Apr. 14th, 2015 05:54 pm
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[There's Hajime, looking human and not at all like he's in the mood to be trolling people as a giant bug. He should probably get some sleep, even if he claims he doesn't need it anymore. He revealed way more than he ever wanted the public to know in Japan, and now he's got to deal with that on top of remembering a bunch of very unpleasant things at seeing Tokyo a wreck.]

Three things: one, I'm done with the Lord of the Bugmen crap. I'm not taking that form again. Not if I can help it. It's more than just the whole everyone knowing who I am thing, it's...more than that. I guess you could say I know too much about it now. It's...I don't want to say it was ever fun, but it sure as hell just got less appealing. I've got a different armored form to fight with, and I'm going with that instead.

[He runs a hand through his hair and looks worn out.]

Two, so I'm famous now, I guess. People keep bugging me for stuff, they had to shut down the restaurant for a couple days because the media was kind of going nuts. How do you even deal with that? Do you have any idea how many exterminators I've had calling wanting me to do endorsement deals with them? How do famous people do it and not lose their minds? Or tear a paparazzi's arm off? And three...

[He leans forward a bit and actually looks a little anxious.]

This is a long shot, but...does anyone know someone named Kazuma Kenzaki?

Tokyo Log

Apr. 12th, 2015 09:27 pm
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What: Destruction, politics and purikura probably seriously everyone should get some of themselves and their friends.
Where: Tokyo
When: 4/10 & 4/11

Tokyo: Pink lights over Tokyo. A giant kappa awakens under the city, rises to the surface, and goes on an (accidental) rampage, desperately searching for water: It waddles around in bigger and smaller circles and asks with a thundering voice for directions to the next big body of water. Starting in Shinjuku, the kappa then moves southwest towards the harbour. The search leaves all of inner Tokyo in ruins from being stepped on, only the Tokyo Tower mysteriously remaining upright, if without power (you'll have to take the stairs, sorry). The kappa moves fairly quickly; everything is over in less than an hour, as it dives into the ocean and curls up on the bottom of the Tokyo Bay. The Japanese parliament has an emergency meeting and decides to try and have the military bomb the monster to death as soon as possible. If you want your numbered to show up at this debate or stop the bombing of Tokyo Bay physically, please comment to the appropriate thread.

((ooc: Sorry, there seems to have been miscommunication regarding if there would be a mod posted thing for this or not - I hadn't planned on it, but here it is belatedly. Sorry again!))
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Action for Tony )

[Hajime's doppelganger is upset. The thing about being a giant bug disguised as a human is that once you go bug, you can't go back to being a human without the one playing card the real Hajime has, and the doppelganger's far too scared of the real deal to hazard trying to steal it. So have a giant bug somewhere outside the castle, slumped on a bench in an exaggerated, swooning position of woe. He's also managed to find an eye-searing Hawaiian print shirt that fits a giant bug, even if there are spikes poking through it at odd angles. At least he's left a convenient visual cue that this is not the real Hajime.]

So what are you supposed to do if you can't really go out in public without making people scream? I'm so bored.

[He's whining. There is so much whining. Un-Hajime-like levels of whining. Whining that would put a five year old child to shame. Whining that just might draw the real thing to kick his ass again.]

And I'm hideous.

[He's also available to bother in person for anyone near the castle, because it's not that hard to figure out where he's theatrically sprawled out.]
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Who:Hajime, Hajime's doppelganger, and anyone brave enough to save a doppelganger from a rampaging bug monster.
What: Hajime has found his doppelganger. Now he's losing control of his killer bug monster instincts as he tries to take care of said doppelganger. Oops.
Where: Around Neuschwanstein Castle.
When: Sunday morning.
Warnings: Angry bugs.
Hey, if you need some chase music... )


Feb. 21st, 2015 03:02 am
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[It's been quiet, as Dani had withdrawn from the network for a while, just due to things that kept coming up. So finally with her getting on means she's getting better...right?]

Hmm..I guess I should say I'm sorry for not trusting anyone but...I...

[Silence before she changes the subject again. She wasn't fully sure how to even bring this all up without getting more people upset with her.]

