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Good afternoon, people of Earth. My name is Winter Adamas, or Cure Diamond if you've seen me running around trying to help save the world. I'd like to talk to you about a couple things, so if you have a little time, please listen. I promise, I won't take all day.

[Winter's sitting in her living room, laptop sitting on something high enough that it's recording her straight on. She's acquired a better microphone so she can be a little better understood; it's weird to think of the production values of a YouTube video, but it's quite a bit better than nothing. On the wall behind her, pictures of herself and Lily, and some more of her Numbered friends. A picture of her birthday party, two years ago. A group photo someone took of the All-Stars Precure. The last two years of her life are behind her, and she wants to make sure she'll have a lot more years to come.]

I've got another confession, my friend- I'm no fool. )

When taken together, it looks a lot like something dangerous is about to happen. It's hard to know, but with our belief that the Animals are on our side, there's one conclusion to draw. Since an event nearly two years ago, we've known that the planet called upon us - upon a number of "past selves", whose souls give us our powers; simply, we're reincarnated - to protect it from some unknown threat. That threat isn't any more known, but I believe it's drawing closer. And that's why I wanted to speak to you today.

[She looks straight at the camera, with a more serious expression than she's perhaps ever shown anyone before. This is the moment-!]

Very soon, a calamity will come to our world. There's no telling what it entails. Who it will affect. The scale of the damage. What the cause will be. None of that is clear to us. But what is clear is that, between the Animals, some offshoots of their power that have gained smaller forms, and the Numbered, we are the fighting force that will defend the planet. The militaries of the world, humanitarian forces, individuals with power of their own... we anticipate and welcome their contributions. But we are the last line of defense. It will fall to us to save the Earth.

[Well. There it is. She's got a feeling she's going to lose a lot of views, right there. Either from shock, anger, disbelief... but what she's saying, she believes wholeheartedly. So she has to keep going, with only a brief pause.]

I don't say this lightly. I've worried about what this means for months. If we should have told anyone in the first place. If we should have tried to appeal to another force for help, to turn over management to another power. If my shoulders, if all of our shoulders together, are wide enough to bear the burden of an entire world. If I have the power to protect the people closest to me, let alone an entire world.

But I'm not alone. The other reincarnates, some of whom I'm proud to call my friends, and all of whom I'll trust in a pinch. [She doesn't let certain specific people she doesn't get along with; that's not the point, and it'd weaken her position.] Those who were once reincarnates, and have since lost their numbers. The beings that draw their powers from the Animals. The Animals themselves. My fiancée, who I cherish with all my heart. All of my precious friends and acquaintances, across town and across the world. I carry everyone's hopes and feelings with me, and I know that, together, we can protect our world from anything that stands against us.

Speaking for myself and my team, the All-Stars Precure, I take the threat of catastrophe very seriously. It might be a little idealistic - and severely short-sighted - to say that I won't let anything happen on my watch. But I've always said that I didn't get these powers to sit on them and do nothing. I have a responsibility to do my best with the resources I have, and while I'd like to say I can protect the world, I can only be in so many places at once. But you have my word that I'll do everything I can. [Winter being Winter, she'll probably do more than she can, and pay for it afterward. But hey, that's never stopped her before, as the wound on her torso reminds her every day.]

I'm getting tired of starting again, somewhere new... )

I've met a lot of people since I got my numbers, at the end of May, two years ago. I've made some precious friends I can't imagine not knowing. I've grown tremendously as a person - I couldn't go more than a sentence without stuttering, back then. I met the love of my life, someone I can't imagine living without; she's been such a huge blessing, and my sincerest hope is that I can keep her safe in all this. If all goes well, we're going to marry this summer. [Is she blushing? Yes. Yes, she is. On camera, where millions of people can see. Doesn't keep the stupid grin off her face, though.] And she's probably going to give me a hard time for saying that. I love you, Lily.

But anyway, it's been a wild ride these last two years. I've had some bad weeks, and some things I thought would break me... but I pressed on. I kept moving forward, because I wanted to see what kind of future I could make for myself. Everyone's supported me as I went forward, and now I want to be able to support everyone in turn. My friends, my love, strangers on the street, everyone. I can come on a little strong sometimes, because I'm passionate about what I do. But I really want to help, however I can. Even if the sky's falling in on us, I'll stand tall, because that's the kind of woman I want to be. And there's no better time to start building yourself into the person you want to make of yourself than today.

[She takes a deep breath, smiling softly.] I know I've been talking for a long time, and I apologize for that. But if you skipped to the end for a short version, here it is: if something happens in the near future, and it will, we'll be there. No matter how bleak things look, believe in us. We'll give everything we have to protect our homes, and our world. Count on it.

