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Doubles blew up bank. Shot people on camera. Police at door. Lawyer not answering calls. House isn’t safe anymore. Will contact when able.


[April 3rd]

Apr. 4th, 2015 11:36 pm
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*It's a video of a man holding a paper sign in one hand, and a tablet with a BBC newsfeed in the other. He's a new face, but an old number: this is the first time he's made anything but a text post on the network at all (doppelganger not included). It's too bad, really; no one has to recognize him to know that the bruises on his nose are recent, but extremely few people will ever realize that he'd once had a goatee that is now gone.*

*He brings the tablet close first, showing that the top article is about one Alicia Kerren. There's a couple of others beside it that are distressingly similar. Next he brings the sign close, and it reads

Has anyone been following the news about this mysterious cancer?
I need more information about these cases. I can't be sure until I find out more, but it could be urgent. Does anyone have contacts related to this, or unusually superior hacking skills?

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 Who: D!Cesar, Nathan, Tony, potentially anyone else living at the school.
What: D!Cesar's going to kidnap Nathan for his plans to get at Tony!
When: Today or yesterday
Where: Locke!
Warnings: D!Cesar is yandere as all get out. There will probably be swearing, attempts at serious violence, and anything else that comes with a kidnapping.
The school outside the computer room is silent with  the night's stillness, and computer fan whirring fills the small room. There aren't many lights, but the doppelganger realizes by now that this is normal. He's been here before. Everything is as he expects.
The door was already cracked open, and he pushes it all the way, letting computer-screen light spill into the hall. Whether or not the room's sole occupant turns at the shift in sound, Cesar removes the outermost paper from a pocket, shaking it out of its folds. It's loud and out of place in the silence. Permanent marker stares out from the dim lighting in bold.

Heavy seconds tick pass. Cesar pulls back the edge of his jacket to show the brand new holster at his waist, dropping the cloth back down when the point has been made.

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[The boy that peers into the feed is a bit scrawny for a fourteen year old and dressed in a jumper that reads "To Boldly Invent What No Man Has Invented Before". He adjusts the camera of his laptop so that it lets him sit comfortably before speaking up.]

Judging by what you're saying on this forum, you have found a way to travel between far away places easily and quickly. I have a number of questions concerning this.

[He taps the pen that he is holding against a notebook a couple of times - a habit from having to wait for the full attention of those that he is talking to.]

One, how is it done?
Two, how much time does it take? I have two weeks off school now and my parents are on a business trip, but there's this guy checking in on us every evening at their request, so I have a maximum of approximately 20 hours to travel or he will notice that I am gone. [And yeah, he looks a bit sour at such a limitation.]
Three, what places are accessible?

[A pause, and then he nods.] That would be it. [What is "thank you" and why would you need it.]


[When Feivel appears on the teleporter's platform, he still has a hand up, flattened out as it was just half a second ago against the sigil of the pub's wall, head turned to look to the side in the hopes of nobody having seen him sneak past them towards the sigil but fearing that someone will spot him now.

He almost falls forward when the wall is suddenly gone and there is only air, and stumbles out of the teleporter, catching himself only after a moment and the backpack over his shoulder almost dropping to the ground.

But he manages to steady himself and looks around, quick, sharp glances, trying to figure out his surroundings.]
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Who: Nathan and Doppel-Cesar
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: March 17
What: Doppel-Cesar decides to assess another one of the prominent people in L's life. It's important to know who might present a threat, right?
Warnings: None to start, will update if this changes.

Carelessness is not courage. )
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Who: Misa Amane + Lazarus, Cesar, Emilia, and Stefan.
What: It's reverse-White Day! A chance to thank those who have helped her out so far.
Where: Various houses in Locke City and Las Vegas
When: March 14
Warnings: None expected

Chocolate for all! )


Mar. 10th, 2015 03:59 pm
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Saaaay, I know I've been pretty quiet lately but with all the garbage between the doppelgangers and everything I kinda needed a break, you know? Anyway, has anyone seen a sword wandering around?

Y'know, big, metal, sharp, has skulls on the handle?