Umm..I don't think I've seen many of the copies on the network..even though I've just been watching and everything..or I can't tell.. What are we going to do about them or is it better to just sit back and wait?

[There's silence again as she attempts to think of more to say, other then a slight yawn before she shuts down her feed.]


Feb. 16th, 2015 08:22 pm
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[ there's a minute or two of someone muttering in the worse gutter trash talking Japanese that anyone could ever gutter trash talk in Japanese, intermixed with some heavy nasty words in Chinese and all wrapped up in the kind of accent that makes his words even harder to understand. but at the end of it is a heavy sigh and then, Shou is speaking in English. ]

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm staying in my pillow fort until this all blows over.

[ pillar of the community? wanting to protect people? sorry, he just wants to not deal with dopples at all. oops. ]

If anyone wants to join me, you're welcome so long as you know the secret magic word.
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This is Dr. Aaron Strider. I'd like to formally announce that LSR Clinic will be closing for good as soon as I can get the paperwork in. It shouldn't take more than a month or so, and the other doctor there will see you if you have any emergencies.

[The eyeroll is audible. Also, his voice sounds...younger. Definitely younger.]

I'm also withdrawing from Number-related activities. It's been very nice working with all of you, but Locke City isn't where I need to be. I'm reenlisting as soon as I can.


Who: DouchebagDouble!Aaron and you in either Neuschwanstein or Locke | bonus: prompt for Aaron himself
What: D!Aaron is trying to enlist but having a hard time getting them to believe his identification isn't fake. He's also less than pleased about having to go back through the teleporter every night. Original!Aaron is just going running.
Where: Locke City army recruitment center OR Neuschwanstein Castle for the copy; all over Locke for Aaron himself
When: Over the course of this week! Any time of day for D!Aaron, morning for original-flavor.
Warnings: He's going to be a real jerk. There's a very real risk of classism and macho pro-Army propaganda. Also, thanks to a recent Echo the real Aaron hasn't told anyone about, he's been de-aged to about 25. So there's that. Also, prose and action are both fine! Specify which Aaron and which location you want in your subject line.

D!Aaron -- Locke City )

D!Aaron -- Neuschwanstein )

Original!Aaron -- Locke City )
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Who: Hajime Aikawa's doppelganger and YOU! (And possibly the real Hajime later if he catches wind of this.)
What: Someone's doppelganger wants to par-TAY!
Where: Various clubs around Locke, Vegas, and Neuschwanstein. Someone's using the teleporter to hit as many clubs as he can so the fun never has to stop.
When: February 9-11
Warnings: Clubbing, booze, terrible cheesy pick-up lines.
Let's have some fun )
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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Who: Hajime, Tony, Shou, and L. Anyone else who may have been in Aikawa's at the time of the shootout; just contact me and I can probably work you in somewhere!
What: Monsters meeting for sushi and monstertalk, followed by a Yakuza shootout just outside the restaurant.
Where: Aikawa's
When: Evening of December 16
Warnings: Gang violence and giant bugs.
Of all the restaurants in Japantown to try to have a shootout in front of, you pick the one that belongs to the Lord of the Bugmen, good job. )
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I see you all managed to keep yourselves busy while I was gone.

As entertaining as it's been to follow without echos, would it be possible for someone give me a rundown of everything the news reported incorrectly since October? I'd take a FAQ, but the most recent date on it is from June.

Assume that I've had my number back for a week, and that I'm familiar with the basics of what's recent.

Is anyone hurt?


Dec. 14th, 2014 07:43 pm
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so. it's been a fun couple of days, hasn't it? i'm pretty glad that we didn't lose anyone to too much crazy during the attack and such but we all know how that goes. sooner or later we're all going to have a lot of baggage but hopefully there are people within our group that can smack our brains back into our skulls.

anyways, i figured that we should do something about the FAQs thing since it's been forever since anyone really has updated it since the doc left. i'm talking about this here ( link to old FAQs ). we've got some info about what has happened to a point on there and if the rest of us old timers croak or forget, who is going to go back looking for this kind of crap to see what triggered everything, right? so i'm putting the link out, asking people if they want to either build a new faq thing or just put information together so someone else can collect it, or do whatever with it. it's just something we might need later.

btw, anyone know about fixing elevators? also want to help do some rewiring? i've been thinking that if this old school is going to get turned into Numbered HQ, it needs some fancy Jim Bate James Bond redecorating before the New Year's. i also am so buying new furniture.