[The feed cuts out there. It hits the internet mid-afternoon eastern time, just in time for the lunchtime news reports on the West Coast, for the late evening news in Europe, and the morning shows in the Far East. If you think Winter timed this on purpose, you're right. Shortly after it hits YouTube, it gets posted to the Seedling subreddit. From there... well. Video has a way of going viral when it has something to say.]

((Winter's going to be in front of her computer for some time yet; she'll be reviewing video responses, tweets, comments, e-mail, network messages... she wants to hear the pulse of the world in response to this. Which may not be terribly much, but hey, you never know. Replies to this post can either be off-network and directed at the video (or something like her e-mail), on-network and directed to her in general, in person picking up a Miracle Bouquet Light over the following couple of days in any Echo barrier, or either way and looking to expand her reach in some capacity. Or whatever else you have in mind works too! Positive, negative, supportive, angry, disbelieving, just wanting merch, any response is good.))
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Who: Jasmine, Lily, Raye, Marina, Rakka, Winter, doppelgangers [potentially more later]
What: "Darkness Falls" - "Attack" on the Heart Tree
Where: las Vegas, location of the Heart Tree
When: March 27th

In the end, who do you choose to be? )
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[Jovan appears on the screen, wearing old glasses that very few people on the network have seen before, and generally looking quite timid and sheepish.]

I...I think I might have made a mistake. I just wanted to re-enroll at LCU, but I had to go get my death certificate revoked first, and now there are reporters swarming my house constantly asking how I'm alive again.

Does...does anyone know what to do? I can't just leave to let my dad get swarmed by these people all the time, but I also need to get back to school and get my degree...
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[A | closed: Lily, Jasmine, Marina | 3/16, 3/18, 3/20; afternoon | local gym]
And you're a big ol' wuss if you don't jump in- hey, don't push me! (splash) )

[B | video | 3/16, evening | Winter and Lily's house]
[As night fell, Winter returned home to relax for the rest of the night, a little tired and kind of wrung-out, but feeling pretty good about things. The water had refreshed her in a lot of ways, almost as much as hearing that she's still pretty even with the damned scar in full view. And now that she feels kind of re-energized, it's probably not a bad idea to update the network that she's still alive. Now that her hair's dry, she figures now is as good a time as any, and as she sits on the couch brushing her hair, she kicks the video feed on, smiling softly. She's changed out of her swimsuit, into something that looks soft and flannel and totally not matching her eye color, what are you talking about?]

Hi, everyone... I'm sorry I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a little while there. I got hurt badly in the operation in Lapland, and I had to go to the hospital... I've been recovering for some time, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I know some people were worried about me, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm okay. That we're not so easy to remove from the equation.

It feels like I've missed so much since I checked in last, and yet... there are some things that are more important. I've learned that, now. There were lights in the sky, and a crisis halfway around the world, but even though those are things we need to address sooner rather than later, I just... I feel like I should be paying a little more attention to things I see more often. Things that are more important to me. Saving the world is important, and there are still things only we can do. That hasn't changed. But I think I understand now that, sometimes, saving something - or someone - that is your entire world is... kind of important, too.

[She says it with a completely straight face. She's come to peace with the fact that she should probably be dead. But in that moment, Lily's safety was more important than her own. And she learned an important lesson as she drove without hesitation or regret. One that just might be important enough to share with everyone else, too.]

But I didn't get on the network to harp on people and sound like I'm someone fancy. In case anyone new is here after the lights in the sky, I'm Winter Adamas; you've probably seen Cure Diamond on the news, which is also me. Welcome to the network, where the memories don't matter and reporters are your new worst friend. For everyone else... what did I miss? I want to hear from everyone about the last six weeks!


Mar. 7th, 2015 01:56 am
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[Julien's talked to the media and some of the public since changing, but he doesn't want to show his face on the Network. So the feed is of a made bed.]

People are making money off my image. Look at this! This was at Hot Topic! [A pair of long pink toe socks, still attached to the cardboard hook that had held them to the rack, are flung onto the bed. The toe tips are white and the legs are patterned with big dark pink 'scales'.]

It doesn't have a thing to do with this not-me over by the castle. He hates technology and doesn't like to talk to people, and apparently this is because things like this are selling huge over the Internet! And have been! For months. There is a whole website claiming it's official. They're hucking hoodies now and cuddly toys. I should sue. I should make them give me a cut. I should do something about the pigeon breeders trying to work out my 'conformation' and emailing me about my measurements.

