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Who: Lazarus "L" Lawliet and Tony Sparado
What: Two friends take some downtime to talk about recent events.
When: Backdated to December 3, two days after this nasty business
Where: Willow Ridge Surveillance Center
Warnings: Talk of suicide

I'm just action and at other times reaction )
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Who: Anthony Sparado, Hajime Aikawa, Chinen Shou, and NPC mcfirestarter
What: Cleaning up some loose ends.
Where: Downtown Locke, couple of areas likely
When: December 1st, late afternoon/evening
Warnings: Violence, death, probably profanity.

Private text sent to Shou and Hajime )


Nov. 30th, 2014 04:26 pm
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So did you know that you can make a praying mantis chase a laser pointer.
Cuz I sure didn't.


I leave Locke for a couple of weeks and I got no idea what's going on in this place anymore.
Anyone wanna give me the lowdown on what the local news ain't reporting on? Can't say I trust the media to scratch its own ass these days.
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This is Nick. I don't know how many of you are still on here that know me, but I'm going to cut right to the chase here: I've been working undercover with the mafia for months, trying to get their secrets for the network. And now I finally have something useful.

There's going to be a meeting soon. Albero will be there, along with a large number of high ranking mafia members. I know when, and where, and I know that if we hit it, we stand a good chance of taking them out and making a serious dent in their operation.

I know some of you are going to say that violence isn't the answer. For anyone who wants to try another road, I have a number of recordings of the mafia making plans to frame network members, and of some of the kidnappings that have happened, as well as the location of where the mafia members are getting their modifications. I'll pass them off to someone who wants them, but not until just before the meeting. It's obviously going to blow my cover pretty badly.

I'm going to that meeting. I don't want to do it alone, because I want to make this hurt, and I can't do that by myself. I know I'm not the only one who's been affected by what they've done, and if we want to stop them, to make it so they can't do it to anyone else - this is the best chance we've got.

We need to take it.

[OOC: A plotting post for this is up here!]
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and open to anyone!
What: Watching and waiting for the attack on Espresso Yourself to happen early Sunday morning... and with all hope, Locke City's Finest making some much-needed arrests of Mafia goons.
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy, potentially around the coffee shop if any strong types want to hang around nearby and make sure no goons get away.
When: November 23, 3:15 AM
Warnings: Violence and profanity probs

I'm ready for the fight and fate )

[OOC: I'll post a couple of prompts, but feel free to treat this as a mingle post!]
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[The man appearing onscreen this morning is haggard, somber, and distracted. Clearly, he's been awake all night, something he's been doing far too often lately, sitting curled in the middle of what appears to be a cleaned up but ancient school gymnasium's basketball court with his chin on his knees. A few feet away is a blue tarp hiding something sizable and lumpy.]

I know Albero's people are striking Espresso Yourself, early on the morning of Sunday, November 23, at 3:15 AM. They will be there to raze the building to the ground and they do not intend to take prisoners.

[He bites his lip, glancing away from the camera. The calmness he's affected since Anthony's death slips for a second, revealing something like fear. He swallows.]

I've been waiting for a pulse. I was hoping that maybe my other's experience and knowledge could help me, in this regard, but up to this point... it's been all quiet on that front.

[He rises slowly, moving towards the tarp and drawing it away from what it conceals. There are many pounds of dynamite stacked in the middle of his gym, along with several ominous looking canisters.]

I have dynamite and nitroglycerin. I think...

[He takes a deep, shuddering breath.]

I know we can kill a lot of them. Part of me really wants to, and I can't be the only one. But I know... I know that's not what we're fighting for, a criminal record of our own and another reason to be driven out of this city. So...

[He sits again, hard, on the floor, eyes and posture conveying a distinctly dazed quality.]

I think maybe it would be better to use this information to get the FBI on this and catch them in the act, with no blood shed. I'm prepared for both of these scenarios, but honestly... I don't know what's right. I'm so tired. I trust all of you, so... please help me make the right decision.

EDIT: I've been informed that Nick knows about another upcoming opportunity, a chance to hit the Mafia where it hurts. There's to be a meeting of higher-ups in the near future; further details are forthcoming.
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[In light of several arsons earlier in the week it really wasn't any surprise to see yet another show up in the paper. This time, however, they had a story and photo to go along with it, marking a certain someone a suspect. It was by chance Tony had snapped up the paper off the table and his eyes fell on this rather damning evidence.