L. no protesting. i get too cold to sleep comfortably on the floor.
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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]
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Who: Anthony Sparado, Hajime Aikawa, Chinen Shou, and NPC mcfirestarter
What: Cleaning up some loose ends.
Where: Downtown Locke, couple of areas likely
When: December 1st, late afternoon/evening
Warnings: Violence, death, probably profanity.

Private text sent to Shou and Hajime )

01 | text

Nov. 30th, 2014 03:50 pm
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Looks like I picked a pretty bad time to figure out I'm a Numbered one of you, with everything that's been going on lately. Makes me even more grateful my family got out of Dodge a few months ago. Never thought I'd be grateful that they're in freaking Red Sox country (with the inferior team), but here we are.

I guess the burning question on my mind is, what actually happens if we leave town? Every time I head back to school, my ring transforms. Normally, it looks like a silver band, but whenever I come home...

[He's attached a picture of his ring - it's a large, lapis lazuli ring with a silver family crest in the center. It might look a little familiar to characters that've seen Stefan around before (because that ring is massive), but otherwise, it's just an "old family heirloom."]

I figure, it has to be related to all of this somehow. Also, with concerns to leaving town, other stuff on here mentioned possible amnesia? I don't remember a lot, but if I'm going to forget all of this now, it might be better than later - especially since I've got class Tuesday.


Nov. 30th, 2014 04:26 pm
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So did you know that you can make a praying mantis chase a laser pointer.
Cuz I sure didn't.


I leave Locke for a couple of weeks and I got no idea what's going on in this place anymore.
Anyone wanna give me the lowdown on what the local news ain't reporting on? Can't say I trust the media to scratch its own ass these days.
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This is Nick. I don't know how many of you are still on here that know me, but I'm going to cut right to the chase here: I've been working undercover with the mafia for months, trying to get their secrets for the network. And now I finally have something useful.

There's going to be a meeting soon. Albero will be there, along with a large number of high ranking mafia members. I know when, and where, and I know that if we hit it, we stand a good chance of taking them out and making a serious dent in their operation.

I know some of you are going to say that violence isn't the answer. For anyone who wants to try another road, I have a number of recordings of the mafia making plans to frame network members, and of some of the kidnappings that have happened, as well as the location of where the mafia members are getting their modifications. I'll pass them off to someone who wants them, but not until just before the meeting. It's obviously going to blow my cover pretty badly.

I'm going to that meeting. I don't want to do it alone, because I want to make this hurt, and I can't do that by myself. I know I'm not the only one who's been affected by what they've done, and if we want to stop them, to make it so they can't do it to anyone else - this is the best chance we've got.

We need to take it.

[OOC: A plotting post for this is up here!]
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Who: Lyall and anybody interested in capturing the not-werewolf impersonating him
When: Backdated to November 15, evening
Where: The streets around Locke High School
What: Going hunting and then hopefully catching

After getting together the interested parties via the network, upon his release from that idiotic "for his safety" jail time, Lyall is ready to get rid of this monster once and for all. There have been more sightings since his release, and he's sure it won't take long before another attack-- and then another arrest. And he'd really rather not spend any more time behind bars just yet.

So they're at the high school Saturday night, meeting up after dark, Lyall pacing around the parking lot and sniffing about for which direction to start in from there. Sacrificing any ability to fight whatsoever for the ability to communicate and have actual hands, he's not going wolf tonight. Hopefully, anyway, considering it's not a quick change just yet. He's brought the leftover rope and twine from the ages-ago trip into the mines, in the hopes of using it to catch the bastard rather than letting him get away, or actually hurting him, stuffed into an old backpack. Otherwise, he looks business as usual, up to and including a scarf. At least now it's cold enough outside to warrant one.


Nov. 16th, 2014 11:00 am
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[Lily appears on the Network for the first time in... weeks, really. Beyond a couple of text posts here and there, she's still been largely... shut down. As it stands, she looks more than a little worn out. Lack of sleep isn't as severe as it was a couple weeks ago, but things have still clearly taken a certain toll on her.