I need a drink.
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Who: DoppelRaye, the magical girl squad and anybody else who answers the call.
What: Raye's Doppelganger has gotten tired of wasting time in Germany and wants to meet her other self's loved ones face-to-face.
When: March 1st to 2nd
Where: Las Vegas
Warnings: Probably violence. DoppelRaye being a monster. Possibly to be updated.

For a time, Raye had been content to spend her time in Germany simply observing the events surrounding her double and those around her. A few in particular had managed to catch her interest.

She ignores the human cattle milling through the streets of Las Vegas, gorging themselves on vice and sin. Senketsu gives a low growl under her black coat and she reaches up to pat the Kamui, recognizing his hunger. The creature's appetite was relentless and she'd soon have to feed him again, their partnership was one based on mutual benefit but counting on the loyalty of a hungry predator was its own level of foolishness.

Not just yet though. First, there's something she needs to do.

She made a beeline from the location of the city's teleporter to the hotel where the Precure had taken up residence. It was easy enough to get in. She was numbered after all, obviously a friend. Making her way up to the right floor, she finds herself outside the door of one Winter Adamas. Without any sort of announcement or preamble she reaches out and seizes the handle and twists. A crack rings out as the lock shatters and she pushes the door open, breaking through any kind of bolt with ease.

Smiling faintly, she steps inside.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

[Another time during her visit to Vegas, a post from her appears on the network with a photo of a Las Vegas street and a text message.]

I'm in Las Vegas and feeding time is quickly approaching. Fortunately, there's plenty of livestock around.

If anybody has an issue with this, please feel free to come and find me.


Feb. 17th, 2015 09:14 pm
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Hey everyone. I know things are really complex right now. We finally got past all that business in Lapland and it seems like a whole new problem has cropped up. Right now we're not even sure who is who or what's even going on, and I realize that's pretty stressful.

So, I was just wondering if anyone would be up for doing something to take the edge off together. I'm not saying we let our guards down or anything, and I know any of those doubles of us would be able to see this, but I don't think there's any harm in talking about things that help us relax, right?


It's funny, you know. I've been told I'm physically incapable of relaxing more than once, so I can imagine how weird this must feel coming from me. Buuut... I think it'd be helpful all the same. Even if we just talk about the small things, I think it'd be pretty helpful.
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Who: Lily, Winter
What: Anniversary. The other one. And maybe something plotty. POSSIBLY? We shall see.
Where: Around and about Vegas.
When: February 14th, Evening

Lily is determined to not let anything ruin today. )
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[Emi appears on the network again in a video, with of course the usual bearing about her, but looking a bit concerned over recent entries on the Network this week. They had barely dealt with the trouble in Lapland and barely a week after they all get home, something else starts to kick off. She's seen the... other her's Network log, though. As soon as she can get a hold of the original, powered Numbered she can trust, she's going to tell them to get over to Germany and keep her doppelgänger safe.]

It appears there's copies of us running around now. Normally I would have thought this impossible, but there's nothing about us that isn't impossible, is there?

If nothing's done we will be getting more trouble from non-Numbered soon, given the way some of these copies, if they really are copies, are behaving. I don't have to tell everyone that they need to be stopped quickly, yes?
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[closed: Lily | Las Vegas, a hospital on the Strip | 2/1, immediately after the rescue operation]
She didn't need to be a doctor to know she was in bad shape. )

[audio (open) | Las Vegas, Adamas family hotel room | 2/8, afternoon]
[It's been a week since that trip to the hospital; Winter isn't feeling quite up to snuff yet, but it's enough to be conscious and functional. April had gotten some good and proper medicine in her (and raised enough hell to make her actually take it, for once, between herself and Lily), and she feels... a little floaty, if quite a bit better than before. Still, she's trying her best to be upbeat, even if she knows she's probably not doing good things for Lily just by virtue of being stuck here in the first place. April's fussing over her when she got off shift didn't help matters, either. She's wondering what to do with herself today; she's spent a lot of time reading, talking to Lily, and assuring her mother that she wasn't doing this on purpose. Eventually, she recognizes that a week of radio silence probably isn't a good thing, and she picks up her phone, dialing her number but not clicking the video on. Her voice is softer than usual, a little scratchy, and she sounds a little spacey, but that's probably the painkillers talking.]

Hi, everyone... sorry I was gone so long. I got hurt in our little rescue attempt a week ago, and I've been recovering for the last few days. I just wanted to check in... I should know better than to just disappear for days at a time. [People worried. Of course, she wasn't going to say that on the network.] I've been kind of out of it, so this is the first time I've felt good enough to talk to people. Does... anyone have news on how everything ended in Lapland?