[He holds up a rough sketch of this for the camera.]

Darn thing just up and left, who would've thought? And I already checked the refrigerator so don't even ask. Apparently that's where we're keeping swords these days.

[He puts on a slightly disapproving frown, but at this point it's fruitless to argue it.]


Feb. 28th, 2015 11:26 pm
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 *The feed starts with a picture of a beautiful red sports car, as seen from somewhere off to the side. It's not doing so hot right now: some mangled twist of metal has speared the passenger's seat through a brand new hole in the back windshield. There's light boot-shaped dents on the hood, ceiling, and trunk, and mud and bits of unidentifiable crud litter the tire wells.*
Does someone want to explain to me what happened to my car?!
Call me. NOW.
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Who: Anthony and Doppelganger!Cesar
What: D!Cesar has summoned Tony to come help him "move something" in a heavy box. Nothing suspicious here at all.
Where: Some grimy abandoned store on the Southern edge of town. Still not suspicious.
When: A couple/few days after the real L is rescued from a closet.
Warnings: Violence, demons, language, business as usual. Doppelgangers are a mess.

Could this week get any worse? )
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*Guess who's facing the 'camera' in an empty hallway with a familiar tablet in hand? This guy. Hopefully Cesar won't miss that thing for communicating, because Doppelganger!Cesar won't be giving it back any time soon...*

*Doppel!Cesar gives the castle window (his network connection) a small smile, before putting the tablet's screen right up to fill the feed's vision. The screen has... a power point presentation?*
Hello! I'm afraid I physically can't talk, but there's a few things that need to be said.

 Who: Tony, Cesar, and Doppel!L
What: Tony and Cesar come to collect 'L' before he does anything rash.
When: Early on during all the confusion.
Where: Germany, starting in a cafe near the castle
Warnings: Doppel!L and his suggestiveness!
Log Closed.

It took Cesar almost fifteen minutes to tear himself away from the teleporter, and in the end it's a reminder from Tony that does the trick. 'This is just great, and all, but weren't you worried about L?' Yes, he was. There aren't so many cafes in the area that they have to search far, but they still have a cellphone out for directions, and the snow is thick enough that they almost get lost regardless. It's winter in Germany.

By the time they finally get to the right cafe, Cesar is half expecting L to be gone. The bell on the door tinkles when they open it, and they're immediately met by warm air and a comfortable bustle of the late afternoon crowd. He stops a little off to the door's side, scanning the room.
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Guten Tag, beautiful people. Greetings from Füssen.

[The man looking into the camera is clearly Lazarus, also known to many as L, but even a cursory glance says that something is strange and pretty wrong. First of all, he's wearing a Hawaiian-print button-up shirt, cinched at the hips with a fanny pack, and he has a camera strung around his neck. He looks like he's going for the "stereotypical American tourist" look. Furthermore, he's eating bacon, and it looks like it's an ecstatic experience for him on several levels. The way his mouth tears at at it, the occasional moan, and the way he licks and sucks his fingers clean, desperate to get the very last traces of grease... it's almost obscene, and definitely not Kosher.

When he speaks, he also makes liberal use of the vocal fry phenomenon, which is definitely a departure from his typical monotone.]

Everyone's working way too hard lately. Come to the castle and get lost with me for a little while? Well... "lost", if you know what I mean, but I'm guiding a discounted tour here in a little while. I'm really anxious to see the Mad King's bedroom, can you imagine what he got up to in there? I'm sure there are stories, and stories, and that they're not even close to being finished.

[If you're skipping contacting him through the network and have sought him out in person, he's just as happy to see you... if you're over 18. If not, prepare for some condescension.]
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Who: Cesar and L
What: They grab lunch.
Where: Cesar's apartment
When: Saturday
Warnings: None (may be updated as thread progresses)
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This is Aaron Strider. Some of you know me, and some of you who do know that I had a number that disappeared over a year ago. It's back.

I've caught up some on what's been happening with the new locations, the new animals, and the kidnapping - don't think I didn't see that, Toushirou. It's something I never thought I'd ask for a year ago, but if anyone's been updating Emmanuel's new-number guide or has put together one of their own, I'd appreciate a glance at that all the same.

