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Who: EVERYONE + Returnees
What: Day 3.2 of the Invasion!
When: ICLy: The 1st of May! OOCly: May 16th to May 21st!
Warnings: Please warn in your subject line if anything that deserves a warning occurs; this includes R-rated things as well as things worthy of a content warning/trigger warning.

The Central info post

Description: People will get to space either with a spaceship flown by one of the characters who were clued in by Badri (though they can of course pass their knowledge on further) OR by their own means - magical girls who are space compatible, someone's own starship, mechas, etc.

They will get to a place where they will encounter more enemies, so combat types must come along - but they are not the ones who will define how this turns out. Those who will define how this turns out are others. A number of other abilities need to be combined, and a number of people that may have combat powers but don't have to must combine their forces here:
- Any characters dare to talk to the Enemy peacefully and alone, though children, animals (or people with animal companions) or grandparent types have a bonus. Important is that these characters are not initially aggressive or condescending towards the Enemy.
- The Cures with their purification powers, and any character with similar powers.
- People who belong to one of the following groups and will tell of their "field": Gardeners or people who otherwise have a strong connection to earth and nature/environmentalists; artists (especially musicians); religious persons with an inclusive approach; people who feel a strong, healthy and friendly love for another person, be it romantic or otherwise.

What this day is for: Invading the aliens' home base. Everything else that happens on Day 3 should take place in the Day 3.1 post.

How this works:
- Day 3.2 continues what happened in Day 3.1 and the days before and includes the counterinvasion. If you have any questions, please as them here!
- There will be toplevels on this post for encounters with The Boy and for general alien territory exploration. Please start your own threads freely in reply to those toplevels or to the post, if your thread doesn't fit any toplevel! Please format the subject line like this: "Location(s)/Network | ota/closed/etc". Please keep in mind that each character may change location twice per day (= a maximum of three different locations) and that day 3.1 and 3.2 are the same day.
- Fighters whose muns aren't interested in the fight/explore option can go straight after the boy, too, if they can ICly justify their character doing that! But there are also chances for Boy encounters in the fight/explore option.
- This post can be used for both network and action threads.
- Keep in mind that returnee characters must have checked in and must request their echoes if they get any.
- Please direct all questions to this thread on the General Invasion Guide
- For the returnee registration, please go here.
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Who: EVERYONE + Returnees
What: Day 3.1 of the Invasion!
When: ICLy: The 1st of May! OOCly: May 10th to May 15th!
Warnings: Please warn in your subject line if anything that deserves a warning occurs; this includes R-rated things as well as things worthy of a content warning/trigger warning.

The Central info post

Description: For the most part, the activities of day 2 continue. All locations are still under attack; more and more things get destroyed by aliens and defenders (especially the Animals) alike and there are more and more casualties, injured and refugees that are on the run from their homes. In the areas where enemy soldiers managed to get past the numbered and Animals, local militaries and police units are engaged in combat along with trying to provide relief. Inside the echo boundaries, numbered fight and help with evacuations as well as worldwide hectic attempts to create a joint military and political response to the invasion.

The only area that sees a massively worse situation is North America: Having established an inroad to America in Las Vegas, alien troops are quickly gaining the upper hand on the continent, leaving only death and destruction in their way - though their primary goal don't even seem to be humans: The soldiers burn forests and plants and kill all life but with even more determination blow deep holes into the ground and drill deep, fairly wide holes, leaving a complete wasteland behind ...and after a couple of hours of doing so a few very active new or newly awoken volcanoes. Everywhere in Mexico, the USA and increasingly Canada also people are fleeing the combat areas. Streets are overcrowded, airplanes overbooked, ships board whom they can and leave behind many. The wildlife is fleeing as well as fire spreads. Though the native armed forces of the areas that get overrun do their best, they are slowly but surely decimated and forced to retreat, their actions mostly serve to buy the refugees more time.

The alien attacks in Locke City seem to have stopped (and the invaders from Vegas aren't headed for New Jersey), and people have started to move into the city because there are rumours that it will along with the mountain in Vegas soon be the only safe place on the continent - but the lull is false: Shortly after 4pm GMT, attacks on the city will start anew, with renewed force. Faced with this, and having had time to evacuate the area during the lull, Aaron blows up Geoff&Co.'s spaceship. This flattens the houses in the area and bars all who came with it from ever leaving Earth again. It also changes the behaviour of the aliens that came with this ship.
-Geoff will go around and try to charm political leaders worldwide to please negotiate with the invaders: His promise is that they and their people will, if they surrender, receive safe passage to a new place to live in, and that they will be allowed to bring parts of their natural and cultural heritage. What remains of the North and Middle American nations at this point will join talks, desperate to at least buy time. Where ceasefires can be established despite the disparate communication situation, Geoff, alien leaders and human leaders will form conferences. If any character is interested in getting in one of these, they must be a citizen of an involved country.
-For all others, please refer to the threads below.

The numbered will have to combine what knowledge they receive from the aliens and what powers they have, and if they manage to do so, they will be able to get to invaders' boss.

What this day is for: Fighting, but more than that dealing with refugees and destruction and all that follows from that. Also diplomacy. Though the diplomacy both among Earth nations and between those nations and the invaders will mostly be carried out by NPCs, if people want to send their numbered character to chip in, they can contact Kira-mod for an info bundle regarding what will be talked about.