All the same, she smiles weakly at the camera. She's in her and Winter's room at the hotel provided to them in Germany.]

Hello, everyone. I've been... quiet for a little while, and I'm sorry about that. I can't say I've been in nearly as bad a spot as other people, but... [She bites her lip.] I guess I need to still work on dealing with certain kinds of things better, myself.

[She shakes her head.] But that's not what I'm here about.

Some weeks ago, Numbered were permitted by the German and Austrian authorities to investigate the large tower that appeared. Winter, myself, and several others made our way through it and eventually... well, found out we can go higher in it, and to space. You might already know about that, but...

We weren't the only ones there. Winter and I encountered two of the aliens - Geoff Benwick and Badri Barkley. But what we saw was them arguing, heatedly. In a language neither of us have ever heard or could understand.

Winter was recording it via Network access at the time, although there's no sound. Barkley in particular was acting strangely, once they noticed our presence - making a supposed "joke" about blowing the place up with us in it, which was what prompted us to transform. Instinct, I guess. And he brazenly admitted they got in their uninvited, having "lots of was of getting into places without permission."

Benwick was much more even tempered, but it was... very, very strange. Informing the authorities out here, they're tightening security, and have told us to keep an eye out for them. If they do anything else particularly strange, we should notify authorities, probably on both continents.

They also want information on them, whatever we might have. I can't... say this is a bad idea, especially knowing how dangerous Barkley could potentially be, for a group of people who said they came with no real weapons.

[Though perhaps not technically untrue - Badri is not inherently a weapon. Right?]

Also sort of bothersome... they had a bunch of Happy Meals. A lot. This isn't so strange, but... there were bags from all over Europe. I noticed that when were there, and going back over Winter's footage and doing some searching, it looks like there were ones in German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Polish, and Hungarian.

They've been going all over the place, and if this is the first we're realizing this... That bothers me more than a little bit.

Still... this is just what we ran into. Be careful, and if you see anything else amiss... Tell someone.

[OOC - Apologies this is so late after the actual event, although they did not actually come across the aliens until late into that post as it was, plus some necessary fact checking with the mods! Luckily, a little mental trauma kept some folks grounded for a bit, so that... works for the most part. :D; ]
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[In light of several arsons earlier in the week it really wasn't any surprise to see yet another show up in the paper. This time, however, they had a story and photo to go along with it, marking a certain someone a suspect. It was by chance Tony had snapped up the paper off the table and his eyes fell on this rather damning evidence.

Well, it would be damning, if it weren't incredibly stupid and also horribly blurry.

When the feed kicks on he's holding up the photo, expression flat and not amused.]

So, looks like I'm Big Foot now. Y'know they could've at least got the eyepatch on the right eye.

[He points at the patch covering his left eye, where it's very clearly on the right eye of the person in the blurry photo.]

Starting to think I should kick it in Germany for a while. Unless anyone's got a damn good lawyer they wanna lend me?
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[Usually when Lyall's number shows up on the network, it's either an audio post, or from his laptop-- neatly typed in Arial in a Word document. This afternoon, though, it's paired with his small, neat handwriting on lined paper, appearing slowly as he's making an effort to keep it tidy and not shaky. Apparently his circumstances have changed a bit.]

In case anyone needs me, check at the police station. I've been brought into holding "for my own safety" after Anthony's well-publicized death, but it's a fairly thinly veiled excuse to get me off the streets because they think I'm behind the vandalism and attack at the school. Besides, "my own safety" could be seen to somewhere other than a cell.

I'm just glad they left me a pen and a notebook.

Once I'm out again, I'm afraid I may have to put aside my usual penchant for pacifism and suggest we do something about the imposter wolf. One of the students was actually bitten last night! I'm sure I could sniff him out, if someone would be willing to come actually help me deal with him.

[He's pretty sure he won't lack for volunteers. Now he just has to worry about getting out, and not getting out too soon, since he has a plan for tomorrow night, at least....]
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Who: A wolf-like monster that is definitely not Lyall and OPEN
When: From October 29 through October 31
Where: The streets around Locke High School
What: Someone is stalking the students and teachers. Or perhaps something?