Now, with my pulses back, I have a talent that I didn't put to its best use in 2013. I may be able to use it to pinpoint where the underground animals are, to find them while they're still dormant. I'm willing to do that for the new locations. Maybe the areas can be evacuated.

[Thank god this is text. To be completely honest, those animals scare him shitless, but over text, no one can tell.]

I have another question.

Has anyone else noticed physical effects from using the teleporter?

{001} Video

Feb. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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Wow, a secret network! This whole story keeps getting more and more mysterious!

[She had never imagined finding something like this so soon after arriving in the States. Though nearly breathless with excitement, Misa attempts to keep herself in check and remain at least a little bit professional. Beaming at the discovery is impossible to cover up, but she manages to avoid blurting out the first question that comes to mind in favor of a thought-out response.]

Hello, my name is Misa Amane! I’m new here and I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who has been here a while, or has information about what’s been going on. The news has been pretty crazy, but if you want to share your stories then I’m here to listen!

[There, that sounded pretty good, right? She hopes that no one too weird answers, but at least with this number she doesn’t have to meet them face to face right away. Besides, an insider scoop is definitely worth the risks. This is going to get her name on the map for sure.]
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Lazarus and Cesar go out drinking and then back to Cesar's place to watch Star Battles, which Lazarus has never seen.
Where: Cesar's place
When: Backdated to January 23, Friday
Warnings: Slightly drunk people, highly suggestive content

I'll carry you home )
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I realize there may be other matters of importance being dealt with, but does it disturb no one else that the world as a whole appears to have lost memory of the days between January 2nd and 5th? No one has spoken of it. [AKA, the kid with an eidetic memory is missing days in his mind and it's really bothering him. Also, way to not introduce yourself, Nathan. A+]

[Private to Lazarus]

[But Nathan does remember a few moments of that time, during which he had seen the number tattooed on Lazarus' hand. That at least has stayed in his mind properly.]

I do, however, remember one thing of January 2nd. The question is, do you remember anything of that day yourself?
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[Lily looks... disturbed, to say the absolute least.]

So, the "Numbered Special Commissioned Group" contacted us today, and we've got a... potential problem.

We know that there have been lights appearing over multiple new locations lately. One of them was Lapland, which Winter and I briefly visited around Christmas. [It was cold.]

Nothing much seemed out of the ordinary then, but now? Now we've got a problem.

Since around the time of the lights appearing, children from Lapland and the surrounding area have started to disappear. There's no ransom, and no clue why. However... two preschoolers who were hidden away at the time were able to tell the authorities something: They saw an old man with a beard they're saying looked like Santa Claus, and his helper, was...

[She purses her lips.] Ever seen "How The Grinch Stole Christmas?" Him.

[She shrugs; they've encountered weirder, right? But she still looks immensely bothered. The involvement of children is assuredly doing that.]

Here's where we come in: They want our help. Numbered help. This is clearly connected to us in some way, and those of us with the NSCG have at least proven cooperative, so I guess that helps. We're to be there by the 13th, in Rovaniemi, and they'll take us upstate from there to begin searching and investigation. We're told to bring friends, so...

Please. Come with us. Help us. If we can save those kids... [Or even if they can't, and they can just discover the cause, which makes her shudder.] We've got to do whatever we can. We have the power to, right? We have to do something.
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: L calls it mundane investigative work. Cesar calls snooping around his outspoken neighbor's house still pretty damn risky.
When: Backdated to Friday, January 9
Where: Cesar's neighborhood
Warnings: Typical warnings that come with L? Will update for specifics.

with hands stretched toward the calendar hanging itself )
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I ran into one of our dear aliens, Badri, a while back. He was eating Happy Meal, so it seems that continues to be an odd theme. In the library, of all places. The audacity.

He told me a few interesting tidbits that I thought you might like to hear. I'll break them down.

