movie, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, White Chicks, and Billy Madison. In the corner of the screen, he’s set up his webcam to focus on the former book throughout the movie marathon. If you’re observant, you might notice the pieces of it slowly pulled together until entire pages are mended. But you've got to be insanely observant—it’s like watching Game of Thrones streamed off particularly slow internet while also running Skype and iTunes simultaneously. A little more obvious is that Jonas passes out halfway through the first movie and doesn't move except to skip Gravity before passing out again.

In the end, the book's back together and it takes an hour or so after the last movie, but JoJo wakes up, looking worse than before. He puts his leather gloves back on, runs his hands through his hair, and offers a sleepy grin.

So here's the real question... [ JoJo presents the book to the network again. The text on some of the pages on the inside is missing. He doesn't seem to notice, though. ]

How am I gonna make some big bucks with this power?
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[Lucas looks a little sweaty, but sober, for once.]

Hey guys. So, school's gonna be out for almost everyone pretty soon, and I figure now's as good a time as any to try to get the people who are still in school together to see what's up. Anybody want to organize a trip to Vegas?

I mean, grown-ups have work, but students like us have a lot of time to put our heads together and figure out good plans to counteract crazy stuff that might be happening. Like, getting together and having a strategy, making teams or groups of buddies... So we're not stepping all over each other or whatever... Elect somebody to talk to the government for us, maybe. Or like a secret email address or something, I dunno.

We gotta get a little more organized, I think.

[He runs his fingers through his hair, looking kind of nervous.]

We gotta get more or less on the same page, figure out what's going on, cos just because we haven't had any other big attacks lately doesn't mean we won't have one.

[Lucas hasn't heard about the car rampaging around town quite yet.]
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...H-Hey, guys.

[ It’s night, and JoJo's bored and anxious. Which obviously means it’s time for... ]

Movie night! Y’wanna do it? Like, I can stream some movies here, and we can just watch ‘em all together, yeah? I mean, uh, it’s not exactly the most legal thing, sure... but no one’s gonna report me, right? Right. Plus...

[ He looks hesitant for a moment before blurting out his worries with all the eloquence of a sawed off shotgun. ]

I can’t stop thinking about that chick who got murdered. She was one of ours, right? The stripper chick? That’s so messed up, ugh. So messed up. I just don’t even wanna sleep; I’m just sitting here, thinkin’ about it. Like...

Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh! [ He shivers, runs his hands through his hair, and shakes it off. Deep breaths. Okay. ]

Let’s movie! If you got any requests, just ask! I’m gonna start with an international treasure, the most classic of all classical movies...

We’re startin’ with Space Jam. This one’s for you, Nyah.

[ JoJo then proceeds to stream via Space Jam, Dazed and Confused, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Dude Where’s my Car?, Vampire's Kiss, Lesbian Vampire Killers, Joe Dirt, and The Room. If you make it all the way through, you are impressive as fuck, and I congratulate you because all of those movies are unbearable. ]
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[She'd been lurking the network on and off for a few weeks. Now, she knew a fair amount of what had been happening, but her schoolwork - regrettably - came first. As tantalizing a lead as this network was to the truth, it would be there regardless. But now, she finally had some time between studying and her scattered extracurriculars. Marvelous.

A voice comes across on the network, and it sounds like a teenage girl speaking softly.

Let's get right to it. My name is Natalie Sherman.

... I have to say, for all I'd heard, I didn't expect to be a part of this. I've done a bit of reading, and this certainly explains a few things - my uncle's arrest, for a start. He was guilty, to put it mildly, so today's verdict is what he deserved. And as for the source of those sex scandal allegations... [her tone changes on that last point, she clearly isn't pleased or comfortable.] I'd like to have a few words with whoever thought that blog was a remotely good idea...

However, I do have a few other questions? Relating to one thing, primarily. I'm going to attach a pair of photos to this post. If anyone recognizes this card, I'd appreciate anything you might be able to tell me.

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[two cell phone photos, two sides of a card. it's a little fuzzy, and surrounded by a blue glow. those paying close attention will see what looks like some kind of workbench behind the camera in these shots.]

I know that it's a tarot card - the Wheel of Fortune. But that's all that I know, and it only raises further questions.

Another thing... [she's not even going to bother making this private. she just needs to get his attention, and if she can open a line to anyone else who might know something by calling him out? so much the better.] Matt, I know you're here. You're a little hard to miss. Contact me.
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[The video feed is shaking a little--Jovan is doing his best to hold the phone still, but he is only human. The video is focusing on the live broadcast of Sherman's and Edwards's arrests. As Edwards is shown on-screen to be hauled out in handcuffs, Jovan puts on a falsetto voice--it's soft, but he's close enough to the mic for it to be audible.]

Ohhh, ohh no! They've finally caught me! My own men have turned on me! After--after all I've done for them, enhancing them with corkscrew dicks and enormous elastic poop chutes, spicing up their sex lives...bending the governor right over my desk to give a live demonstration--this is how they thank me?!

Mark my words, as soon as I get out of these bondage cuffs, I'll be coming back! I'm coming back to get my--my alien armpit fuckbuddy AND Sherman's anus with my massive rhino dick...cocked like a semi-automatic in my hand. And then--and then, I'm busting out of everything standing in my way like some Die Hard shit...or my name isn't SIMON FUCKING EDWARDS!

[Then, as the broadcast goes back to showing the news anchor discussing the fiasco, there is some soft, breathy laughter. Then the video ends.]
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Dear Mun,

Hi, hello~~! I hope you are doing fine and dandy! I know, I know I'm just a brand new muse for you, and you're brand new to RP, but I know you can do it!!! Everybear on this forum looks very super nice, and I think we'll both make lots and lots of friends! ^-^

You just need to write up your app super super quickly, and then we can join in on the fun fun! Go go go!

With love and kisses,
Greetings Bear ;)

((OOC NOTE: uh, hey guys???? i'm JoJo, and idk man i was trying to find like your apps page and shit, since your game looks great. but where is it? like am i just being fucking dumbshit here? also is there somewhere where you guys have saved your apps? since when im working on mine i kinda wanna see some examples, since im new etc etc. we cool???))

[ The above OOC Note is completely IC. ]