It starts overnight at the high school, discovered first thing in the morning on the 29th: deep scratch marks on doors, a couple of cracked windows, and one scared silly janitor who swears he saw a monster prowling around the grounds. After school, as the students leave for the day, a number of the later stragglers freak out and try to find teachers to alert to that monster, as well. One hysterically claims it was chasing her between the buildings, another swears it was trying to get into his locker, and a third just says she saw eyes from under the bushes. All of them, however, are adamant that it looks furry and has a tail.

For the next two days, the sightings continue. Teachers are stalked through the parking lot, students are chased from the campus, but so far, no one has been hurt. So far. From the pieces of various stories, the picture comes together of an angry bipedal wolf, or something sort of like it. Anyone near the school might encounter it, student or not, but it's definitely focused on the campus and those associated with it.

Obviously, the media are going to have a field day with this, and the Numbered... not so much.

((somebody is framing Lyall :3 feel free to run into it (I will happily NPC :D ), or use this post to contact Lyall himself, but no killing it yet! I gots plans for another post like this next week where killing it can happen >: 3 ))
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[it's always a bit annoying when people do exactly what he predicted them to do. it was even more annoying that they not only did what he predicted but decided to up the stakes. so when the mafia enforcer gang - seven strong including three of those modified idiots - popped out of the alley to chase him, Shou was not amused. it was only during the first few minutes of the chase that he realized that instead of the usual dogmen, they were using a far faster and agile critter to keep up to him. he did try a few tricks to shake them off, but that only gave them the advantage instead of giving him some space to make up a new plan.

it got even more annoying when another three appeared to cut off his latest escape route. he attempted just a couple wounding shots, but that didn't play well and he ran out of options. shooting them was the only way to wiggle out of this.

so about fifteen minutes after a frenzied gun battle that left several goons wounded, three dead or dying, Shou makes a hurried connection to the Network. cops were coming and he couldn't get captured, not after this.]

I need a pick up. [he's breathing hard, his voice cracking and no, he isn't turning on the video function.] I'm... somewhere close to First and Harrison... [a hiss, a shallow cough and more pants for air.]

...hurry. I can't be here when... [losing air rapidly and he is trying to hold it in but sometimes bleeding just has to happen, so this is just a few more seconds of shallow breathing before the feed goes out.]

[ooc; okay so shou is going to die. people can try to rescue him but he is going to die. this will trigger him becoming a vampire which means he needs to go to the clinic instead of the hospital. good thing it is closer to where shou fell, right?]


Oct. 19th, 2014 06:36 pm
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[The video feed opens up on the infamous Lord of the Bugmen. He would look tired if his bugman self was prone to showing that sort of thing. People are getting attacked--hell, killed--over being Numbered, and it's wearing on him.]

With the way things have been now, it's become harder out there for anyone who isn't obviously human. Anyone who's easy enough to spot in a crowd, anyone who's easy enough to identify as one of us, becomes an easier target for them to choose.

[He clenches one of his hands into a fist. This is not an easy post for him to make, but he thinks it needs to be done.]

I'm not saying everyone else is safe. None of us really is now. There's more to it than that. Some of us don't exactly think like a human anymore. Not entirely. And it's not...exactly easy to deal with. Or to explain to people who haven't had part of their brain rewired. And that can be a liability. Make things worse.

[There is a bit of awkward bug shuffling around, shifting his weight, and fidgeting. Saying that in a public capacity--such as public is on the network--may not be the best idea, and he's aware of that.]

It's easier to deal with if you've got someone else to talk to. Someone else who gets what being a monster can mean. Someone else who's been through all the weird physical changes.

[He is suggesting a support group, but he is very bad at just going out and saying so.]

So I was thinking it might be a good idea for those of us who have gone through the freakier changes, who might have weird instincts, or think they'll be turning into something else soon to get together somehow. Preferably somewhere quiet where no one's likely to come across us. Because if Energy Up or someone like that shows, I'm smashing their recording equipment.
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Who: Tony and Hajime
What: Tony is on a very important mission to obtain delicious food, and deliver an apology.
When: Backdated to October 12th.
Where: Aikawa's
Warnings: Not really?