  • Turns out his friend Geoff has been subtly manipulating everyone. If anyone's ever had a passing thought that they trust him unusually easily, that's because you probably are. Badri said it's not mind control as such, but "suggestion," although I'm not entirely sure what that is. However, if we know about it we might be able to resist it, so perhaps we could come to see him in a different light. Who knows?

  • Badri's power is mental too. Supposedly completely harmless, although I don't know what makes him say that. For those of you who missed that, someone on the network got to see him use it to kill a pidgeon, supposedly by accident. He said he didn't know it would be smart enough to get scared to death. I don't know about you but this doesn't sound like something "harmless" to me.

  • There are more of them, but this definitely didn't come as a surprise. I already thought as much. They're called "the children," but that was all I could get from him on that point.
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[ when the feed turns on, it first shows a rather uninteresting tile wall and a couple of expensive hair care products. the screen jiggles a little, and then a slightly damp Shou is in view, wearing a pair of worn gym pants and his hair wrapped up in a towel. he sets the phone down at the proper height and sighed, leaning back against what was most likely the side of a tub. ]

It's taken me a little bit of thinking to get the whole mess in order, but guess everyone needs to know what was said during that Secretary meeting thing. I'd almost expect it to be talked about sooner... but guess we're just trying to understand it. I know there was a little weirdness going on; they had that really nice alien guy there and he's got a smile that can charm a cat outta it's skin.

[ he frowns and takes the towel off, rubbing his hair a little and then places the towel to the side. ] We've been asking all sorts of questions about why we are here and what caused Wise Snakes and stuff to rise up and all we got were more theories. The aliens had no idea what they were for, but said that they are the thousands of Souls, of some kind of essence of animals that collectively just wants to survive. They've got no idea what causes us, save that we're also composed of one Soul per Numbered and that when the giant colony of Souls - or whatever the fuck they are - started stirring, it caused our Souls to start getting whacked and wanna return to how it was before.

Anyways, they don't know much about them outside that there's about a dozen of them, and they are gonna wake up and they won't stop unless they get killed. They also said something about how Tiny had a lot of information that we and they are lacking and they woulda like to speak to him outside the fact that we've gone killed him.

L and Saretha were there as well. We can probably all answer any questions about it, though gotta say they seemed a little clueless too. At least, they were good at seeming; I'm still not sure if we can trust all of this but that's just me. Oh and there's a new alien with them. A woman by the name Young and she's pretty certain about trusting that dick in charge of the military presence here.
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Not quite friendship, not quite animosity; everything depends on where it goes from here.
When: January 2, Friday
Where: Tea-riffic Coffee
Warnings: Nothing yet!

I want it all )


Dec. 23rd, 2014 01:15 am
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[Saretha sits, staring with as little emotion as possible at the screen. In addition to dealing with numerous revelations of late, she is... well, more than a little displeased at what's happened to Locke City since that entire ordeal.

But she also knows that admonishing and belittling anyone won't get her anywhere. So she refrains.]


I will keep this short. [But not sweet.]

In addition to keeping in contact with the media of late, I have some news for you all.

I have received a message from the Secretary of Defense, requesting audience on the 28th of this month. I will require two more of our number to accompany me.

[A pause.] And I will not mince words, I have an idea of the sort of person I would like to join in on this. This is important, and we must treat it with great care.

This is a delicate situation right now, and I should not have to tell you that the military oversight in Locke City now is... disturbing, to say the least.

[OOC - In direct reference to this over here on the OOC comm! More than likely, she'll be picking from the folks who have chimed in there.]
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I see you all managed to keep yourselves busy while I was gone.

As entertaining as it's been to follow without echos, would it be possible for someone give me a rundown of everything the news reported incorrectly since October? I'd take a FAQ, but the most recent date on it is from June.

Assume that I've had my number back for a week, and that I'm familiar with the basics of what's recent.

Is anyone hurt?
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I need places to drink coffee and read for a few hours at a time. I imagine our college student population will be the best to ask, but this question is for everyone: what are your top five favorite coffee shops? Alternate location suggestions are also welcome.

On that note, has anyone's echoes included any information about nanites? If so, please contact me. I have questions.