Well, it would be damning, if it weren't incredibly stupid and also horribly blurry.

When the feed kicks on he's holding up the photo, expression flat and not amused.]

So, looks like I'm Big Foot now. Y'know they could've at least got the eyepatch on the right eye.

[He points at the patch covering his left eye, where it's very clearly on the right eye of the person in the blurry photo.]

Starting to think I should kick it in Germany for a while. Unless anyone's got a damn good lawyer they wanna lend me?
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[Late at night, starting at around nine, most local Locke news channels turn to the same story. It occupies the media's interest well into the next morning.]

"...reports of a fire on Cherry Street, started somewhere in the middle of the building. Firemen currently believe that it began on the fourth floor..."

"...evacuations proceeding smoothly. Residents at the top are saying they were notified by the building's sole teenage occupant, Roxy Kurosawa. Ms. Kurosawa has not been accounted for among the evacuees..."

"...traces of blood found near Ms. Kurosawa's room, theorized to be hers. She still has not been found, and is the only casualty whose status is unknown. Suggestions are coming in that the fire may have been started by her, although..."

"...found a corpse of a woman in the lobby with sharp claws on her hands. Despite the burns, LCPD forensics is reporting that she shows signs of having been suffocated by the smoke. This makes one casualty who is not known to be a resident of the building, ten injured, six dead, and one missing, with Ms. Roxy Kurosawa still nowhere to be found three hours later."

burn baby burn )
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Who: Torin and Tony
Where: Espresso Yourself
When: Monday, October 27
What: Torin handles customer complaints in an unorthodox fashion.
Warnings: Stupid customer tricks and infatuated, make-out-prone hipsters.

Make love, not bad Yelp reviews. )
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[it's always a bit annoying when people do exactly what he predicted them to do. it was even more annoying that they not only did what he predicted but decided to up the stakes. so when the mafia enforcer gang - seven strong including three of those modified idiots - popped out of the alley to chase him, Shou was not amused. it was only during the first few minutes of the chase that he realized that instead of the usual dogmen, they were using a far faster and agile critter to keep up to him. he did try a few tricks to shake them off, but that only gave them the advantage instead of giving him some space to make up a new plan.

it got even more annoying when another three appeared to cut off his latest escape route. he attempted just a couple wounding shots, but that didn't play well and he ran out of options. shooting them was the only way to wiggle out of this.

so about fifteen minutes after a frenzied gun battle that left several goons wounded, three dead or dying, Shou makes a hurried connection to the Network. cops were coming and he couldn't get captured, not after this.]

I need a pick up. [he's breathing hard, his voice cracking and no, he isn't turning on the video function.] I'm... somewhere close to First and Harrison... [a hiss, a shallow cough and more pants for air.]

...hurry. I can't be here when... [losing air rapidly and he is trying to hold it in but sometimes bleeding just has to happen, so this is just a few more seconds of shallow breathing before the feed goes out.]

[ooc; okay so shou is going to die. people can try to rescue him but he is going to die. this will trigger him becoming a vampire which means he needs to go to the clinic instead of the hospital. good thing it is closer to where shou fell, right?]
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[Notably, it's the first time L's put his face on the Network. It's composed and deliberate; he looks into the camera with a cold gaze that never falters or glances aside even for a moment as he speaks. His voice is similarly frigid, tone flat and emotionless.]

I'm sure many of you know this already, but Anthony Janvier was gunned down on Friday. He was at work, and it was a barbaric act of mob violence scarcely befitting such a gentle soul. He was brave and kind to his last moment, and I don't think I only speak for myself when I say I have lost a friend.

[He hasn't blinked yet; that stare could burn holes in liars and killers. It's a dare, a challenge to acknowledge futility and look away first.]

I'm not sentimental, or Catholic. Anthony was both. His funeral is tomorrow morning, because that's what people do: we mourn, we remember, and we mend. I understand that there are some who intend to picket the funeral; if you're afraid, don't bother coming, but if you're not... it's Friday, 10 AM at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

[[OOC: The funeral is up! Please feel free to use it as a mingle post and start your own prompts.]]