Two monsters walk in to restaurant... )
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[ so he had been a little on the quiet side these past few weeks, but here is Shou, looking a bit grumpy and annoyed about something. from what could be seen of his surroundings, it looked a lot less like the usual rich surroundings of videos from before, but thanks to the way there's barely any light around him, it was really hard to tell. it takes him a moment to say anything but when he does, it's pretty much to the point. ]

So. If I try to go for the throat on anyone in the future, just smack me in the nose or something. Or drive me to the nearest bloodbank.
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Who: Randall/Randolph Lyall, Nick Burkhardt, and Hajime Aikawa
When: October 9, full moon night
Where: Lyall's house
What: First full moon since the strength change....

By now, with all the intentional changes he'd gone through, Lyall had at least learned to stop screaming when the full moon change hit him. He had some pride. But for the full moon changes, he no longer had any control over the noises he made by about halfway through the change, the human part of his mind gone. It made it easy for the people on the other side of the door to tell when he was done changing, at least, since the howling and crying turned into panting and slow recovering whines, as the last of his bones finally finished healing up.

Hajime and Nick had half an hour of peace before the wolf was healed up enough to register their scent, and the growls started. They had an hour after that before his full strength returned, and he started attacking the door: claws first, which had the effect of rattling the door violently and making a horrible scratching sound, louder than previous months' attempts. Then, when that didn't get the barrier out of the way, a sickening, deafening thud that shook the whole wall.

The door frame started to crack on the second hit.


Oct. 9th, 2014 06:38 pm
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[ Octavia is, as usual, sitting on her huge-ass pile of treasure. She's also sporting fangs and a pair of glasses with one lens blacked out like an eyepatch, thanks to her losing an eye during CRAB BATTLE. Arr, mateys. ]

First person to make jokes about my depth perception, call me cyclops or otherwise mock my heroic war wound gets mind controlled into licking the floor of the nearest public bathroom, just eff why eye. I am talking business! So I am cutting that shit off before it starts.


So. The unpronounceable German place is oooooooobviously going to come with its own hugeass pink bad guy. A duck or whatever, I guess. And we are going to spend forever twiddling our collective thumbs until it pops out one day and surprises us like some kind of asshole! Right?


[ And she slides dramatically down the treasure pile. But leaves her laptop behind and has to fly back up and grab it. NOBODY SAW THAT OKAY ]

I recently got back memories of being really super great at finding enormous bad guys with very little to go on. The best at it! So tomorrow I am heading for Germany to go find the giant goose monster and kick the shit out of it. And then I will spend the evening being fucking awesome. Anybody whose age ends in -teen should totally join me! Because. Like I said. Awesome. It'll be like a camping party, only way less lame.

[ There's a tiny thoughtful pause before she adds: ]

Say, did you know the legal drinking age in Germany is just sixteen?
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[The video turns on with a flicker, briefly obscured by a bright light. The light in question, which seemed to be from a desk lamp, is quickly moved away. Finally, the video shows an adult male, sitting at a desk and looking thoroughly unimpressed.

He's also dressed in a policeman's uniform, if that means anything.

Well, this is fantastic. [Ladd mutters in his vaguely Brooklyn accent, rubbing his chin.] First I get some really interesting memories I don't remember having, and now I got a password to a network I never wanted to subscribe to in the first place.

[He lets out a low laugh, almost sarcastic.] It's almost like it's karma or something. I'm guessing this is what the kid was talking about. Shame I kicked him out, he'd be almost useful right now. For once.

So! [He leans back in his chair, giving the viewer a smirk.] You guys are those super-humans I've heard so much about. The ones that helped destroy the business district almost a year ago, and get half the force arrested and taken away.

[A nod, polite.] Officer Ladd Splot, at your service.
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Who: Anthonies Janvier and Sparado, Hajime Aikawa, Shou Chinen, possibly Richard Stroud, Xander Jarle, Nick Burkhardt, Soren Castor, Davin Carter, John Smith, Toushirou Hitsugaya, and anyone else who might've expressed interest in an expedition delving after dark into the mummy-infested catacombs beneath a local church.
Where: Below the altered St. John's Episcopal Church.
When: Evening of Saturday, September 6th.
What: Investigation and hopeful threat elimination.
Warnings: Violence and encouragement of good old "Lovecraft insanity".