: Cesar and YOU
What: Cesar's burying himself in science as a means of coping with life. It's getting excessive. Poke him about it?
Where: Espresso Yourself, a local series of hardware stores, and anywhere he can pull out a kindle and read.
When: He'll be in and out of these places all week, starting Sept 21. If you'd like to specify a date, mention it in the subject!

Option A: Espresso yourself )

Option B: Hardware Stores )

Option C: Wild card. )
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[It's been a very interesting few days at Espresso Yourself. Project Jump is in the basement, many people have been in and out due to its presence, and today, they are desperately understaffed.

Used to a punishing routine, L wouldn't say anything about this under ordinary circumstances. Unfortunately, today of all days is a terrible time to be understaffed, because the coffee shop is not L's only pressing obligation. His voice on the network is terse and impatient.]

Tony is missing his shift. I've called him eighteen times and have yet to receive an answer. I'm sure his excuse is compelling, so if someone knows it, absolutely forward it to his employer.

[For anyone at the shop unlucky enough to encounter the overwhelmed owner around this time, whether they're on either side of the counter or there about Thundercorp's stolen machine, they'll notice that despite the crackling energy of his negative mood, he's looking uncharacteristically... nice. A new suit has been tailored to fit his thin frame precisely, his shoes are shined, and he looks unusually well-groomed. He glances at the clock frequently, because you'd better believe he has somewhere else to be.]
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Rei Ikari, here to be publicly crucified.

This month I've seen a lot of people talking about run-ins with certain groups of people that have left them beaten, distressed, or otherwise roughed up. Continually, certain people find out that we're numbered. And when that happens, people get hurt or people get in trouble because you find yourselves in positions that make you something dangerous or to be feared. Something worth taking the time to stamp out.

We're in a position where we only have each other to rely on. And to be frank, I don't think we're very reliable.

[There's a smugness as she touches her hand to her chest.]

Of course I am in no such position. I have long since been relinquished into the care of our national officials. I have access to a safe, air tights government facility in which I can find total respite. I have demonstrated a usefulness to them, and therefore am allotted cooperation. Protection.

[She lifts up her bangs, running a finger along her forehead to make a point.]

And look at this. No scars where my brain was scooped out of my head and experimented on. I haven't had drills slid into my temple, no vivisections, no experimentation. No marks from injections in my arm. I've been treated perfectly reasonably aside from some bothersome monitoring. But I have nothing to hide. For the most part, I am allowed to do as I please.

When the day comes that we're all found out and deemed such a threat to society that cannot be controlled, and it isn't just select mafia groups and crooked cops throwing stones at us, I will not be one of the ones laying in a pool of my own blood. I will be alongside the government, being touted as one of the "good ones." I'll be able to live the rest of my life. It'll be in government hands, and as their tool from time to time, but at least I'll live.

I've made it clear to them that I wish them no harm and am very willing to cooperate. You all should start considering doing the same before you start running out of options.

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[Danny (or rather, Cure Phantom) does not look like he has had a good time lately. The video shows him with green blood trickling out of his nose and down the side of his head. His lip is split open and starting to scab green. His eye is swollen shut through his mask. And all that aside...he's covered in scratches and his suit has minor tears all over it.

Basically, he looks like a complete wreck.]

So, uh...

The mafia told me to tell everyone to stop meddling in their business. So, there's that.

And by the way--whatever you do, don't follow a suspicious-looking guy into an alleyway. It'll just end really, really badly.

[he opens his mouth to say something else (which reveals that he's missing a tooth, too) but then decides against it. He looks down and to the side of the camera, avoiding looking at it directly, before he shuts it off.]
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[When Karl's face pops up, something looks distinctly different. Could it be new clothes? Nah. Could it be a new hair cut? Nope. Could it be the gigantic black eye he's now sporting and that's impossible to miss? Yup. Given the size and the intensity and the puffiness, whoever got him in the left eye got him good and recently so. Anyone in or around the police station at 5 pm yesterday would have seen a random man march up to Karl as he was leaving and just slug him as hard as possible. Karl, oddly enough, didn't do anything to him.]