How this works:

- Day 3.1 will have alien encounters in all echo boundaries, yet not go beyond Earth's boundaries yet (this will happen in 3.2). Please NPC these aliens yourself but keep in mind the following: 1. The aliens are strong. They are Darth Vaders, not Stormtroopers, and will give your character trouble. 2. They land in groups of hundred, and like acting as a group to make winning easier on themselves. All aliens in a group have the same one superpower - this power can be pretty much anything, from telepathy through telekinesis to controlling elements, or whatever else you can come up with. 3. If you have any questions, please as them here!
- Day 3.2 will also have encounters with named alien NPCs. Please refer to the starter posts for them regarding whom those encounters are open to.
- Space is now an available echo boundary. Just make sure to not fly too low, you don't want to be at 10% of your echoes mid-air, after all...
- There will be no toplevels on this post. Please start your own threads freely! Please format the subject line like this: "Location(s)/Network | ota/closed/etc". Please keep in mind that each character may change location twice per day (= a maximum of three different locations) and that the moon/space location is still off limits on the 1st Day.
- This post can be used for both network and action threads.
- Keep in mind that returnee characters must have checked in and must request their echoes if they get any.
- Please direct all questions to this thread on the General Invasion Guide
- For the returnee registration, please go here.
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Who: EVERYONE + Returnees
What: Day 2 of the Invasion!
When: ICLy: The 30th! OOCly: May 5th to May 9th!
Warnings: Please warn in your subject line if anything that deserves a warning occurs; this includes R-rated things as well as things worthy of a content warning/trigger warning.

The Central info post

Description: The first spaceships get through... and strangely enough they land only inside echo boundaries, disappearing somewhere in the Mesosphere and reappearing about ten kilometres above ground. They always operate in exactly the same way: They bomb an area to clear it and then land their spaceship to release roughly a hundred soldiers (they look like humans).

Each group of soldiers is equipped with extremely technically advanced equipment and on top of that has one super power - one could also say that it are all groups of 100 clones of the same person. The super powers range from telekinesis to the control of an element to telepathy and so on, but each soldier only has one. They are stronger than grinches - basically, your character will have trouble with them no matter what their powers are. They are not stormtroopers, they are darth vaders, so to speak. That said, they can be taken down, it will just be hard. A numbered with special talents will find that the troops communicate and will send in an unit that is equipped to handle that specific talent (f.ex: Against a very fast giant, they'll call people who can catch and keep him in place with telekinesis). So no super power works eternally, and they'll have to retreat and do quick surprise attacks on groups that can't hurt them once they've been figured out by the Enemy's troops.

According to what so far has been submitted about numbered battle power, plans and such, the following picture can be painted:

At first, they will land in the areas where the resident Animal was killed or is out of commission: Locke City, Las Vegas and Christmas Island.
Locke City: Due to the fairly high number of numbered defenders, the city will remain in numbered/human hands. It will however suffer heavy destruction. Locke City will be heavily damaged by secure, being entirely defended by numbered and unnumbered humans.
Las Vegas: Due to the in comparison much lower number of numbered defenders, Las Vegas will fall. If numbered decide to turn the mountain and its insides into a fortress, that will hold and be able to shelter pretty much the whole population of Las Vegas and surroundings. The Enemy's troops will slowly start to spread from Las Vegas and conquer the surrounding areas. Las Vegas and Western North America (USA/Mexico) will be destroyed and fallen.
Christmas Island: Due to the low number of defenders, Enemy soldiers will quickly get a hold of the island... until Julien destroys the glass cage over the central Mushroom. As soon as that has happened, the mushroom will put spores into the air that take root in the enemy soldiers' brains and make them fight all further invaders, also following those who have started to cross the ocean to Indonesia and further. Christmas Island & South East Asia will thus be damaged but secure, being entirely defended by the Mushroom.

Once it is clear that Las Vegas is falling, which will be around noon GMT, the Enemy's troops will start to land in areas where the Animal was weakened: Lapland, Santarem, Neuschwanstein, London. In all these areas, the Animal itself will fight, but it will require numbered assistance. Local military and police will help out with fighting enemy soldiers inside and outside of the echo boundaries.
Santarem: The Swarm (literally a swarm of dragonflies) can hold the area, but a couple of troops manage to sneak past them and start to go on a rampage in South America. Local military and the American military that just invaded Brazil itself will cease their hostilities and turn on those new invaders instead. They can for the most part take care of the alien invaders, but there'll be some destruction. South America is damaged but fairly secure.
Lapland: A good number of santas has been killed at the beginning of the year and there are very few numbered there, so while the enemy can be kept at bay, troops still manage to sneak past them (and the horned giant Animal that will rise from the ice to defend the area). Mostly, they wander into Russia, but a few also head down into southern Finland and into Scandinavia. Again, the local militaries will take care of the enemy soldiers fairly well - they mostly aim to capture and not kill, though, so a number of aliens will be in prison around Norway, Sweden and Finland after this. Northern/Eastern Europe is damaged but fairly secure.
Neuschwanstein is in a fairly similar position, with a number of wolpertingers and doppelgängers having died for various reasons or being caught in other echo boundaries/the ghost zone (though all will attempt to return to the Neuschwanstein Area for this. Including those that are ghosts now) and few numbered fighting there. Due to the higher population and country density in the area, there will be more casualties but the surrounding militaries will also manage to contain the danger more quickly. South/Middle Europe is damaged but fairly secure.
London: Cousin Itt will completely take over the underground and parts of the ground - no enemy soldier will manage to leave the area. But that means that the hair can do less about the soldiers that land in the city itself, so they will for the most part be up to numbered to fight - they could of course just give up the whole city, but giving up a capital...? England will be secure, but London itself will be heavily damaged.

