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Who: Jasmine Tsukuyomi; one thread closed, the other open
What: Life after dark
Where: Around Locke, Vegas
When: March 29th; April 1st through the 7th [backdated]

[ooc - Sub-threads are in the thread itself!]
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This is Marina Santana. Not the one you've known for a year and a half now, though. The other. A doppelganger, an evil clone, a shoddy piece of the Earth's attempt at defending itself, whatever you might want to call us.

Before you continue reading, fair warning that this is wordy and, if I may be honest, a bit depressing.
tl;dr I like confusing myself )
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Who: Jasmine, Lily, Raye, Marina, Rakka, Winter, doppelgangers [potentially more later]
What: "Darkness Falls" - "Attack" on the Heart Tree
Where: las Vegas, location of the Heart Tree
When: March 27th

In the end, who do you choose to be? )
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[A | closed: Lily, Jasmine, Marina | 3/16, 3/18, 3/20; afternoon | local gym]
And you're a big ol' wuss if you don't jump in- hey, don't push me! (splash) )

[B | video | 3/16, evening | Winter and Lily's house]
[As night fell, Winter returned home to relax for the rest of the night, a little tired and kind of wrung-out, but feeling pretty good about things. The water had refreshed her in a lot of ways, almost as much as hearing that she's still pretty even with the damned scar in full view. And now that she feels kind of re-energized, it's probably not a bad idea to update the network that she's still alive. Now that her hair's dry, she figures now is as good a time as any, and as she sits on the couch brushing her hair, she kicks the video feed on, smiling softly. She's changed out of her swimsuit, into something that looks soft and flannel and totally not matching her eye color, what are you talking about?]

Hi, everyone... I'm sorry I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a little while there. I got hurt badly in the operation in Lapland, and I had to go to the hospital... I've been recovering for some time, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I know some people were worried about me, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm okay. That we're not so easy to remove from the equation.

It feels like I've missed so much since I checked in last, and yet... there are some things that are more important. I've learned that, now. There were lights in the sky, and a crisis halfway around the world, but even though those are things we need to address sooner rather than later, I just... I feel like I should be paying a little more attention to things I see more often. Things that are more important to me. Saving the world is important, and there are still things only we can do. That hasn't changed. But I think I understand now that, sometimes, saving something - or someone - that is your entire world is... kind of important, too.

[She says it with a completely straight face. She's come to peace with the fact that she should probably be dead. But in that moment, Lily's safety was more important than her own. And she learned an important lesson as she drove without hesitation or regret. One that just might be important enough to share with everyone else, too.]

But I didn't get on the network to harp on people and sound like I'm someone fancy. In case anyone new is here after the lights in the sky, I'm Winter Adamas; you've probably seen Cure Diamond on the news, which is also me. Welcome to the network, where the memories don't matter and reporters are your new worst friend. For everyone else... what did I miss? I want to hear from everyone about the last six weeks!
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Who: Doppelganger!Jasmine, open to doppelgangers
What: Discovery and a plan
Where: Las Vegas, then the castle in Neuschwanstein
When: March 15th, evening

Jasmine refused to accept being a copy. )
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[The video flickers to life, and it shows Rakka's face. She appears to be in Neuschwanstein. An odd sort of trend for people on the network recently, making posts while at the castle grounds. It was likely to not raise any particular warning signs, unless you know what this coincidence probably means.

Rakka brushed some hair from her face. It didn't help to improve her fairly disheveled look at all, and in fact might have made it worse. All in all, she didn't seem to be happy, or even smiling. Hey, was that a bruise?

Hey, it's Rakka. [There just wasn't as much energy in her tone as usual.] It seems like everyone around here's been losing their minds. Apparently it means that there's clones of all of us running around... but, maybe it just means that things are getting even worse. In a way, that would make sense, right?

[But, honestly, she wasn't sure what was happening. She'd been thinking about what Emi had said to her, about her apparently showing the vampire some kindness. She wouldn't lie about that, would she...? What would she even have to gain, except for a moment's confusion on the Haibane's part which could be a little funny for someone else...]