Oct. 19th, 2014 06:36 pm
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[The video feed opens up on the infamous Lord of the Bugmen. He would look tired if his bugman self was prone to showing that sort of thing. People are getting attacked--hell, killed--over being Numbered, and it's wearing on him.]

With the way things have been now, it's become harder out there for anyone who isn't obviously human. Anyone who's easy enough to spot in a crowd, anyone who's easy enough to identify as one of us, becomes an easier target for them to choose.

[He clenches one of his hands into a fist. This is not an easy post for him to make, but he thinks it needs to be done.]

I'm not saying everyone else is safe. None of us really is now. There's more to it than that. Some of us don't exactly think like a human anymore. Not entirely. And it's not...exactly easy to deal with. Or to explain to people who haven't had part of their brain rewired. And that can be a liability. Make things worse.

[There is a bit of awkward bug shuffling around, shifting his weight, and fidgeting. Saying that in a public capacity--such as public is on the network--may not be the best idea, and he's aware of that.]

It's easier to deal with if you've got someone else to talk to. Someone else who gets what being a monster can mean. Someone else who's been through all the weird physical changes.

[He is suggesting a support group, but he is very bad at just going out and saying so.]

So I was thinking it might be a good idea for those of us who have gone through the freakier changes, who might have weird instincts, or think they'll be turning into something else soon to get together somehow. Preferably somewhere quiet where no one's likely to come across us. Because if Energy Up or someone like that shows, I'm smashing their recording equipment.
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Who: Anthony Janvier, Lazarus Lawliet, Anthony Sparado
Where: Espresso Yourself
When: Sometime during the day of Friday, October 17th.
What: The poor harrowed coffee shop receives a drop-in by a few decided non-patrons.
Warnings: Probable language; violence up to and including murder. Heads-up!

Ain't they just like monsters? They come to feed on us, giant little animals for us... )
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Who: Tony and Hajime
What: Tony is on a very important mission to obtain delicious food, and deliver an apology.
When: Backdated to October 12th.
Where: Aikawa's
Warnings: Not really?

Two monsters walk in to restaurant... )
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[ so he had been a little on the quiet side these past few weeks, but here is Shou, looking a bit grumpy and annoyed about something. from what could be seen of his surroundings, it looked a lot less like the usual rich surroundings of videos from before, but thanks to the way there's barely any light around him, it was really hard to tell. it takes him a moment to say anything but when he does, it's pretty much to the point. ]

So. If I try to go for the throat on anyone in the future, just smack me in the nose or something. Or drive me to the nearest bloodbank.
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Who: Lazarus and you; as always feel free to use this as a mingle post sans Lazarus if there's another thread you want to play out in this location at this time!
What: He returns to work with much better results than last time. Stop by for some coffee on your way to Fuessen via the teleporter, catch a glimpse of the pink lights on the shop's TV, or just say hi.
When: October 6th, all day.
Where: Espresso Yourself
Warnings: Nothing yet. Will be updated if necessary.

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in )
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Media Coverage

[A few days after this incident at Locke High School, a news story breaks during primetime on a popular local station. And gets snapped up quickly, so anyone who misses the initial story might see it (or similar broadcasts) online, on other news stations, in print news, and even a few tabloids. And since it concerns the numbered, it will likely even get some attention in Vegas.]

Earlier this week, a local high school teacher was confronted with evidence that she was part of the organization that calls themselves the 'Numbered'. Her reaction - recorded by an onlooker - has brought new urgency to the questions we've already been asking. Are these people safe? Stable? How many of them are working among us and our children undetected?

[They play the scene, recorded by what is almost certainly a smartphone camera, with a few appropriate comments from the spectators - bleeped out expletives, mostly, although one voice wails "my locker!" at a certain point.]

No one was reported injured during this incident, partially due to the brave efforts of students Daniel Fenton and Robyn Lyre in distracting and restraining the agitated and destructive former faculty member. Police arrived quickly on the scene, but the men shown escorting her out are none other than the deputy superintendent and the homicide supervisor. It's unclear how they're related to this case - neither position would normally respond to a call like this one - but they clearly seem to be familiar with the perpetrator. Could the numbered be influencing the local police? We've brought some experts in to discuss.