In the areas where the Animal remains unharmed, which are Tokyo and the Galapagos Islands, the Animals will be able to take care of the invaders alone, but everything that is there can be damaged in the process. So Tokyo and the Galapagos Islands are secure but damaged, yet the area around them is unharmed

A special area to defend is space. People can decide to assist Jörmungandr with battling the spaceships, but they have to watch out for the serpent so it doesn't trash them in its trashing. At least there are no civilians here?

What this day is for: This day is for fighting, evacuating, helping and organizing. This is the pure battle day, basically; non-combatans have plenty to do with trying to get civilians to safe places, providing medical aid, coordinating things, getting supplies from one echo boundary to the other, getting in trouble... what have you.

How this works:

- Day 2 will have alien encounters. Please NPC these aliens yourself but keep in mind the following: 1. The aliens are strong. They are Darth Vaders, not Stormtroopers, and will give your character trouble. 2. They land in groups of hundred, and like acting as a group to make winning easier on themselves. All aliens in a group have the same one superpower - this power can be pretty much anything, from telepathy through telekinesis to controlling elements, or whatever else you can come up with. 3. If you have any questions, please as them here!
- Space is now an available echo boundary. Just make sure to not fly too low, you don't want to be at 10% of your echoes mid-air, after all...
- There will be no toplevels on this post. Please start your own threads freely! Please format the subject line like this: "Location(s)/Network | ota/closed/etc". Please keep in mind that each character may change location twice per day (= a maximum of three different locations) and that the moon/space location is still off limits on the 1st Day.
- This post can be used for both network and action threads.
- Keep in mind that returnee characters must have checked in and must request their echoes if they get any.
- Please direct all questions to this thread on the General Invasion Guide
- For the returnee registration, please go here.
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Who: EVERYONE + Returnees
What: Day 1 of the Invasion!
When: ICLy: The 29th! OOCly: April 29th to May 4th
Warnings: Please warn in your subject line if anything that deserves a warning occurs; this includes R-rated things as well as things worthy of a content warning/trigger warning.

The Central info post

Description: A minute after midnight EST, some people around the world who used to be numbered yet have lost their echoes since suddenly have all their pulses returned to them.

At 4pm EST, a child's laughing voice resounds in the air all around the world, remaining for over a minute and staying longer where it gets caught in the echo between buildings, mountains, or other echoing surfaces. Not long after, people in areas where the moon is visible (like those in Europe) will see pink lights on the moon, like a pink aurora borealis from above going all the way around the moon, and then the whole moon changes shape. Literally. It unfolds into a giant serpent that soon can be seen from everywhere around the world as it moves to wrap around the world, tossing and turning head and tail as if trying to hit and bite nasty flies. ...And if someone gets out a telescope, they'll realize that the serpent is doing exactly that: There are tiny spaceships attacking it and trying to pass by it, but for now it is holding up. ....You might maybe rather get to safety than get your telescope out though, because the serpent sometimes smashes down into the earth in its tossing and turning, and while it doesn't hit inhabited areas that still causes tsunamis and earthquakes. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and Erich von Däniken will announce that it's totally aliens!!! SEE THEY CALLED IT. Ancient astronauts that gave the earth culture are coming back to us!

What this day is for: This day is mostly for reconnecting with returnees and dealing with the last wave of plot echoes. It is also for catastrophe relief efforts for areas that are hit by tsunamis or earthquakes. The only echo boundary that will be devastated in this way are the Galapagos Islands. Characters that can fly or have special swimming abilities are especially invited to help with rescuing people and delivering first aid. (Icly, the talks with the first wave aliens also happen here and they will be wrapped up or dropped after the 4th of May. You are still welcome to jump in and talk to an alien!)

How this works:

- Day 1 does not have any alien encounters past those in this log.
- There will be no toplevels on this post. Please start your own threads freely! Please format the subject line like this: "Location(s)/Network | ota/closed/etc". Please keep in mind that each character may change location twice per day (=a maximum of three different locations) and that the moon/space location is still off limits on the 1st Day.
- This post can be used for both network and action threads.
- Keep in mind that returnee characters must have checked in and must request their echoes if they get any.
- Please direct all questions to this thread on the General Invasion Guide
- For the returnee registration, please go here.


Mar. 31st, 2015 10:47 pm
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Who: Aaron + Liam
What: Getting horses in London
When: After the hair shows up, before things get too chatotic.
Where: London!

"We're going to investigate the subways, aren't we?" asks Aaron, as he keeps pace with Liam down a London street. The past few weeks have been fantastic, honestly -- Aaron doesn't know when he's been so content. Being out of doors, seeing places he's never seen, being in good company, the future only a vague worry, it's all been good for him. Not even that one wolpertinger they had stumbled across put a damper on it.He's a little worried that he wasn't able to detect any underground creatures, and their existence is still a nagging fear, but this extended camping trip is what has made Aaron finally feel ready to take on the real world and its mysteries again. There's a spring in his step and confidence in his voice.
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Who: Doppel!Tony and Doppel!Aaron
What: The beginning of the Santarem monster hunt.
When: Backdated to Monday the 23rd.
Where: Various locations around the Amazon rain forest.