Dammit... [She whispered with a sigh, expression quickly turning frustrated.] I don't fucking know. It's not like anything in this world makes any sense anyways. It doesn't even matter, does it? [A question that seems to bother her.] I'm trying really hard to figure that out... but I can't.

[And she kills the feed.]
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Who: Marina and DoppelJasmine.
What: Evil girlfriend clone being that.
Where: Hotel lobby.
When: Almost immediately after DoppelLily's post.
Warnings: Nothing yet!

Still less weird than DoppelWinter propositioning her? )


Feb. 9th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[Reclining back, smirking at the camera is... Lily? It at least rather looks like Lily, but there are... distinct differences. Her hair is much looser than Lily's normally is, and a bit darker. She wears something quite unlike Lily as well - a form fitting black dress. Where has she gotten everything for this, much less the computer she's speaking from? Well, it may just so happen that she has a means of easily swiping stuff from places without anyone being any the wiser.]

Oooooh, there we go. Hello~ It's been a few days.

[She leans forward, propping her chin lazily on one hand, and chuckles.]

Aren't all of you miserable fucking losers just the cutest. You know what I'm tired of? Being one of those losers.

Scrambling around the globe for a bunch of ungrateful, snot nosed little brats... and for what? Just what has any of that gotten me, gotten any of us?!

I'm done with that bullshit. We have all of this power, and we just cower in the shadows!

[Her smirk turns sadistic, and she flashes her teeth.] It's high time we did something much, much more fun with our power...

What do you say~?

[OOC: Needless to say, this is Doppelganger Lily, who does not yet realize she isn't as such, especially since Lily herself hasn't posted to the Network since the Lapland rescue, since the doubles do not initially realize they're copies. As per the Plot Post, her Number is indistinguishable from Lily's own. The real Lily won't notice this immediately since she's busy hovering over Winter after her injuries in Lapland, but she WILL be along in this post... after I've had some fun, first.]
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]


Nov. 25th, 2014 08:04 pm
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[Julien's voice is dispassionate, low and clear and fast. In the background something is shriek-yelping and snarling like a dog with a weird distorted voice.]

Emergency. Blaine's turned into the titan and isn't responding to speech. We're [somewhere off from Fussen, away from the teleport location] and I think she's making for the highway. She needs to be lured outside the boundary. Can anyone get here?

I'm calling the mayor. We need to evacuate. [Startled-] Wh- stop! [the snarl is closer, a very deep frantic growl. Julien hisses forcefully.]

[OOC: this post is also for action!]
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... Hey everyone. I figured now was a good time to talk about this, given I just realized it's been over a year since I first became a numbered.

It feels like a lifetime ago, you know? I was a completely different person, it feels like. I didn't care about other people, but then something clicked and... I was part of something. Even if the memories I got back were terrible, I finally had people who weren't out of my life before I could get to know them. I wanted to get to know people.

It's been difficult, but... I... I'm happy I became a Numbered. I wish I didn't have someone like Dark Precure to gain the memories of, but everything else... I wouldn't want to go back to how I used to be.


I just wanted to get that off my chest. Thank you. Everyone. Again.


Nov. 16th, 2014 10:44 pm
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So I decided that amnesia sucks and I'm done with it.

[Well, that's... one way to announce being back.]

It's no fun at all. It seems neat and all in stories, but at least in stories you don't forget only the exciting stuff.

So you know what, I'm just not doing that anymore. I don't know how anyone else puts up with it. No more amnesia for me. It was so boring, I'm pretty sure I willed it to stop.

[Claire, that's not how that works... He actually sounds like he believes it, too.]

Anyway, looks like I've missed a lot 'round here! Gonna need to catch up again. But hey, I got plenty of free time.


Sep. 24th, 2014 08:14 pm
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Mn. I... I need to ask you guys something. I mean, this isn't about something that I haven't covered before. I get reminded I'm not my pre-incarnation all the time. I'm not a monster, I have people who love me. I have friends. I have a girlfriend.

But... has anyone else ever had a time when you look at everything, and even though you have every reason to be confident and rise above all the shitty stuff that comes and goes for us, you just feel... upset all over again? You get stuck repeating lessons you think you should have learned several times over.