...I guess part of why I'm posting is because I'm a little disappointed, too. I'd hoped it would be a simple in and out thing, but I almost got killed. This keeps happening, where we end up getting hurt over little things, and we have to keep running around the world to solve all kinds of little problems... it just feels like we do so much, and nobody ever notices. Nobody ever compliments us on the things we do right, even as they slam us and laugh at us for the things we do wrong. We get hurt, and it's like we had it coming. It's... hard to feel good about all this, sometimes, when it feels like so much is against us. I just want to live my life in peace, with the person I love, but it's not that easy anymore. It's never that easy. And it's... kind of frustrating. I feel so wrung out...

Sorry. I don't mean to be so depressing. I just need a little time to recharge, and I'll be back, good as new. So I guess I just want to ask everyone not to worry about me. Give me a little bit longer, and I'll be ready for anything, just like always. And if anyone needs someone to talk to, I'm always here.

[She picks up her phone, thumbs the end call button, and doesn't quite get it the first time; setting it down on the bed, she lets her arm rest against her forehead, sighing heavily. There's a pause, before her voice changes slightly, and she starts to sing softly, clearly something she picked up on the radio.] A hero of war... is that what they see? Just medals and scars, so damned proud of me...

[The sound shifts as she picks her phone back up to check something, and she squeaks quietly before she cuts the feed properly.]

[open | Las Vegas, around the Strip | 2/9, evening and late night, into 2/10]
I'm the hottest ice queen you'll ever meet. Come chill with me~ )


Feb. 9th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[Reclining back, smirking at the camera is... Lily? It at least rather looks like Lily, but there are... distinct differences. Her hair is much looser than Lily's normally is, and a bit darker. She wears something quite unlike Lily as well - a form fitting black dress. Where has she gotten everything for this, much less the computer she's speaking from? Well, it may just so happen that she has a means of easily swiping stuff from places without anyone being any the wiser.]

Oooooh, there we go. Hello~ It's been a few days.

[She leans forward, propping her chin lazily on one hand, and chuckles.]

Aren't all of you miserable fucking losers just the cutest. You know what I'm tired of? Being one of those losers.

Scrambling around the globe for a bunch of ungrateful, snot nosed little brats... and for what? Just what has any of that gotten me, gotten any of us?!

I'm done with that bullshit. We have all of this power, and we just cower in the shadows!

[Her smirk turns sadistic, and she flashes her teeth.] It's high time we did something much, much more fun with our power...

What do you say~?

[OOC: Needless to say, this is Doppelganger Lily, who does not yet realize she isn't as such, especially since Lily herself hasn't posted to the Network since the Lapland rescue, since the doubles do not initially realize they're copies. As per the Plot Post, her Number is indistinguishable from Lily's own. The real Lily won't notice this immediately since she's busy hovering over Winter after her injuries in Lapland, but she WILL be along in this post... after I've had some fun, first.]
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[What's up, Numbered? Have a little news from Lapland. As those who are investigating the child disappearances should be aware of, Toushirou and Dani wound up going missing. Well, here they are. Safe and sound . . . okay well. They're not hurt, anyway. And they have some information.]

Okay, first of all, we're fine; we got caught on purpose to find the kids.

[Toushirou, predictably, doesn't sound very apologetic. But when Dani speaks up? Yeah she kind of does.]

We also knew no one would let us but...

It was the quickest way to find them and it's done. We don't need any grief over it.

Yeah. We found the kids and other things. The kids say that this place is Mt Korvatunturi. Look it up or ask the other people.

There's also a giant block of ice they're trying really hard to melt, but I can take care of that. We can hold things until you get here.

[Dani nods firmly.] Don't worry, we have this covered! Don't worry about it too much until you get here.

[Aren't the children reassuring, folks?]


Jan. 25th, 2015 02:15 pm
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So, I got to wondering.
I can understand wanting to get as far as fuck away from all this shit even if you don't remember any of it happening to you.
And wanting to keep the people you care about out of danger.

I've seen plenty of people talk about family and friends who dropped off the network.
How many of them are still around? Still in touch?
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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[Åsa is always cheerful but she seems just a bit more cheerful and bubbly than normal.  She actually got to go home for Christmas for the first time in years.  However, she's also dressed a little late for the season in an old fashioned santa outfit, the cape swinging around her shoulders a little as she kicks her feet as she talks to the camera on her pc.]  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year too!  I know everything got a bit exciting - but everything always gets a bit exciting around the holiday period, don't you think?  It's always a shame when it's all over, although it's nice to get things back to normal as well.  That would be a nice Christmas present, wouldn't it, everything going back to normal?  Oh!  What did everyone get for Christmas?  Did you get what you wanted?  And to spend time with loved ones!  That's always the best gift at Christmas!