[This log is going to be broken down for free-for-alling section-by-section:
- Area 1 - The Entrance
- Area 2 - The First Hall
- Areas 3 and 4 - The First Room and Stairwell
- Areas 5 and 6 - The Fountain Room
- Areas 7 and 8 - The Arcane Study
- Area 9 - The Shrine
- "Boss Fight"
- Return to the Church

To toss in another character or brush up on what to expect in the catacombs, including areas and monsters, please refer to this post - and, of course, toss in any questions if you've got them!]
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Lyall here. I'm very sorry to all my students expecting to see me at the high school this week, but I've been informed I no longer work there. I'll still be happy to tutor if anyone needs it, and the substitute will have all of my lesson plans and labs.

[And a personal text to Nick, sent shortly before the network one:]

They fired me.
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Who: Cultists, an alien, and YOU, the (un-)invited numbered!
What: Gossipping. Weird lobster worship. Speeches. Fingerfood and other snacks. Dealing with cultists in general. The beginning of the geographical changes in Las Vegas and appropriate PANIC.
When: 22nd
Where: Thomas & Mack Center; The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Warnings: People from the ranks of the cultists have committed murder and other crimes in the past; those deeds will, if mentioned, be treated in a glorifying manner or at least be condoned.

But don't put water in your dessert, that's gross. )
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Who: Randolph Lyall, a couple reporters for the local news station, and anyone who replied with interest here.
When: August 19, on the evening news
Where: On the television! More specifically, in a studio somewhere in Locke.
What: Some hopefully-positive publicity for the Numbered

The special segment on the news at 7 sets the scene in one of its side news offices meant for local coverage. There are some pretty strange people seated around a long desk-like table... and some not very strange people, too. Some of them look like anyone you'd see walking down the street, and some of them look like something you'd see out of a comic book or a movie.

The reporter introduces them all as members of that mysterious group of the "specially gifted" who helped the city against the giant snake several months before and who have had very little to say in the meantime, and it starts off on a generally positive note, with each of the reincarnates involved introducing themselves and giving a short statement about their experiences. It then turns to questions, mostly from the reporters, but with a segment at the end for questions tweeted in by viewers. One of the three reporters seems positive on the whole-- and familiar with Julien in particular-- while another is fairly neutral and a third seems to want to steer things into more negative territory.

The segment only lasts an hour, so it's not really long enough for much in-depth questioning, but the anchor at the end says that further interest might bring their illusive guests back again in the future!

((mostly closed to people who expressed interest (or would express interest) on Lyall's request for volunteers earlier, but if anyone wants to submit viewer questions, there's a comment for that at the end! :3 ))
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Who: Xander Jarle, Hajime Aikawa, Randolph Randall Lyall, Nick Burkhardt, Kevin Cecil, and Anthony Janvier.
Where: St. John's Episcopal Church - or rather the building now standing where it previously did.
When: Backdated to 8/16, evening.
What: Clearance to poke around for some manner of secret basement granted.
Warnings: Sufficiently probable violence.

All in all it's not /technically/ smaller than the old building... )
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Randall again. I know there are probably many rather more pressing problems, right now-- such as the machine I hear we've commandeered, Thunder Corp's potential retaliation, the mob, that cult... but there's also apparently been a lot of talk on television and online about how horrible we are and how we're secretly trying to run the country.

[And Lyall can't do a bloody thing about Thunder Corp or the mob or a cult, especially while getting prepped for school to start soon... but he's hoping maybe he can help a little with this.]

I know someone was talking about attempting to make corrections when things got out wrong, like that, but I was thinking that perhaps having more of us to consult might make that easier. As in, I was considering asking for volunteers to go public together. Including myself, of course-- I simply don't think trying to do it alone would be wise. I'd rather not present the idea that I'm an attention-monger, or something.

[Or make himself a sole target.]

There's certainly the question of just how forthcoming to be-- I tend to favor more, rather than less, or people will undoubtedly learn there's more to know, and assume we are hiding even worse. But that would be up to each individual. Either way, I thought I'd pose the question, if anyone here is particularly interested in going public, and trying to equally publically correct some of those rumors. I certainly don't have any power to take over the country with.