I can't stop thinking about Dark Precure. I'm angry about having to leave my home. I'm scared of all the stuff lurking around us. I know someone'll come around and help me pick myself up, but...


It just gets exhausting, you know? You can rise above a challenge so many times, but a lot of them just keep coming back. And I just want to know if anyone else feels this way. I feel like a broken record.
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[Lily appears, looking a little nervous.]

Hi, everyone. You might have noticed Linda posting before about Winter and I sort of, ah. Getting eaten by a magic mirror.

Obviously, that sort of. Well. Didn't last. We're fine - Winter and I both came out without anything wrong with us. If anything, we're... better than ever, honestly.

[She smiles.]

Sorry if we worried anyone.

In the meantime, we're still feeling our way around here in Vegas and figuring out what to do. I don't think any of us know how "permanent" or not this is going to be, and... all of the schools here are shut down for the time being. [She shakes her head.] But... we're managing, and we've got problems here that need to be looked into just as much as Locke. Still... if anyone needs anything back home, do say something, okay? [Her vision diverts from the screen a little bit.] I'm worried about you guys, so... stay safe, as best you can.

[And with that, she clicks the video closed.]
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Who: Lily, Winter, others [OPEN to friendly Vegas dwellers, except where noted.]
What: Requisite mid-season magical girl power up time Lily has called people nearby to talk and try and get a handle on who's around. Also, she has this nifty thing! ... too bad she doesn't know how to make it work ...
Where: We're going to say a food court somewhere - let's say the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. They have places where random gatherings could just converge.
When: Monday, September 15th, Mid-Afternoon

Lily wasn't content to just sit around. )
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[It's been well over a week since Robyn last made an appearance on the network. She had needed some time to recover and sort herself out after the ordeal she had been through, she wasn't anywhere near one hundred percent but she was at least ready to make an attempt to show up in front of her friends again.

She was incredibly nervous about doing this, she knew there were a fair number of people that thought it would be best to wait for the mafia to release her... But that wasn't exactly how things had worked out. She knew there had been a lot of arguing over the situation. She had only seen a little of it during the short time she had access to the network, but it was enough to make her nervous of how people might be reacting to the fact that her rescuers had probably made the mafia really angry. She certainly couldn't bring herself to be mad at them, they had saved her plain and simple.]

[So the feed opens up with Robyn staring at the screen, chewing on her lower lip nervously. After a moment she'll raise her hand and wave nervously. She certainly looks to be a lot better than when she was being held by Albero, but there are dark bags under her eyes. It's pretty obvious she hasn't been sleeping well lately.]

Uhmm... Hey! Uh-Long time, no see?

I just wanted everyone to know I'm here and uhm-I'm fine.

So... You all don't have to worry anymore.

I-uh... Haven't really been checking here over the last little while and I kind of, sorta lost my cellphone during the-

[She frowns and decides against talking about what had happened and moves on.]

-The thing... But I just got a new one a couple days ago, so getting a hold of me shouldn't be a problem.

[She stares at the screen for a moment, completely unsure of what to say next. She feels like this may not have been the best idea.]

Well-I'm gonna go now. I just wanted to say well... Thank you and I-I'm sorry for everything that happened.
[She let's out a deep breath and shuts down the feed for now. She'll give herself a few minutes before she starts responding.]

[OOC: Hey! I know there are people that mentioned wanting to visit Robyn after the plot. If anyone still wants to do that feel free to start something here or let me know and I can get things going.]
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[Okay, video feed from the number that typically belongs to Raye Satterfield. King of a weird angle being aimed straight up at the ceiling. Odd enough.

Oh, hey, there's her weird one-eyed sailor uniform popping into frame and looking at the feed. He waves one sleeve and then sets to work, setting up tiles from various word-based board games to spell out his message.]





[What do you do, network? WHAT DO YOU DO?]
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((sorry this post is so late and for the backdating - long weekend was busy and I've been having technical difficulties since Tuesday >.<))

[The post is headed picture of the lobster staute from the cult conference.]

Calling it now, we're going to be fighting a giant pink one of these in like a month. I know I can't be the first one to say it, but let's make it official.