Look what I got, though!  [And she tugs at the cape, before jumping up and jumping back a step so she can spin around and show off the outfit.]  And I'm pretty sure - no, I'm certain, I must be right!  I was Santa Claus!  I mean, before.  I had an echo of being in a sleigh and getting everyone's gifts to them!  I mean, I used to run a secret Santa when I was in school and in university, but a flying sleigh is a bit of a step up!  I'll have to try and get it back before next year so I can make sure that everyone's Christmas next year is absolutely wonderful!  A year doesn't seem like enough time to prepare!  Oh, it's going to be so much fun!
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Late on the night of the first, Winter realizes that she never actually got around to the one big thing she wanted to do when the clock hit midnight - she was too busy looking up at the night sky the first time, too busy being attached to her favorite person the second time, and too busy with her parents the third time. So she's taken a picture of herself and Lily, arms around each other and smiling for the camera. The caption, as it's posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and from there picked up by the news when they need something low-importance to report on - is, "My resolution for 2015 is to be closer to the people I love! My fiancée and I are ready to take on the world!"

It's followed shortly thereafter by the belated Facebook notification that Winter Adamas is engaged to Lily Tsukuyomi. Which is itself followed by the realization that that notification isn't private... and is met with a shrug. She's Numbered and she'd already made all those posts tonight, it won't really matter. Probably.

Popping open a video feed shortly thereafter, as the clock in Las Vegas ticked past ten, Winter smiles into her Kindle. "I know New Year's Eve was yesterday, and it's already 2015, but... I just want to thank everyone. We've gone through a lot this year, and I know I can be a little... weird, sometimes. We've managed so far, though, and it's through the support I get from everyone. So I want to express my gratitude to everyone, and my hopes that 2015 will be a better year across the board. Seriously, thank you. Um... enjoy the rest of your New Year's Day, everyone."
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[12/28, afternoon | closed: Winter, Lily]

That afternoon, Lily saw her life flash before her eyes. Again. )

[12/29, afternoon | open]

Contrary to popular belief (well, not really), casinos actually do have real hotel functions. Like ballrooms. As a result, a modestly-sized room is reserved for the day, set with a buffet serving line and several sets of tables and chairs. The sign on the door assigns the room to "Winter Adamas" with the caption of "private function" below. And promptly at 3:45 PM, the door is propped open. Soft music is drifting out, mostly less-offensive tunes, although the occasional anime track or rock song comes on and Winter hastily pulls her phone out of her pocket to advance past it.

Said young woman is dressed fairly normally for her, if just a little dressier than usual, in a silky blue top with a long, dark skirt. Mercifully, she's in high spirits, and is flitting about everywhere keeping up with people. Raquel is floating along behind her, struggling to keep up with her pace but seeming to enjoy himself, not really joining in conversations but just content to see his partner happy. And she is, visibly. Nothing's really going wrong, things haven't exploded lately, she might be able to go back to her house soon...

...and then there's the matter of the ring glistening on her left hand that was most definitely not there a month ago. She's aware it's capturing attention, but at this point, she doesn't care. Not after yesterday. So as new people drift in, she'll make her way over to greet them, but in general, Winter is enjoying her birthday together with her friends, and soaking up the feeling. She'd sent out invites, and she was hoping beyond hope that as many people as she could manage would show up. But even if they didn't, they were with her in spirit. That would be enough for her. Not that it would keep her from wanting everyone to come.


Dec. 23rd, 2014 01:24 am
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Who: Lily, Winter
What: Oh hey look another echo zone let's GO FREEZE OUR BUTTS OFF.
Where: Lapland, Finland
When: December 24th, front date because like I'll have time to put this up a day from now

Lily's suffering within. )
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Who: Raye Satterfield and Open
What: In the wake of her berserker incident during the mafia battle, Raye has withdrawn and gone quiet while she tries to deal with the mistakes she's made.
Where: Locke City. Her old apartment.
When: Basically a catch-all for any day since the incident through the roughly the 20th.

I got in a fight.... )


Dec. 20th, 2014 04:38 pm
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Network! Happy holidays, or if you don't celebrate 'em, I hope your winter's going well. A few things.