Where the wild things are )
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Who: Stefan Alesci, you, and a whole lot of doppelgangers!
What: Stefan intends to bring his doppelganger (and Xander's) back to Locke. There may or may not be the smashing of a swan statue involved.
When: March 25th
Where: Locke City + the Castle in Neuschwanstein

I haven't heard from my doppelganger in three weeks. Or Xander's, for that matter. From what I can tell, that's not normal - especially since he hasn't tried to quit my job. Again. Since they're from the castle, I figured I'd pay the area a visit and see what's going on.

If anyone wants to come, I'll be by the teleporter in Locke around
[hour]. I can wait for late-comers too - just let me know so I don't leave without you.

action or prose, either works. )


Mar. 7th, 2015 01:56 am
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[Julien's talked to the media and some of the public since changing, but he doesn't want to show his face on the Network. So the feed is of a made bed.]

People are making money off my image. Look at this! This was at Hot Topic! [A pair of long pink toe socks, still attached to the cardboard hook that had held them to the rack, are flung onto the bed. The toe tips are white and the legs are patterned with big dark pink 'scales'.]

It doesn't have a thing to do with this not-me over by the castle. He hates technology and doesn't like to talk to people, and apparently this is because things like this are selling huge over the Internet! And have been! For months. There is a whole website claiming it's official. They're hucking hoodies now and cuddly toys. I should sue. I should make them give me a cut. I should do something about the pigeon breeders trying to work out my 'conformation' and emailing me about my measurements.

I need a drink.


Feb. 26th, 2015 12:15 am
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Who: Arnold & Aaron
What: So Aaron has a question about the ring of his
Where: a coffee shop somewhere
When: EDITED: LAST WEEK sometime
Warnings: DEPENDING ON WHAT ECHO (S) POP UP possibly mentions of werewolves and blood and people dying?

Thus Felagund escaped, and returned to his deep fortress of Nargothrond; but he swore an oath of abiding friendship and aid en every need to Barahir and all his kin, and in token of his vow he gave to Barahir his ring )
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I'm bored.

[Torin's doppelganger looks it; he's lazily lounging around somewhere that looks to be the castle, and he's holding a sword. Every so often, he'll sharpen it or examine the blade.]

So here's what I'm gonna do.

[He leans forward conspiratorially, still holding that sword. There's a dangerous gleam in his eyes.]

Everyone's got someone who annoys 'em, right? Really gets under their skin. You'd be better off without 'em. That's where I come in. You point me at the target of your annoyance, and I take care of 'em for you. Fast or slow, your call. I don't want anything in return--just something to test these swords with. This stinkin' castle is full of 'em. And if I don't get any names, I'll just have to go find some targets on my own.

[His grip on the sword shifts as he tenses.]

Count on it. Or I'm not the Demon Sword Priest.

[With that, Torin's doppelganger suddenly slashes the sword at the piece of paper he'd been using to access the network, thus ending the feed.]

Cut for Action )
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This is Dr. Aaron Strider. I'd like to formally announce that LSR Clinic will be closing for good as soon as I can get the paperwork in. It shouldn't take more than a month or so, and the other doctor there will see you if you have any emergencies.

[The eyeroll is audible. Also, his voice sounds...younger. Definitely younger.]

I'm also withdrawing from Number-related activities. It's been very nice working with all of you, but Locke City isn't where I need to be. I'm reenlisting as soon as I can.


Who: DouchebagDouble!Aaron and you in either Neuschwanstein or Locke | bonus: prompt for Aaron himself
What: D!Aaron is trying to enlist but having a hard time getting them to believe his identification isn't fake. He's also less than pleased about having to go back through the teleporter every night. Original!Aaron is just going running.
Where: Locke City army recruitment center OR Neuschwanstein Castle for the copy; all over Locke for Aaron himself
When: Over the course of this week! Any time of day for D!Aaron, morning for original-flavor.
Warnings: He's going to be a real jerk. There's a very real risk of classism and macho pro-Army propaganda. Also, thanks to a recent Echo the real Aaron hasn't told anyone about, he's been de-aged to about 25. So there's that. Also, prose and action are both fine! Specify which Aaron and which location you want in your subject line.

D!Aaron -- Locke City )

D!Aaron -- Neuschwanstein )

Original!Aaron -- Locke City )
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This is Aaron Strider. Some of you know me, and some of you who do know that I had a number that disappeared over a year ago. It's back.

I've caught up some on what's been happening with the new locations, the new animals, and the kidnapping - don't think I didn't see that, Toushirou. It's something I never thought I'd ask for a year ago, but if anyone's been updating Emmanuel's new-number guide or has put together one of their own, I'd appreciate a glance at that all the same.

Now, with my pulses back, I have a talent that I didn't put to its best use in 2013. I may be able to use it to pinpoint where the underground animals are, to find them while they're still dormant. I'm willing to do that for the new locations. Maybe the areas can be evacuated.