[The audio version of this post he records doesn't have that comment, though. But the rest of it is on there:]

I was one of the people who went onstage at that conference, and overall I talked to a few of them. I'm going to hazard a guess here that I wasn't the only one, so:

If you talked to one of the Refined Shell cultists, share what they said to you here.

Yeah, even if it's more of the same gushing praise, w/e, it might give a hint to what's going on with them.

Here, I'll go first:

[He types out (and later reads) what he can remember of his conversation on stage though he leaves out a few details, mainly anything revolving around how nervous he was to be on stage or particularly embarrassing moments.]

So, go for it. I'm going to attach a file of me reading this post out, since I know there are some network people who can't see or read. You don't have to do the same, but I plan on recording myself reading your responses for them if you don't. So just let me know if there's a part you don't want me to share with everyone or whatever.

[It feels oddly generous of him, but since the conference he's had this weird feeling of importance and responsibility - and besides, it clearly benefits everyone to have this stuff communicated and shared, right?]


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:33 pm
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Hello everyone. The last time I spoke to you, many of you asked me to look into the situation involving the criminal attacks that have been plaguing our number. I'd already been acting to investigate this myself, but it is for that reason, and for the reason of our safety that I am speaking to you now.

There is someone leaking information about us to the mafia.

It cannot be doubted that this is the case. The people who have been attacked are all Numbered, or connected to someone who is. There is no way that anyone could have attacked that combination of people without someone feeding them information gleaned from the Network, as not all of the people affected by these attacks have their status known to the public.

We all need to be careful, but I would like to make something clear: Abandoning the use of the network is not the solution here. It is our one means of communication with one another, and whatever damage that can be done has already been done. If we divide ourselves and cease to communicate, we will be at a disadvantage to people who are clearly our enemies.

Of course, we cannot act as if nothing is wrong, either. Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Watch what information you give out and whom you share it with. And protect one another.
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[Raye being in a sour mood on one of these network posts of hers isn't a rare sight by any stretch of the imagination, but this time she's not ranting or raving or looking even particularly grumpy, but she's definitely not happy as she stands out in the street, leaning against a wall. She definitely doesn't look good though and when she speaks up at least there's almost a tremor in her voice.]

Hey. So, uh, I was doing pretty good about keeping stuff under wraps around home and all but... I guess somebody picked up what I looked like when I was grabbing that teleporter thing. So, that... kinda just blew up.

[She blows out a breath and rubs the back of her arm across her eyes, shaking her head and growling a bit.]

Look, fuck the details but does anybody out there have a couch or something? Me and Senketsu are gonna need a place to crash for--

-- for awhile.
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Who: Cultists, an alien, and YOU, the (un-)invited numbered!
What: Gossipping. Weird lobster worship. Speeches. Fingerfood and other snacks. Dealing with cultists in general. The beginning of the geographical changes in Las Vegas and appropriate PANIC.
When: 22nd
Where: Thomas & Mack Center; The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Warnings: People from the ranks of the cultists have committed murder and other crimes in the past; those deeds will, if mentioned, be treated in a glorifying manner or at least be condoned.

But don't put water in your dessert, that's gross. )
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[the video feed comes on, Jasmine's face close to the screen and giggling. She laughs for a few moments, before clearing her throat and continuing with her voice low, as though she doesn't want someone to hear what she's saying]

Oh my god. You guys have to see this. I'm over here at Raye's and she's... okay you just gotta see this.

[Jasmine moves her camera to show Raye sitting at her computer, playing a certain game.]