First, how many of us are living in the Germany-Austria area? Or visiting very regularly? Are here for more than a day in a given week, like.

Second, the mayor of Fussen talked to me about rumors of ghosts in that one castle you can see not far from the teleporting site, Neuschwanstein. She wants some Numbered to look into it, and good news is she's willing to pay. I don't know if these are the same as the Locke ghosts or more dangerous, but we really should check it out.

Finally, if you don't mind: what is the most pointless, silly pulse you've ever had? I thought bonfire cult rites was mine, but then it turned into how my feathers smell when they're burning.
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12/1 | action: Neuschwanstein )

Shaking herself, Winter pushes that train of thought aside. That was a road she wasn't ready to go down just yet. No, for now... maybe someone else remembered what tomorrow was. Someone that could help take her mind off her dark thoughts. Dialing her number into her cell phone, she speaks quietly, if a bit less calmly than usual. "It's already December, isn't it? Time goes by so fast... and it brings some things I would rather not remember. Tomorrow will be a whole year since the police came into the high school. That was... not a good day for any of us." Some of the people that had been taken in weren't even on the network anymore, but still, it was a story to relate. For those that couldn't relate it themselves. "It was scary, knowing that the police were still out to kill us, then. Knowing that we couldn't run. And now it's the same way again. A place we thought was safe - our own homes - isn't safe at all." Her tone shakes a little; there are some scars here that haven't quite healed. She swallows hard, audibly, and takes a deep breath.

"Sorry. I'm not entirely comfortable with what happened a year ago, still. I didn't mean to be quite so depressing, when everyone's thinking about Christmas, and being together with their loved ones, and enjoying the season." All things she should be doing herself, considering the alternative. Which she's been doing now. "Anyway... I think I'm going to do something to take my mind off things. I haven't gone to Vegas in a few days, so I should probably get back to helping fix things like I said I would, or at least being there for people to see. Does anyone want to get together? We can meet up for lunch or something. Let me know..." She trails off; it takes conscious effort not to add something about people not having to if they don't want to. That would be a major backslide on the progress she'd made after all this time. "Thanks for listening to me ramble. Um, good night, everyone."

Ending the 'call', Winter lets herself fall back onto her bed in the hotel room she shares with Lily, curling up slightly. Even if she'd said a lot, she didn't really feel much better - if anything, she'd unsettled herself further. But... that was almost an expected outcome, considering the topic. Sighing, she lets the phone fall from her hands and stares at it for a long while, holding Raquel tight to her chest.

12/2 | action: Vegas )
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... Hey everyone. I figured now was a good time to talk about this, given I just realized it's been over a year since I first became a numbered.

It feels like a lifetime ago, you know? I was a completely different person, it feels like. I didn't care about other people, but then something clicked and... I was part of something. Even if the memories I got back were terrible, I finally had people who weren't out of my life before I could get to know them. I wanted to get to know people.

It's been difficult, but... I... I'm happy I became a Numbered. I wish I didn't have someone like Dark Precure to gain the memories of, but everything else... I wouldn't want to go back to how I used to be.


I just wanted to get that off my chest. Thank you. Everyone. Again.
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[ It's a rather posh set up, like this was some professional solemn news broadcast or something. Though, to be fair, John does think it's very important. He's seated at his desk, arms folded in front of him, and a furrow to his brow. ]

There is a matter I wish to discuss with you.

People have been losing their jobs, been suspended from schools, and hunted down simply for being numbered. It's more than enough that in any other case you could bring it to court but, likely, the law is not entirely sure what to make of us. In the fine print, I suppose we aren't exactly covered.

[ But if you ask him, that's honestly absurd, and that's clear in his tone.

He takes a break to grab a cup of tea and take a sip. There's a shift in his eyes, into something exhausted. He's tired. There's a lot going on and he's not entirely sure what to do. ]

We tend to take the law into our own hands, but I think perhaps it's worth actually trying to work with it. If anyone else would like to try, I would be glad to have some help.

Any inputs or thoughts are welcome. I'd love to hear them.

[ And he cuts the feed. ]
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Who: Lily, Winter, maybe others later at some point
What: Horrible mafia brutalizing and Echo aftermath
When: October 24th, Evening
Where: Sure as hell not in Locke City, let's say Germany.
Warnings: Talk of violence, death. Angst assuredly.

Read more... )
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Who: Raye, Lily and Winter
When: Foredated to the middle of the week. Wednesday night.
Where: The streets of Locke City.
What: Raye's out for blood and she's dragging two Precures along with her.
Warnings: This is gonna get violent. Definite death and likely torture for information as well.