[Thank god this is text. To be completely honest, those animals scare him shitless, but over text, no one can tell.]

I have another question.

Has anyone else noticed physical effects from using the teleporter?
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Who: Aaron and Gabriel
What: Congratulation Aaron on enduring Liam.  Someone's got to do it.
Where: The clinic
When: End of January

Mae govannen! )
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Who: Julien and OPEN
What: Morose giant bird lets himself be approached.
Where: Various non-crowded places in Locke, Vegas, and Neuschwainstein; in the air, in parks, in large yards. Your character may have gotten in contact with him and arranged to meet, or just encountered him.
When: Vague points in the last few days of January.

In a world on its way to getting better? )
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Who: Thorir, Aaron, Julien
What: Let's find the prodigal pigeon and haul him back home
Where: Within the Neuschwanstein boundary; a mountainous place without that many people
When: This weekend

Maybe when you're high you will see/You've gotta come on home to me )
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Who: Fil, Liam and Aaron
What: Fil dragging Liam off to Aaron's clinic in Locke to get him some REAL medical attention
Where: The clinic
When: Around 1/17?
Warnings: Nothing.
Fil was trying, he really was. )
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Who: EVERYONE including visitors
What: This is the first general post for the fourth wall. This post is for network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction, and visitors can top-level.
When: 2nd of January
Where: Everywhere inside the five echo boundaries.
Warnings: Please warn in the subject line of your threads if anything comes up!

Fourth Wall OOC information! As a reminder: Visitors may tag all posts tagged "-fourth wall" that are posted on [community profile] savetheearth.

Special things happening today: A sudden surge in Vermini and Vermedi activity! Some of them are aggressive towards the numbered and will attack, but some seem rather interested in herding or baiting people with numbers towards other people with numbers... They clearly want as many numbered as possible to be together or at least not be alone today.
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[The first thing you'll notice about Aaron is, he's wearing some very strange clothes. No, not the dress, the other one. His face and hair are still the same, but he's dressed like some kind of LARPer.

The second thing you might notice, if you can stop laughing at the cape and look closer, is that his manner is very serious indeed. His eyes are red-rimmed and there's blood on his clothes, though they're already so dark and dirty that it's not immediately obvious.

The Blood Keys attacked the clinic not half an hour ago. We killed some, over half a dozen, but I can't be sure none of them got away. The situation here is under control, but we learned something fighting them.

They are not human.

At least, not completely. Not anymore. They're part machine, which I'd guess is why they're stronger and faster than they should be.

Do not reveal anything superhuman or abnormal to them. While we can't be sure they're working with the police, it strikes me as highly unlikely that they're not part of the big picture.

Now, if you'll excuse me, some of my people are injured.
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Who: LSR staff + anyone who responded to this plotting thread!
When: Forward-dated to this Wednesday, Dec. 11
Where: LSR Clinic
What: Not only is LSR treating numbers-club patients with injuries from fighting the Blood Keys, it's also smack in the middle of where they're operating, on the fringes of the Dead District. At this point, there's no reason for the Blood Keys not to cause trouble here.

OOC NOTE: thanks to the number of volunteers for this plot, this log will be PARTY-STYLE, with subthreads for treating patients, the attack itself, and the aftermath. I know some of you have plans for specific events; feel free to make closed threads for those, just put who's involved in the subject line. Also put in the subject line if you want a Blood Keys NPC; you're free to run them themselves if you like. All you really need to know is that they're about twice as strong/fast/durable as a normal human, and their sight is sci-fi good.

Actionspam and prose are both fine. OK LET'S DO THIS.

it never rains but it pours )
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[Aaron sounds harried, tired, and is speaking quickly.]

I don't have much time to talk, considering the recent disaster and our influx of patients, but there are a few things I need to tell this network.

One, Julien and I made our way into the Dead District not long ago and examined the bomb sites. Each one had small fragments of an unusual stone in the surrounding area -- it looked ordinary enough, but it didn't match anything in the area. Consider the facts: we found no signs of conventional bombs. Our enemy has demonstrated before that it is capable of causing explosions without the use of conventional bombs, and the rock fragments were at each bomb site. Finally, the snake statues some saw shortly before the bombing disappeared directly after it, and we've compared the fragments to a piece of the first Dead District snake statue.

I believe that the statues themselves were the bombs. I don't know how they are triggered, only that it must be from a remote location, since there were no human remains at the bomb sites that we could see. If more statues are encountered, treat them cautiously!

Two --

[And here, he falters a little.]

-- I owe you all an apology. I've had information about what is below Tuning Towers for some time now -- since the buzzing started -- but kept it to myself. I was afraid that someone would do something foolish; there had been talk of bombs, and we have already had individuals risk themselves by attacking the building. I didn't want to think about what would happen if I specified a target.

But its existence has been discovered, and I see no benefit in keeping it from you any longer. The thing below the Towers is alive. I'm sure of it. I have a pulse-ability that lets me hear things that are moving on or in the earth, and I -- I heard it moving, slowly and ponderously, like a great root carving its way through the earth. That was what I thought, anyway, until I heard that someone had looked into Locke City's history. The local natives had stories about a giant two-legged snake, a - a spirit or a god. I'm not saying that it is a god -- but I do believe that what we are dealing with inspired the legends. The shape of it is about right.