[That last comes out dry, because he's hard-pressed to think of anything that "being a werewolf" would do for him, in politics. ... nevermind that he's fairly sure being one automatically gave you rank in whatever England his other fellow comes from. That's not here.]

We've spent a long time in hiding, so I'll understand if I don't have many takers, but I am hoping for a few....
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[A certain familiar British voice is back on the network, everybody.]

Well, I'm back. I don't think I remembered to let anyone outside my immediate circle know I would be gone... I apologize for that. But summer school and training are both out of the way, and I'm free for a whole week before classes begin again.

For anyone new here, I'm-- Randall Lyall.

[There's a brief hesitation there, as he consciously makes himself not say "Randolph".]

Biology teacher at Locke High. Also happen to be a werewolf.

So did I miss anything terribly important? It doesn't look like anything's blown up, in my absence, anyhow.
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[ shou is back from his sudden disappearance. he is also looking a bit like he was chewing on something bitter and that he is also pretty tired. hello jet lag, he really doesn't need you to stick around right now. ]

This is starting to get ridiculous. First it's 'oh no, the police are going to kill us', then it was the thunderasses or whatever, and now it's the mob. And now people are all 'whine whine the normals are out to get us'... Well, yeah, that's one of the problems of coming out of the supernatural closet. C'mon, I can't be the only person who watches movies with similar plots, can I? Next, you'll be telling me that aliens don't come to earth to eat our brains.

I might be joking about that last bit.

Hey, here's something to think of from your uncle Shou - mebbe the mob are after us because they are doing something illegal and we're too much of a bunch of powered goodies getting in their way.

...Fuck, what a bad month it's been. I think I'm going to drown myself and mebbe get some sleep at the same time.

[ and have a salute before the feed goes dead. for anyone he talks to regularly, he had an emergency in the family and had jetted off to Japan. he might have messaged a couple people but when in a rush, it may not have gone through completely. feel free to yell at him about it. ]
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[All the usual. Usual poor lighting. Usual wall and ceiling colors. Usual voice out of no-longer-in-tact vocal chords.

Anthony himself, however, is entirely out of sight. On his own end, he's leaning forward to rest and focus.

He is very husky. Yet high. And hesitant. But steady. He's - perhaps not practiced, but mulled over what he's going to say, at least.


-- It's Anthony Janvier. They're --

...We're talking. About -- what we have to do. Since - they're... talk - talking about us. More and more.

A - a while ago I asked if -- we should, um. Collect -- information about -- "mutants". On the network. A couple of times, to help - anyone else who's - going through extreme changes.

May -- perhaps if - we start. Uhmm. Discussing it now, we could - release, um. Some of the information to -- um, outside the network. So people will know what - to expect from us, don't expect anything that -- isn't true. So it'll be safer for them, and -- for us, to... start -- showing ourselves.

If, um. If everyone who's - not human could respond - describe ev - everything they know about what they are -- that-that-that they're comfortable with sharing, it -- would be... It could be helpful.

For -- for everyone. Not just me. You can -- discuss things amongst yourselves. Uh -- please don't - use text; I -- would rather be able to know what's going on.

[By all means use text if 'tisn't meant for him to hear.]

If you -- have to talk anymore -- to anyone, maybe they -- maybe we could - leave our Numbers. If that's all right. Or -- just keep talking here -- later I'll...

[He really can't say he will do anything. Or will be able to do anything, can't make any promises, and so he unceremoniously cuts it there to proceed.]

[Private to Alex K.]

[It doesn't so much as go through. He doesn't stop to bother with the idea of confirming, as it isn't as if it's doing any harm if it isn't. Muttering.]

Alex -- it's uhm. A-Anthony; I -- sent a message to the network. -- Need your help with it too, uhmm -- 'ss -- been a month, just - please say something. If you get this. Here or on the network, umm...

[And "cut".]

((OOC: In other words? A "tell me about your species"/"mutant type" sharing post! Anthony will be responding, but consider this a free-for-all post - if anyone says anything your character can tag, take it and/or threadjack at will.))