And so am I. )


Oct. 16th, 2014 03:23 am
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[Saretha appears, looking calm as ever. There is something a bit different about her expression, however. A type of concern that is unexpected from her - any at all, and it is genuine. Whether you are the sort of person to pick up on that, however... well. That is another matter.]

Greetings. I trust most of you are rested from both the recent battle in Las Vegas and our unexpected travel plans.

With the new barrier area open to us, that provides us many new opportunities, and as many threats. I am sure most of you don't have to be told that, but... it is good, for the time being, that we have a place in which we can act from without being potentially gunned at, for now.

On that topic... Albero. The mafia. Clearly, this has to stop. I needn't say that, either. However...

As it stands, we cannot expect the authorities to handle this in our stead. Action must be taken, but... I know since the attacks started in the summer, a number of us have advocated drastic means towards combating them.

Such a thing would be nothing short of suicide for the whole lot of us. No matter how many mafia grunts are killed, even if you're able to lop the head off the snake, more will take their place. Attacks will be twisted against us, just as Albero now twists the media in Locke City to portray us as monsters, vigilantes, and things which people need to be protected against.

Do not give him and his allies even further ammunition, because that is all directed violence against them will cause. It will make it that much harder for us to attain any sort of legitimacy in the public eye, near impossible if dead bodies start turning up with our names and faces attached to them on the nightly news.

We can, however, still fight him. We have vast and powerful tools at our disposal that make us even more dangerous to him than simple brute force. We have people with powers good for more than just killing. We have this Network, which has been utilized against us by him, and... I say it is high time we took its usefulness back in that regard. The ability to communicate in this manner is invaluable, and something he cannot hope to replicate. If anything, I would be shocked if he was not afraid of it.

If we can root out evidence of his connections or crimes, any means of discrediting him in the public eye... then, and only then, can we truly overcome all he is setting against us, which goes beyond even the violence and the crimes against us.

Otherwise, all we continue to do is play into what he wants, and come out looking like the villains he claims us to be.

I will henceforth be putting whatever resources I can into this endeavor. If you wish to lend assistance, by all means - I am seeking your hands towards that end.


Oct. 10th, 2014 08:43 pm
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Who: Any teenagerly types enticed by Octavia's post
What: Searching for clues/giant pink birds during the day, camping out and being idiot teenagers at night. Also truth or dare and consumption of german beer. Oh em gee.
When: October 10th
Where: Around Füssen
Warnings: Alcohol? Will update if necessary!

[ If there's any better way of dealing with hard times than escapist shenaniganry, Octavia certainly doesn't know about it. Let's be real - the real motivation for this trip is the partying. And the lack of responsibility. And the drinks and snacks.

Still - finding the mystery bird monster ahead of time would be rad. In pursuit of this, anyone who meets up with octavia at the start of the day will be given an Awesome Adventurer's Kit (tm) - a small package consisting of a shitty two dollar compass, a notepad, a pen and a poorly-made swiss army knife.

Those things could be useful, okay. God.
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Who: EVERYONE! including Mrs Kaufmann and Rose Bonbright
When: October 11th, starting 6 p.m.
Where: The museum that is attached to the town-hall of Füssen, specifically the Kaisersaal.
What: Mingle and happy welcome!

Through the usual channels, the mayor of Füssen has invited any and all numbered - no matter if they are only visiting for the evening/weekend and actually reside in Locke or Vegas or if they are staying for longer - to attend a little reception at the Kaisersaal in the town museum which is attached to the townhall.

Aka this snazzy room just with the chairs grouped around tables and no stage, though four musicians play quartets on a low podium at the side of the room. It's a very distinguished affair don't screw it up, you can do it, numbered! No, we don't know who believes that, either.

Mingle and eat and have fun!

And a note: Drinks are free! But the youngsters will get carded, and alcohol like beer will only be served to 16+ people, while spirits and other higher percentage booze will only be served to 18+ people.
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Log (closed): A series of text messages. )

Off-network text (closed: Lily) )

[video (open)]
[That afternoon, Winter fires up her Kindle, looking into the camera with a smile.] Hi, everyone! I know Lily said we're okay after certain events a few days ago, but I just wanted to check in myself. I've been worried about a few things, but... everything's starting to come together. My parents have jobs here, I have a place to live for now... it'll be okay. I'm certain of that.

[Her smile falters for just a moment.] I'm still worried about that huge lobster... thing... that's living under the city, though. It's kind of like that last little bit of uncertainty before we fought the huge snake in Locke, and we don't know what's going to happen next. We need to prepare ourselves for the worst. I know I said it before, but... things are probably going to get dangerous here soon, and we need to prepare ourselves to fight again.