...I wish I had better news, or that I had any idea how to go about dealing with it. If it is indeed Target 1, what does Thunder Corp want with it? It seems more dangerous alive to me than dead, but how does one kill a giant stone snake the size of a city block?

...I just don't know.

[He's silent for a moment. Then:]

LSR Clinic was far enough from the business district that the earthquake did not affect us directly, but we have been treating many more ordinary patients than usual lately. If you come in for a Numbers-related ailment and you are visibly abnormal, it would be best to notify us beforehand, and to use the back entrance.

[...and...that's it. He ends the recording.]
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My cat.

[Cinderella says it straight away and clipped. Face practically right in the trough. Eyes wide.

Voice floats up to an anxious singsong.]

My cat! My cat friend ran off after the earthquake. ...Been two days and - why - I've seen neither hide nor hair of her since, I am at my wit's end and I am... [Wavering high "oooooh!" with a shake of her head and then presses her face back at the surface.] - thiiiiis close to getting out there and looking for her myself.
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Who: Aaron Strider, Julien Sakazaki.
Where: Dead District
What: What caused the explosions? They plan to try and see, using compatible stealth echoes.
When: Way back around November 21.

Look out to the future/But it tells you nothing/So take another breath )
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[The following characters receive a communication from Chris via various channels: email, private network posts directed ONLY at them, or other private channels.

shiro [personal profile] hollowleg
mordin [personal profile] testsonseashells
vanessa [personal profile] doomedtheworld
shou [personal profile] ursoreckless
lyall [personal profile] professorwolf
emmanuel [personal profile] caosgo
aaron [personal profile] elfstoned
kotestu [personal profile] earnedmystripes
elian [personal profile] wastingtime
ratchet [personal profile] neonnerd

Elian actually gets a letter, sealed and written in a cipher that he and Chris made up together when she was in high school. Classy.


*edit* Characters added since this post was made
toshirou [personal profile] icy_heavens
mamoru [personal profile] 15minuteslate
hajime [personal profile] chalicejoker
aaron harding [personal profile] show_my_cannons
"Surya" [personal profile] healspec
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[personal profile] healspec
Who: Anybody who signed up on the OOC post!
Where: The streets around Tuning Towers, under the streets around Tuning Towers, and Barnaby's apartment.
When: Saturday night, 11/16, around 3AM.
What: The teams head into the sewers and subways, and eventually the Tuning Towers basements, in search of the source of the buzzing. See the OOC post linked above for more detailed info.

[[There is also a public network thread for radio chatter that anyone may participate in. Format is restricted to voice and it's happening at 3AM on a Saturday, but otherwise go wild.]]

OOC info follows. )


Nov. 12th, 2013 04:17 pm
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[You know how sometimes when you panic everything you know about what you're panicking about flies right out the window into the great open skies of What The Actual Fuck?

This is a thing that's happening to Kanti now.]

glorifiedtrash: <user name="heartfell" site=""> (Then we'll find someone else)
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Who: Zelos Wilder ([profile] thewinningside) and you!
When: 11/12 All day
What: Zelos has the day off so we are getting shenanigans, what better way to spend it than tracking down Numbers!


Zelos is trying to find people based off what he's read on the network. He just wants to meet people! This is because he's not sure yet if he should turn everyone in to the police to try and cut himself a good deal out of this crazy situation or if he should actually have a spine and stick it out on the side of the Numbered. So he wants to meet as many people as possible before he makes his decision! If anyone asks about why he's tracking people down he'll just play it off like he's a famous idiot with a lot of time on his hands doing all this for laughs.


Zelos is going to be all over! He will be hitting up the schools in particular, but he could conceivably be anywhere. He doesn't have to have talked to your character on the network either! If you're interested in running into him please do one of the following:

→Reply to this post with a comment detailing what he might have learned about your character from looking over the network. Things like obvious personality traits, names, what they look like, any abilities they've talked about/shown and any clues they've left that could have led him to their location and where you'd like him to find them is what I'm looking for. Just a general synopsis is good, no need for links to anything unless you have something you want him to reference in particular. We'll work out a scenario for him to run into your character from there!

→Throw up a comment of your character somewhere doing something and they can either recognize him from the network or he can recognize them (please specify which you want since I'm still not sure which characters are active/open about themselves on the network and which are lurkers/super careful about letting identifying information get out). The location/scenario can be as ridiculous as you want! He's famous, he will just walk right into your class/job/knock on your door and chat up your parents with some legit sounding lie for why he's come to see you.
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Dr. Strider here. I'm back. I apologize -- personal business took me away from the city shortly before the Dead District bombing, and I've only just been able to return.

Has anyone discovered the culprits behind the explosion? I mean, we all suspect ThunderCorp and its allies, but has anyone been able to PROVE it? What about the bombs themselves -- have we been able to discern what the bombs were? Not an easy task, I'm sure, since of course the police will be keeping everyone out, but it's worth asking.

And what about the Tuning Towers buzzing?

Has anyone located the source?


I'd like to talk to you about those legends you mentioned a few weeks ago.



You were the one who could see the shape of things underground. Am I right?

[Action, clinic, Wednesday the 13th, locked to Ravi]

[Aaron came back two days ago, looking -- well, looking not quite so bad as he did when he left. His first night here was sleepless, though; he has just as much on his mind as he did when he left.