[The 'experts' are well-known anti-numbered advocates, and the discussion revolves mostly around how dangerous and volatile the numbered are. They emphasize what a threat numbered might be to children. Ideas about how they need to be tracked and locked up are bandied about. Danny and Robyn are talked up as heroes, and Nick and Karl as either co-conspirators or victims of manipulation. Later reports - especially the tabloids - take these rumors and run with them. The teens are celebrated, and Nick and Karl are accused of sleeping with the Numbered - and each other - more than once, labelled as obvious sympathizers.]

((OOC: All PCs mentioned in this post were added with full permission from their respective players.))


Network Post, video

[Before the first broadcast is even finished, Sheila opens the network. To video, because why not. It can't get any worse. Can it? She's in sweats and has her head buried in her hands at her kitchen table.]

Yes. That's me.

What they didn't say is that I was fired on suspicion of being numbered, right before the video starts.
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I need places to drink coffee and read for a few hours at a time. I imagine our college student population will be the best to ask, but this question is for everyone: what are your top five favorite coffee shops? Alternate location suggestions are also welcome.

On that note, has anyone's echoes included any information about nanites? If so, please contact me. I have questions.



: Cesar and YOU
What: Cesar's burying himself in science as a means of coping with life. It's getting excessive. Poke him about it?
Where: Espresso Yourself, a local series of hardware stores, and anywhere he can pull out a kindle and read.
When: He'll be in and out of these places all week, starting Sept 21. If you'd like to specify a date, mention it in the subject!

Option A: Espresso yourself )

Option B: Hardware Stores )

Option C: Wild card. )
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Today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." I feel like I ought to do something for that. On the other hand, all those "pirate" trappings are completely ridiculous. Hook hands make for very poor penmanship, for instance.
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Who: Tony and Shou
What: Some de-stressing in the form of a shooting targets.
When: A bit after this talk.
Where: Some shooting alley somewhere? Or something?
Warnings: Use of guns, language, some heavy conversation?

In love with the dark side I'd found )
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[This is a really difficult post to make. L clears his throat.]

Some of you are already aware of an unfortunate occurrence at my coffee shop through Twitter. #Espressoyourself, #freaksoflocke, and #hipstergate are all particularly active at present.

[A pause, and then firm, deliberate continuation.]

I am taking a leave of absence for several more weeks because I love Espresso Yourself and its mission too much to do them further harm. Business, upstairs and downstairs, should continue as usual thanks to Torin, Belle Goldman, and the rest of the shop's excellent staff. In the spirit of recovery and to make the most of my time off, I've scheduled an operation, but if anyone has powers or expertise in healing, and believes they could deal with an old injury, I would prefer this route. So if it wouldn't sap, weaken or kill you... please talk to me before Sunday.

That's really all I wanted to say, so... thank you for your time.
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Who: Lazarus, Tony, OPEN to anyone (also feel free to use this as a mingle post and start new threads!)
Where: Espresso Yourself
When: September 9, Tuesday
What: L wants to keep his business running as usual, even if he, and at least one employee, are not.
Warnings: Swearing, breaking coffee mugs, an owner more likely than ever to bite off a hipster's head? To be updated if necessary.

I'm full in my heart and my head, and I want to go home )
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Who: Anthonies Janvier and Sparado, Hajime Aikawa, Shou Chinen, possibly Richard Stroud, Xander Jarle, Nick Burkhardt, Soren Castor, Davin Carter, John Smith, Toushirou Hitsugaya, and anyone else who might've expressed interest in an expedition delving after dark into the mummy-infested catacombs beneath a local church.
Where: Below the altered St. John's Episcopal Church.
When: Evening of Saturday, September 6th.
What: Investigation and hopeful threat elimination.
Warnings: Violence and encouragement of good old "Lovecraft insanity".

[This log is going to be broken down for free-for-alling section-by-section:
- Area 1 - The Entrance
- Area 2 - The First Hall
- Areas 3 and 4 - The First Room and Stairwell
- Areas 5 and 6 - The Fountain Room
- Areas 7 and 8 - The Arcane Study
- Area 9 - The Shrine
- "Boss Fight"
- Return to the Church

To toss in another character or brush up on what to expect in the catacombs, including areas and monsters, please refer to this post - and, of course, toss in any questions if you've got them!]
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Who: Tony, Shou, and Richard.
What: Pillow fort party.
Where: Richard's house.
Warnings: None yet?

