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Who: Torin and you!
What: Torin's getting his affairs in order before things get crazier. He's going to get the parrots he grew up with out of the zoo and settle them inside his giant robot dinosaur. Such a normal day.
Where: Locke City; namely the zoo, Espresso Yourself, and inside the shiny new Spirit Base that is now inside Bragigas.
When: After the moon turns into a giant snake.

At the Zoo )

At the Spirit Base )

Outside Espresso Yourself )
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Who: Torin, Areonwen, and you!
What: The reunion of two old friends in a coffee shop, only one is a bird-dinosaur-man-thing and the other is a horse. Perfectly normal. Not like anyone might want to react to such weirdness or anything.
When: Shortly after Areonwen's return post.
Where: Espresso Yourself because they haven't dealt with enough weirdness yet there
So a horse and a birdman walk into a coffee shop... )
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[The image on the screen ripples, almost as if whoever is using it is interfacing with the Network via a reflection in water. A white (grey?) horse is looking down and although she doesn't open her mouth, one can still hear the voice of a middle-aged woman. Specifically, a bossy, maiden auntly sort of woman.]

:Attention: my rider is missing. He's a young human who answers to the name of Shou and unfortunately, I was back to being a normal horse when last I saw him, so if he told me where he was going, I wasn't able to understand him.:

[The horse sighs.]

:This is awkward to admit, but I seem to have spent what felt like a long time not being able to think properly or communicate. If anyone could fill me in as to what I have missed, I would be very much obliged.:
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[The video post opens, and...yes, that's a small blue parrot with a tuft of red feathers atop his head and a pair of small, scaly blue arms locked in epic combat with a horde of angry toothpicks. He's doing quite well for being a parrot, despite the fact that some of the toothpicks are larger than he is. He's holding out one small hand, palm out towards the toothpicks, and firing blasts of gold energy at them.]

If I could request a bit of assistance...I do not know for certain how long I can keep this up--and there are innocents in the area!

[He gives the location of one of Locke's parks, one that's rather close to the Natural History Museum, and then squawks irritably and flies out of the frame as he dodges something that looks like a thrown exploding Altoid.]

((OOC: Torin will be responding to comments after he's done in the park, or your character can just jump in and help him, your call.))
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[so here we go, here's an image of the indoor waterfall, a round bed, and a very tired looking shou sitting on the round bed in loose sweat pants and not much else. he was drying his hair and it looks like he got it cut and styled differently than the braids he had pulsed back.]

You know what the worse thing to have after spending 15 hours in the air? Pulses coming back on top of having jetlag. I feel like I've been trying to run uphill for days. So anyways, anyone wanna tell me what has been happening?

[he tosses the towel off to the side and lays down on his stomach, so there's a close-up of his face and part of his shoulders.]

Oh yeah, just so you know, leaving the town doesn't get rid of everything. I got to Japan and I thought that everyone here was part of a kinda LARP group or something.

And Kei, you really are a bad influence to orphans.


Mar. 29th, 2014 06:19 am
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[Yes that is a gray alien on the screen broadcasting to you all. In the background this can be heard, and from the looks of it he is not happy.]

So. Who pulsed the autonomous iPod?

Additionally: why is it in my house?
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So we all need a break and some fun right? Anthony and I are going to try to eat an entire cake, and there's a really nice bakery cafe thing on Pine so everyone is also invited to try. I, personally, will take any bets from someone who can finish an entire cake. Any takers?

Also I will be drinking hot sauce and coffee since somebody won't leave me alone about it :|;;;; Who wants to miss that? No one wants to miss that. I'm sure I'll laugh about it in thirty years.

3PM, that one on Pine and 4th.


No he seriously is waiting there at the cafe for anyone to join him. Because what is stupid adventures without friends?

But the more people come the better it is for the bakery owners, right? Totally. So grab a chair, get some coffee and let us all eat until we are sick. Just be prepared for commentary from the kid.]
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Who: OPEN.
When: March 9th, Sunday, daylight hours.
Where: The business district of Locke City.
What: An enormous snake monster is pissed.
Warnings: Violence.

[The alien explodes silently - but it explodes.

First in a small cloud of hot (rose-scented) gas - those there to watch its final moments will want to step back.

A ripple in the air pulses - heavily - from where it once was, with absolutely no sound and color, but penetrating force. Anyone standing within two miles of the point of origin will feel a push, with those closest guaranteed to be knocked off their feet and temporarily dazed. Cars swerve and crash. Staff in the nearest office buildings launch into disarray. There’s no shielding from the blast - it can be felt through walls, through structures, in the air, and underground.

And it is felt underground.

The entire business district starts to shake, abruptly, jarred to a stir by some movement. It rises over the span of a long half-a-minute to the magnitude of December’s earthquake.

Tuning Towers experiences the worst of it - windows are smashing and objects are shaking loose and falling from the upper floors.

It finally ends - with screaming - as the head of an enormous pink snake breaks the lobby floor.

It flows its way quickly out of the hole it’s made, breaks itself another hole ever so politely through the main entrance doors, which were not meant to accommodate a twenty-foot-tall-and-wide exitor, and as it draws the last of its tail out after it, the quaking dies down.

It’s now roaring its way through the streets of Locke City’s business district - all several hundred meters of Wise Snake, emerged in the flesh (or stone?).

No regard for the walls of buildings, streetlamps, civilians, stopped and blindly pulled-over vehicles, anything else on its course - in a frantically-awakened, unrestricted rampage.]

[ OOC: This is part two of the Season 1's finale. The first - the assault on the farmhouse - is here; pertinent plot posts one and two. ]
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I got to thinking, there are a lot of us animals on this network. I think it would be good if we could all meet in person somehow.

[Even if the cat probably still wants to eat him.]

Being an intelligent animal can be hard if you want to stay one step ahead of the humans who might want to put you back in a zoo or something like that. There are things you need to keep in mind!

Plus, some of us have been intelligent for longer than others, and some of us might know things that others don't. We can share information on things we've figured out! Like I know how to ride the bus and to read maps. I can teach you in case you get lost! We should stick together and pool our resources!

The only problem is to figure out where and how to meet. We need a place to use as our base of operations! I'd volunteer Thomas's apartment, but I don't know how hard it would be for the horses to get into the building and use the elevator.