But that's not something I'm going to worry too much about right now. [She grins again.] I'm sure everything will be all right. We'll make it okay, whatever it takes. So I'm going to live for today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes. I have too much to live for to spend my life wondering what tomorrow will bring.

So... how has everyone been? I've been a little out of the loop this month.
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[So these two idiots have something to say...]

Hi everyone! Miria and Isaac here!

We know that we all want to be careful, so we thought we should set up a little warning for you all.

[They proceed to pull out a picture of Ladd Splot.]

See this guy? He is terrible.

The actual worst.

Like, however bad you think Tiny is? Worse.

He's totally a corrupt cop that somehow didn't get kicked off the force.

He's also Jacuzzi's dad! You remember Jacuzzi, right?

The best guy around!

He could do anything!

Including getting away from this guy and live happily ever after!

So, here's what you should do when you see him: insult him.

Insult him lots of times.

Particularly about how awful he is.

And much better everyone is than him.

Like Hitler. Hitler was better than him.

...Actually, was he blonde?

Might have been. Had blue eyes too...

Okay everyone! Ladd Splot is a nazi!

Please proceed hating him!

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Who: Lily, Winter, others [OPEN to friendly Vegas dwellers, except where noted.]
What: Requisite mid-season magical girl power up time Lily has called people nearby to talk and try and get a handle on who's around. Also, she has this nifty thing! ... too bad she doesn't know how to make it work ...
Where: We're going to say a food court somewhere - let's say the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. They have places where random gatherings could just converge.
When: Monday, September 15th, Mid-Afternoon

Lily wasn't content to just sit around. )


Sep. 14th, 2014 10:26 am
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Well, dropped my classes for the semester at Locke U. Lost all my scholarships in the process, though that barely matters now. Transferred the part of my funds that were in local banks to a couple national investment banks. And got a first-class ticket to Vegas. Loaded all my personal stuff into some nice checked bags.

Anyone who's in Vegas and wants to help me find a good condo in the Numbers-friendly zone, I'd appreciate it. Money's only loosely an object, but no overkill please.

[Locked to Natalie, Fuyuka, Winter, Robyn and a few others Britany might especially trust - ask if uncertain]

The penthouse is still mine, under an assumed name. I'm coming back once we've got a plan to deal with these creeps. Until then, I want anyone off-network or not verified trustworthy thinking I'm being a good little girl.

I... I don't like abandoning Robyn at a time like this, though. I really don't... Right now, though, the teleporter's our ace in the hole. Let them think I'm in Vegas until right before they're on fire, right?
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The Winter that appears when the camera clicks on... looks like she's had better days. There are bags under her eyes, her hair's a mess, and she's vaguely twitchy. But she seems whole, at least. She's also in an unfamiliar room, for anyone that's been keeping score... and that's unusual in and of itself. She'd already showed what color her new walls were, and this isn't it.

"Hi, everyone... I wanted to say that if anyone was looking for us over the weekend, we decided to leave Locke City. I can't... there's no way I could stay in the city with everything that's going on. It feels like I'm r-running away, but I refuse to let my parents be in danger. Or the people I care about. I-" She cuts off, grimacing. She said she wouldn't do certain things anymore, and it's making her hold her tongue now.

"Anyway, Lily and I decided to come back here until things settle down in Locke. Jasmine and Marina are with us, too, and my parents. We left Thursday... and here we are. I'm tired from all the driving, but if anyone needs anything, let me know. And... if anyone wants to get together, let me know about that, too. I could use the time to unwind, or else I'm just going to crash. That won't end well for anyone." Least of all Lily, who will have to deal with her unease, but that's another matter. "That's all I wanted to say. Sorry for not letting anyone know earlier, I just... I didn't want to draw any attention away from the important things. I think that's everything, so... um. I hope things are going all right for everyone."

She reaches out a hand, and the feed clicks off.

And she subsequently lets someone else do the thinking. )

[[The girls left Thursday afternoon, without fanfare but with several conspicuous stops for luggage and passengers. Winter made a point of locking up the house behind her, and all the lights are off. They'll remain that way, barring anything unusual happening. Winter's parents are staying in a hotel room (an actual hotel, rather than one of the casinos) by themselves, with Winter and Lily in a second, and Jasmine and Marina in a third. She's not publically sharing the location of any of the rooms, for now at least. But she won't be hiding her presence in Vegas, either - and she will not return to Locke short of her friends or her house being in serious danger.]]