Read more... )

OOC: ((Bold is Raye, normal text is Jasmine. Beware, the link IS a horror game))
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Who: Rakka and friends (Raye, Robyn, and Jasmine)
Where: Dians house backyard, Locke City
What: Rakka is going to try and fly. This'll end well.
When: Now! (August 17th)
Warnings: Shenanigans

Fight or flight )
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[open | Any afternoon, Monday forward | Near the business district]
Do you see that girl, in the window? Waving like an idiot? )

[closed to Lily | Wednesday, daytime | Locke City business district]
'The house needs something. Something tall, that holds a lot of-' 'Denied.' )

[open | Friday afternoon | Network (video)]
But there comes a point where Winter just can't hold herself back anymore - she's got something she can be happy about, and she's going to share it, dammit! So in the afternoon, she pulls out her Kindle and, sitting on her floor, enters her number and clicks the camera on. There are boxes behind her that look more than a little like moving boxes, and a familiar blue plushie on her shoulder. Wherever she is, there's not a whole lot to see beyond an off-white wall, a sea of things yet to be unpacked, and at least one box claiming to be assemble-it-yourself furniture that has not been addressed. There might be assorted clothing sitting on the floor, but she's in a good enough mood not to care about that. Winter herself is sporting a bandage on her face, and another one you can just make out through her shirt sleeve on her left arm.

"Hi, everyone! Um, I kind of had a small announcement to make. If anyone's looking for me, please don't visit my home. I, ah... don't live there anymore. I have a pl-place of my own now! We found a little house, a bit past the business district, that was going cheaply after March, and since school is starting soon, and I can't live at home forever... I moved here." The briefest of pauses, then, "Not just me. Lily and I live here. Just us, and there are no more bedrooms. So don't ask!" Still grinning. "There isn't enough space to have a party or anything, but I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to stop by. We haven't finished unpacking, so there isn't much to see... but still, the offer is open. I th-think there are boxes big enough to use as tables."

She stops again for a moment, glancing into space. Is she forgetting...? "Oh! If anyone wanted to check on me, after our... incident... the other day, I'm okay. Just a couple of scratches. Nothing terrible. Everything will heal, but I might have a scar or two. That's the price, I guess. I'm trying not to think about it. We're okay. That's what matters.

"If anyone wants to come visit, we're not hard to find - we're at-" She lists an address. Really, it's in a pretty good place. Surprisingly good for two teens. "Please, come and see us! I'm happy to have company. It'll help make this place feel like home faster, I think. So... I hope to see someone soon." Winter waves lightly at the camera before clicking off the feed.
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[This is perhaps an unaccustomed look on Winter's face - stern, bordering on angry, and the tight control she's holding as she speaks suggests it's the latter. She's not at home for this message, either, but wherever she is, it looks like she's about to hit something.]

I'm beginning... to get really tired of everything that's happened in the media. I can't watch the news anymore without someone wondering how dangerous we are, or if the world is safe from us, or who will snap next. I've heard my own name at least once. It's unsettling... and it's dishonest. And all of us know it's n-not the whole story. Everything that's happened has been for a reason, outside of a few things we... couldn't really control. Every disaster, every attack, every incident, they've all had causes. But the world wants to blame us.

[Her eyes flash.] I am tired of it. I refuse to s-stand here and be bullied into silence any longer. Even if there aren't many things I can do alone, I'll do them. I don't want to let something like this get me down. So, to start with... [Winter holds up a sheet of stationary, and a pen.] I'm going to write a letter to the newspaper. At the least, I'm hoping to get published as a letter to the editor, but... with as p-popular as we are, I suspect it'll actually make the news. But we can't stop there. People will tear that letter apart, read what they want to out of it, and then they'll go back to how things are.

What I want to do... is start a public relations team. Something that can keep an eye on what people are saying, what we're doing, and can react to those things. We can tell people what was really happening whenever something comes up, so they understand we're not just going off and destroying things because we feel like it. We can counter sensationalism with how things really are. I don't think that... people understand that we're h-human under everything. We have to make them see it. And if that's something we can do to make our lives easier, to help people understand we don't want to make trouble... aren't we obligated to do it?

So I'm going to start on this in a little bit. I have something else in mind, though, for today... [She holds up something else: a bucket, and a sponge.] I'm sure everyone has noticed the graffiti around the city. It bothers me to see it, and I want to try and clean some of it up. The goodwill that we're out cleaning up things that are only tangentially our fault won't hurt, either. I can only do so much, but... I have extra sponges. If anyone would li-like to help me, I would appreciate it. I'll be heading downtown in about an hour. If you're coming, please wear something that can get wet; I'm planning to be careful, but between accidents and the people I know on the network, the odds... are good that you won't stay dry. If anyone has thoughts on the PR idea, I'd like to hear those, too. Um... that's all. Thank you.