Should any of you still wish to test magic and its effects on plastics or other materials, I've recently gained a new form of it which can be used for the experimentation.

[Time for a quick demonstration (once again, inside his own apartment because true scientists don't dwell on details like property damage when testing things)! Karl rolls the chair out of view so to give everyone a nice view of a rubber boot by a door frame. Nothing happens for a few seconds. Then suddenly, a bolt of lightning (complete with thunder sound effects) strikes it. Out of nowhere. Inside an apartment. Yup.

Once magical lightning show is over, Karl rolls back into view. He almost opts ending the message here, but instead, very clearly hesitates before speaking up once more.]

There's also a question I've been meaning to ask. Does anyone here remember being older than what is possible for humans? If so, do you recall how it was possible or the details of why the aging process had been abnormal? Was magic or odd technology inv--

[Asking about the details behind potential agelessness gets cut off by the sudden vibration of his phone. A quick glance down at it happens before Karl sighs and answers with a 'Ja, Mutti?'. A nice little exchange made up mainly of ja-ing and mutti-ing follows, with a final 'yes, I promise, this weekend' in German before finally closing his phone. Seconds after the conversation ends, the phone vibrates again. Thankfully, it's only a text. It still succeeds in getting another sigh.]

As one final note, I will be traveling outside Locke City to Boston on the 29th and will remain there until the 5th. Pulses may no longer fully vanish outside the city, but still be cautious in contacting me during this time.

[And just ending here. People should get the jist of the aging thing even if it got cut off, right? Right.]
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[Alex is going to use text for this, because text might be safer this way, and he's possibly less likely to weird people out the he has been recently.]

I have a question.

These "pulses" or "echoes," whatever you want to call them... have these things ever, uh.... glitched before? Particularly when it comes to memories. I've been told that I should remember things from my former life, but so far, I can't remember anything...and I don't know what that means.

Also, have echoes ever caused anyone to blackout, or behave strangely with no recollection that they ever did anything, or anything else unusual like that?
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Who: Karl Aurion ([personal profile] flamberge), Eriks Saverem ([personal profile] featherduster), Neil Dylandy ([personal profile] hotshots), Eugen Lambert ([personal profile] buildyourworld), Yoko Aznabel ([personal profile] sucrosity) & Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz ([personal profile] evowhisperer)
What: An FBI Inspection Team to Thundercorps following a tip about a secret basement wing.
When: 20th June
Where: Thundercorps
Warning: Socially awkward uniformed men (and lady) trying to be serious.

nobody believe that bullcrap excuse for our blackout )


Jun. 17th, 2014 10:07 pm
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[Pierce shows up on the network, still with red hair, and looking kind of... frustrated. He is observing the camera with a frown, head propped up on his hands which are... gloved?]

So, I would like to submit myself in the running for most obnoxious echo ever.

[He, very gingerly, pulls off a glove, picking up random objects around his desk as he keeps talking.]

By the way, I don’t really plan on making posts on here all the time. This is just super shitty timing. Also, if I can get any tips on how to break this to parents, that would be awesome. There’s only so long I can pretend I’m high enough to think I need gloves that my folks will believe.

Oh, and one more thing-- a-ha. [Pierce holds up an apple, and from the tips of his fingers spread a sheen of gold, enveloping the apple within moments.]

I figured out what I hate Greek mythology.

[He sighs, pulling the glove back on and frowning down at his creation.] ...Anybody want a golden apple? [Any reference to the fairest of them all or giant wooden horses will totally be lost on him.]
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Your secret is still safe with me, but now that Thundercorp has come out for the reason the blackouts have been occurring... there are a few questions I need to have answered. I trust you'll be forthcoming.
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*Say hello to Cesar's first public post that's not all text. It starts out audio, and consists of a series of notes played on an accordion, with occasional pauses or hesitations as he glances down at his notes. If it's a song at all then it's not a very good one: whoever wrote it had no sense of melody or rhythm.*

*The not-morse-code sequence ends. He adds a typed message to the post shortly afterwards.*

I hope you all like accordions.

The questions I have this time may be somewhat personal. No one is obliged to answer them, though I would appreciate it if you did.