He needs to speak with somebody about this, though. Somebody he knows won't spread this information around, someone who understands the dangers of panic. There had already been an ill-advised attack on Tuning Towers, for god's sake. He didn't want to think about what would happen if he told the whole host of numbered about what he knew.

Ravi was going to be that person, and when he came in, Aaron was busy with a patient. As soon as Aaron was free, though, as soon as all information had been exchanged and payment secured and the young woman was on her way, he went into the small, windowless room that served as an office, filed her information, then stuck his head out the door.

Ravi? I need to talk to you for a minute.


Nov. 11th, 2013 12:09 am
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[When the feed cuts in, Killian is....not in the apartment he was in last time. He's in Shou's apartment, which is a million times nicer than where he was living and a trillion times fancier.

Also slightly weirder, style wise. At least for Killian]

So, uh. Good news--Mom found a decent one bedroom away from the DD and moved in a few days ago. I'm rooming with Shou for a while, which is why it looks like I'm in the freaking Ritz right now. Like, seriously, I didn't know they made beds like the ones he has here.

[To say nothing of the bathroom]

And I finally have a cellphone. My, uh, birthday present from Mom. [He holds up a phone and lists off the number] It's one of those pay-as-you-go things but hey. It's a phone, in case, I don't know, in case someone needs to get a hold of me faster than the network allows. Anything els--oh. Um. Anyone recognize the name Rivendell? It, uh, it's from one of those pulse things. All I know is it's a fancy house with lots of, like, movie start level attractive people who might've been giants.

[Wow, he sounds...about normal for the network, actually. He wonders why all his echos are mental, though, and not physical or anything. He's not complaining, of course, especially since that memory involved a lot of things at eye level that were close to the ground and he is praying those pretty people were giants.]
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[Text is backdated to Tuesday the 15th. For over a week now there have been more and more diseased or dead birds. A lot of roadkill in heavy-traffic areas. Anything inclined to eat sick pigeons is feasting.]

So that disease I pulsed back a few weeks ago? Doesn't affect humans, but it looks like it makes birds sick. Mostly pigeons. I've seen others with traces on them, they have the virus, they're just not dying of it. I guess people race these guys, too? Because there's a club and a website for that and they're pretty worried. It's spreading very fast.

Some of them get better if they're kept inside and watered. The fanciers were talking about apple cider, and garlic, and watered down gatorade, so I'm trying those too. There are too many to get them all. But I've been picking some up and keeping them in this one house in the Dead District. So, I guess if you're inclined and you can catch any birds, and they're not pretty much totally gone already... Let me know. Probably don't bring them to the clinic though.

It won't hurt humans. You don't have to worry about that.

[This post can be used for logs! If you want to log your character bringing Julien a bird, seeing him with some almost anywhere in the city, or going with him to the sanctuary house, drop a comment with that in the subject line. It's not improbable that the sketchy figures or snake monsters could come up in the Dead District, but if you want that please mention it first.]
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Who: Vanessa and Aaron
Where: At the LSR Clinic
When: Foredated
What: Vanessa's going to get her arm looked at again after nearly losing it in the dog attack. Aaron's keeping secrets. There will be none of that.

Doctor's orders? The hell are those? )
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Okay, obviously I have nothing to say about the shiny lights in the sky still because wow I dunno, really obvious reasons for at least some of you - and I don't have a lot of awe to go around for all these "wow look at this totally awesome thing I can do slash that I have!" if it comes with no explanation at all for equally obvious reasons. For...well, at least Peppy and some of the people at that party the other month know why that is, but I guess in the interest of time I will just do a quick disclaimer of "hey, assholes, I'm blind."

So if I don't act all excited about your pictures or whatever don't get all offended because there's a reason your pictures are sort of dull. And it'd be super if in addition to "hey look at this" you also did an addendum of what we're supposed to be looking at, but you know, whatever.

Anyway, that actually wasn't why I started this. I mean, it kinda was just because it's getting old to do the whole "gee whiz golly what a great photo" thing or to get told off when requesting extra information, but that's not the important thing.

Peppy and I went on a walk the other day, and yadda yadda yadda tuning towers yeah I know we all know about it - but because we went - I guess? - I got something cool.

[ And she sounds more than a little smug about it, too. ]

I can see. Not videos or pictures or whatever, so don't bother with that, but...I can sort of see. If I'm barefoot. I've been trying it ever since we went, but it's not really the easiest thing... [ because wow no lessons just the ability ] ...but I can actually tell where things are. Kind of. If it's earth. I guess it's sort of relevant to share.

...Oh, and could I get someone to like. [ She sighs. ] Check me over every so often or something?? Just like tell me if my hair or my eyes or whatever changes randomly. Color-wise. Like, to the point my parents would be concerned. ...I assume I'm pretty much still me, or they probably would have said something. ...This is stupid, ignore that. Anyway, Later.

[ If anyone would prefer an action option, Sophie is trying to unobtrusively get some more practice in at the park. This involves sitting in the grass somewhere with her shoes off and her palms on the ground, leaning back, her cane nearby. She's not going to be out particularly late, and stays in the more populated of areas, since she's, you know, people-watching for practice. ...Though it pretty much looks like she's just hanging out doing nothing, since "practice" involves maintaining contact with the ground and just sort of...listening is the best word she has for it, still. ]

01 - Video

Oct. 4th, 2013 03:37 pm
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[When the feed starts, a scruffy teenager is kind of peering at the screen a little curiously. He’s outside and on a laptop, alone somewhere]

That..was not in my address bar. Why did typing in some random numbers in Goggle take me to or something? That’s what this is, right?