True to her word, Winter's downtown in a hour's time, with a bucket of water, a little soap, several more empty buckets, and about a dozen large sponges. Right now she's scrubbing from a brick building, a large angry complaint fading with her effort. She's dressed much more casually than usual; a loose blue T-shirt, shorts, and sandals, her hair in a single tail behind her to keep it out of her way. If someone comes by to look on, she acknowledges them but returns to work; if someone comes closer, or if someone she knows comes by, she'll pause and smile. "Good afternoon. Are you here to help? Or... just to talk?"
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Hey... it's Rakka.

[Indeed it is, complete with a tired smile and a little wave. She appeared to be on a couch in the Dians's place, the screen resting on her lap.]

So I've been thinking, about a lot of things. It's not like there is a lot going on, and I should probably be doing something about trying to fly and stuff. I already have a way to do it.

[The screen jerked as she turned it, eventually showing the rocket boots Octavia had created for her.] I just need to figure out how to do it with my wings.

[Still, she looked... conflicted. Her eyes went from the boots, to the screen and back. She let out a yawn.]

Maybe... I'll do it another time. It's really hot outside anyways.

[She can just put it off and watch anime, right?]
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Is it very hard to get used to wearing contacts?

I do not want to upset anyone with my eyes, but I am not sure contact lenses would even work... Does anyone have experience with them?
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Who: Lily ([personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight) Jasmine ([personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow) Winter ([personal profile] peacefulwinter) and families. Plural.
What: Graduation happened! Lily wants to celebrate. Quietly. This seemed like a good idea at the time.
When: June 19th, 2014
Where: Tsukuyomi residence
Warnings: Awkwardness. Terrible awkwardness.

Lily had wanted to do this over the weekend, but coordinating things was a matter in and of itself. Which was fine! Lily wants everything to be just right. )
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So... um.

I kinda fucked up. I failed four of my classes this semester... I was already pretty terrible at Algebra, but I also flunked Spanish II, World History, and Biology...

Ugh. What's the next step after this? I said I could handle all the superhero and Vegas stuff and school and I clearly couldn't...
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Who: Jasmine, Lily, Winter [open]
What: Night of Darkness
Where: Tsukuyomi residence, outside in the city
When: June 11th

It had been an experience hurrying home in blackness. )


Later into the night there is a black haired young woman dressed entirely in black and with a bat-like wing flying around. Yeah, that's not going to freak people out. )

[ooc: the first description is just for Lily and Winter, but the second one is free. Just have your character be anywhere and Jasmine can come upon you. :) I'm looking to try and thread with more people so I'm open to anything]
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[Monday afternoon. Winter's on the screen, looking better than before but still not 100%. This... isn't her room, though. Where is she...?]

I have... a little bit of a problem. I had a talk with someone a couple of d-days ago, and I'm not sure what to do anymore. There are things I want to do, but I don't want to put... my important people at risk. I've already almost lost someone dear to me because I was careless. I never- [She has to stop for a second; it came out a little too choked for her to continue.] I never want to have to experience that again. But I...

I'm sorry, I'm no-not really making sense. I want us to return to Las Vegas, once everything is said and done. There are still too many people that are going to be at too high of a risk without... someone to help keep them safe. But can I do that? Am I... being too selfish by wanting to go there again? Am I putting them at risk? I know I'm not forcing anyone to go, but... it's so dangerous, just like it was here. I don't know if it's something I can ask anyone to do. But I can't go alone. I'm not strong enough to do anything by myself. I know that, by now. Still... if I don't have to put them in harm's way, I want to. My friends haven't done anything wrong, either - they shouldn't have to pay for my desires.

I don't... I'm not sure what to do. Part of me knows that, sooner or later, someone has to go, and there's no real reason it can't be us. I just don't know if I can r-really ask them to follow me again, after what happened last time. Am I being too selfish? Or am I just overthinking it? Or... mmn.

I guess I'm just not confident about all of this. Not after what happened before. I don't... know what to do.