-Has anyone attempted to document and explain the currently known echoed powers?
-Does anyone have a scientific explanation for how their own power works?
-Has anyone gotten an X-ray, catscan, or walked through a metal detector recently?

Thank you.
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Loss of echoes is by far one of the most irksome experiences, as is the sudden recollection of them. [The timing of this one had been super bad too.] However, as of yesterday, mine have returned. Given that no odd occurrences have been in the news or in the reports I've seen, the colorful vigilantism aside, I take it nothing of notice has occurred during this time?

[Damn that vigilantism and the pain in the ass paperwork that comes with it. Nice that happens, not nice that it takes hours to write up.]

I also ought to mention, though it should be obvious due my prolonged absence, that I will no longer be undercover at Locke City High School as Richard Locke. Not only is my present workload far too large to permit for it, but my superiors deemed it no longer necessary. Under our new 'management', if you were, the department is attempting something unheard of, namely being a police force without gratuitous levels of corruption among its ranks.

[Karl sounds both amused and, though difficult to tell, hopeful while saying that last line. Will the force change? Will it just go back to what it was? Who knows. The connection is almost cut before he remembers something. Between the trial and loss of echoes, he hadn't had the time to really address this.]

One final matter, does the following have any meaning to anyone here?

[A breath gets taken before he speaks once more.]

Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of mana.
A war, however, caused this tree to wither away, and a hero’s life was sacrificed in order to take its place.
Grieving over the loss, the goddess disappeared unto the heavens.
The goddess left the angels with this edict: “You must wake me, for if I should sleep, the world shall be destroyed.”
The angels bore the Chosen One, who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the heavens.
And that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world.

[And, following an uncertain pause at the almost fairy tale like little story, the connection ends.]
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[On the network is a short note. The letters are written in a clean and bubbly cursive in pencil... one that you'd expect from a girl...]

4x - 3y + z = - 10
2x + y + 3z = 0
- x + 2y - 5z = 17

Homework tonight, solve

[insert his number here] is it something that has to do with this problem? The number seems to large to be an answer, however it appears to be important somehow.

Maybe I'm being delusional, but isn't this a number for the 'Numbered'?

If that's so then my notes are going to show up on this so-called 'network'.

Though I highly doubt I am, but still that number won't leave me alone.

If this is on there, then a greetings is in order. Worst case scenario is that I'm only going to embarrass myself thinking I'm some hero.

[He was going to write more but people were walking by and he didn't need to exactly be made fun of more than he already is for trying to write a note like this. Sure, some high schoolers around him do it too, but none of them really get away unscathed by the cruelty of other high schoolers.]
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Remember the guy who was kidnapped by the mafia and asking for help to get him out of there?

Well, he's gone now--they either took him somewhere else...or worse. I don't know for sure. Has anyone seen him on the network lately? We might still be able to help if he's around on here.

[and if he's not...Chuck doesn't want to entertain that thought.]


May. 1st, 2014 06:59 pm
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Matt's Super Important Survey of Avoiding Studying for the Looming Physics Exam

Current Age: a range is good like are you a kid or a teen or a young adult or an adult adult or an old adult?
Occupation: or general like are you in medicine or a student or education or what?
How Long Have You Been Numbered?:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Genre of Music: viral youtube videos count
How Many Seasons of College Have You Seen?: if you are not caught up shame on you
Do You Prefer the [Harry Potter Stand In] Books or Movies?:
Do You Sunburn Easily?: very important
Were Your Parents Honest About Dropping You as a Child?: (all babies get dropped at one point or another)

Echo stuff

Do you remember using magic in your echoes?: or somebody else using it?
What age was the other you?: general range is okay
What was your occupation?:
Do you remember how they died?: seriously i can't be the only person who remembers dying i need some validation here.

This is a very important study into why the hell we're all dealing with this. Your answers are vital and will be recorded and my lab assistants and I will sort through this and report our findings asap.

... speaking of, lab assistants, are you free on Saturday because my aunt and uncle are out and I have a coupon for pizza. I am not letting buy one pizza get a pizza free go to waste.