[He’s not sure. He’s not the techy one. He’s the cute one.]

A forum? For...people who’ve found weird stones and then had a weirder hallucination...type...thing?

[He holds up one of those glass runestone type things—the rune for "th"]

I mean, I know I look like it but I swear I don’t smoke pot so...this thing had to do it. Whatever "it" was.

[Honestly, he’s not sure what it was. Funny whooshing sound, random string of numbers...yep, no clue.]

So. Um. If anyone wants to explain what’s going on that’d be...great. Please.


Oct. 3rd, 2013 10:30 pm
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Aside from defense lessons on Wednesdays, anyone who wants to practice can show up at the dojo in Japantown. I'll be there in the afternoon on Mondays and Fridays. Skill level doesn't matter, sparring benefits anybody.

Show up if you want.

[At first it seems that's all he's going to say. It's brief and to the point, and he prefers not to waste time on much else. That and his social graces aren't anything to write home about.

However, after a very long pause]

How many of you guys have received random objects out of nowhere?
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[ there's a subtle difference in alex's tone -- a little less casual, a little more steeled. it's likely to go unnoticed by those who aren't familiar with him. ]

Hey. So.

Julien thinks he got some kind of flu from 'other' him that wiped out a lot of people. We're in an enclosed space right now. We don't want to risk spreading whatever this is, but unless someone's got a quarantine station, I think leaving Locke is our best bet. Until we can get this sorted, I mean.

I'm hoping one of you clever guys and gals have a better idea.

[ man, you know shit's real when alex is volunteering to cross the 'border'.

he risks a glance at the person in the passenger's seat. ]

Banagher and Alex, high schooler Alex, are with us, too.

[ ooc: you may get replies from alex, ax-alex, banagher, and/or julien! ]
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Who: Any and all!
Where: The site of Tuning Towers (and/or en route accordingly), at the heart of the business district in Locke City's downtown.
When: September 22nd and onward.
What: Following that mysterious buzzing sound to its strongest point! Perhaps you made plans with numbered associates for a trip downtown, or perhaps you went a-wandering alone to follow the noise yourself - surely you'll hardly be the only one.

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I had an idea yesterday for a code the numbers club could use to indicate that a place was safe, or a person could help them.

Hear me out. For places, it would work like chalk signs -- small, innocuous symbols that would mean a house would offer shelter, or protection, or medical help. And for people...well, I'm not sure whether a spoken phrase or a visual sign would be best. Perhaps even a card or badge, or badges that varied from person to person for security's sake, but all containing a common theme or element that someone from the network would recognize. If we did decide to go that route, I was thinking that element might be a thorn, borrowing from our enemy's garden metaphor, but I'm still not entirely convinced that carrying something that will identify us as affiliated with the network is a good idea.

It will be dangerous, if the secret gets out to the police or ThunderCorp. We can't be sure that everyone on the network can be trusted. But for those of us who have already put our names and faces on the network, well, it wouldn't put us in any additional danger.

What do the rest of you think? Who else would be willing to do this?
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Who: Elian, Chris, Aaron, (possibly other clinic people?)
What: Chris remembered an ancient evil! And mentioned it to her uncle. Who also remembered it. And then passed out! YAY??? WAIT NO.
Where: The clinic

I'm bad at witty text leave me alone )


Sep. 13th, 2013 08:52 pm
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Who: Aaron Strider and Julien Sakazaki
When: Forwards-dated to Monday the 16th
Where: LSR clinic.
What: Julien has been avoiding Aaron, even since Aaron "came back". This cannot stand.

I lift your feathered left arm/Where you hide your heart from me )
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I must be bloody well insane to think that this is going to work, but I suppose I really have no choice now, do I?

[Francis is scribbling some curvy cursive handwriting across a notepad; he was somewhat thankful that he always kept a notepad and pen on him, for emergencies. Though he hadn't thought he'd be needing it for an emergency of this nature...]

If anyone can actually see this, I need some help. I was out on the streets, walking from the coffee shop after my night classes were complete, and I was attacked by two men- one armed with a firearm, though I think it was filled with blanks. He fired a warning shot near me, but I don't see any evidence of a bullet hole anywhere.

They took my phone, they took my wallet, and they beat the ever-living piss out of me. I can't call for any authorities, I can barely move, and I'm a bit isolated here.

[As he writes, blood is dripping from his nose. Wiping it with the back of his hand, blood smears begin getting mixed in with his writing as it appears on the page, though he's not aware of it. He hardly thinks this is going to work, let alone show everything that shows up on the page, writing or blood.]

If someone could send the police... or an ambulance, or both, I would really appreciate it. Lord, this is why we need pay phones. I'm not even sure if anybody can actually see this... Ugh, Francis, of course they can't see this, you're writing to yourself in a notebook.

Well, in case this somehow actually works.

[Francis writes down the address he's located near on the notepad, along with some brief directions to his exact location, and then sets aside his pen, slumping back against the alley wall in frustration.]