[After a second, she makes a frustrated sound, before shutting off the feed.]

008 {Video}

Jun. 6th, 2014 06:38 pm
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[Here's a rare sight, Rei on video. She has the usual bored expression on her face, if a little more tired than usual.]

Today is Shinji's birthday.

Mine too. We're twins, you know? But I'm not much of a birthday person. Maybe I'll go to the arcade and play some skeeball for a bit. Win myself some gummy worms or something. [And a stuffed animal for Shinji.] If you know his number, or see him around, I'd appreciate it if you could give my brother some kind words and wish him a happy birthday. He's a little worn down right now. [It's by far the most heartfelt tone she's ever taken on the network as she makes her request. She's trying hard not to make it seem like she's merely trying to get people to pity Shinji. This is a lot more important to her than anything else she's ever said on here.]

We're fifteen, by the way. [A deep sigh, and she'll try to change the subject.]

This is the part of my broadcasts where I usually talk about business and the state of affairs, but this time I don't feel like it. Touchy subject for me this time around. I'd rather you just let me know if there's anything I should keep in mind moving forward, or anything I might have missed lately. I'm not interested in going into my own feelings or thoughts about it, however. I haven't had any echoes lately, so at least that's good. I don't need to start looking any creepier than I already do.

...Until next time.


Jun. 3rd, 2014 09:40 pm
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[This is the first time Chuck has ever shown his face on the network, so he's looking a little nervous when the video starts up. It doesn't help that, in the worst case scenario, he's about to open himself to potential murder here. Still, he forces a more or less casual expression as the video starts.]

So. I know you, but you don't me. I'm Chuck--moved into town about a year ago, and been on this network since January.

...I'm also a Blood Key. [Chuck grabs the neckline of his shirt and pulls it down to show the keyhole tattoo on camera.] Now, before any of you start sharpening your axes, I'm saying that to try and help--trust me, I think what's going on here is just as messed up as you do, and I have information I bet you guys could use.

So instead of trying to kill me, just...think of me as your man on the inside. [He puts on a confident grin, almost leaning into a smirk.] Deal?
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[The Winter on the screen looks... more than a little haggard. There are bags under her bloodshot eyes, and her voice is strained. But... she seems whole, at least. It's extremely late at night, though, isn't it?]

Hi, everyone... we're back. I know it's quite late now, but... we t-took more than a few liberties with the speed limit on the way back. What with finals tomorrow, there's... no room for error. I'm glad we made it back, but... ugh. That drive wiped me out. I- oh, one second. Lily! Here, let me help with that-! [Her voice drops out for a second as she walks away, apparently to help with something; she returns a moment later.] Sorry, it's been a little busy - with how late we got back, we're having to rush just a little bit, and... our week's been a little trying.

Anyway, I wanted to a-ask a question... I've been having a little trouble sleeping lately. Some things happened, and... well. That's n-not really the point, I guess. Does anyone have... any tricks for getting a good night's rest? I haven't really slept in about a week, aside from a nap sometimes. I can't really f-function on that little. So... sorry to ask such a weird question, but I kind of need it. It might be a few minutes before I can get back to people; we need to unpack tonight. I'm n-not sure I'm... going to sleep tonight either, though so, it should be okay. Um, thank you in advance. Good night, everyone.

[The feed clicks off; Winter's attention returns to the group of people she's just finished traveling with, still trying to get their things sorted out and their feelings together. She is... torn whether to return home right away or to stay with Lily and make sure she's all right; she's certain her mother is worried sick, but at the same time she can't get her girlfriend off her mind. So even when she looks like she's paying attention, she's still a little distracted.]


May. 28th, 2014 12:57 am
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Who: Lily, and anyone who wants to bug her in person that can.
What: Lily trying to put herself back together - and oh, whoops, it's her sister's 18th birthday, too.
When: May 28th, 2014
Where: Marriott villa
Warnings: Memory of a vicious mauling? Probably.
Notes: If anyone here wants to specifically bug Jasmine ([personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow) in person here because it is her birthday even if things aren't very... festive, just throw it under her sub-thread here~

All things told, Lily was lucky. )