We are definitely adults )
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[The usual ceiling view in a poorly-lit room. Anthony settles into place with reasonable alignment; otherwise spares little - not all that easy to so much as make out his face. A covered cough.

Husky and sharp-halting:]

-- Hello. 'S Anthony Janvier.

Uhm, last - last week -- I'm... sorry that-that this wasn't said before but there's been - so much happening, er -

St. John's -- the church, that was - replaced with a chapel, er - we, um - Mr. Burkhardt, Mr. Lyall, Xander, Hajime, Mr. Keller and I went there. Last week. There's a - [Coughs again, voiced.]

There's a -- secret passage in the second floor. To a ladder... that, um. Goes - [And falls muttering.] - goes down to a - subterranean... level... We --

-- didn't get - very far inside; we -- there - there were monsters. In the first hall; uhmm - [Swallows, releases shaky.] - like mummies. -- And they attacked, erhh...

It -- it isn't safe... [Obviously. Binds his voice back up - ] I-I-I'm assuming we have to - we have to change that... Take -- of it. Before...

[Any implied follow to that "before" probably works. Back down to compressed and husky:]

-- Don't know who would go -- and, ermm... - Not - can't be sure what else... else is underground - I'm -- not even me. It - it -

I had a pulse, the... day, the - chapel showed up; I've umm... Haven't - pulsed -- anything useful. About it...

[Apart from the awareness that there was a secret passage, at any rate - thinks, takes a raspy breath for a moment, scrapes a more to-the-point closer out with low-floating uncertainty.]

What - what - what... What does -- anyone think we should do -- ?

[Soft, compulsive - ] I apologize.


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:33 pm
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Hello everyone. The last time I spoke to you, many of you asked me to look into the situation involving the criminal attacks that have been plaguing our number. I'd already been acting to investigate this myself, but it is for that reason, and for the reason of our safety that I am speaking to you now.

There is someone leaking information about us to the mafia.

It cannot be doubted that this is the case. The people who have been attacked are all Numbered, or connected to someone who is. There is no way that anyone could have attacked that combination of people without someone feeding them information gleaned from the Network, as not all of the people affected by these attacks have their status known to the public.

We all need to be careful, but I would like to make something clear: Abandoning the use of the network is not the solution here. It is our one means of communication with one another, and whatever damage that can be done has already been done. If we divide ourselves and cease to communicate, we will be at a disadvantage to people who are clearly our enemies.

Of course, we cannot act as if nothing is wrong, either. Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Watch what information you give out and whom you share it with. And protect one another.
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Who: L and Tony, open to Richard too
What: Shit's going down in Vegas but two guys who have only just been released from the hospital would rather not get mixed up in more too soon.
When: Early morning, 23rd
Where: Richard's place
Warnings: Angst

Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? )
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Who: L, Tony, Belle and OPEN to anyone who might want to come visit them.
Where: One of Locke City's bigger hospitals.
When: August 18- 19
What: Two idiots get in a fight. Belle is a good listener for Tony and talks L out of a rash decision. Also a catch-all for visitors on the 19th.
Warnings: Profanity, violence, feels, two guys displaying some
symptoms of PTSD.

Hurry up, they'll be here soon, sleeping in the afternoon while the rain's trying to prove a point outside )
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[[OOC: This post contains torture and gore.]]

[Those who know L's number will recognize it, scrawled in blood. They will also see a location nearer the outskirts of Locke City written after it, as well as a short but desperate message.]


[OOC: Since L has no means and is in no shape to answer network responses, Belle Goldman will be doing the honors at a later point.]
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Who: L, the Mafia, and Tony
Where: Locke City's Mafia Base, an undisclosed warehouse
When: Nighttime, August 9
What: L attempts to spring Cesar's brother Moises. Unfortunately, this plan was fatally compromised before he even set it in motion because of Rex's tipoff and Tony's capture.
Warnings: Violence

Just leave me out, let the buzzards come and eat me whole )


Aug. 9th, 2014 07:35 pm
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Who: Anthony Sparado and People Who Are Certainly Not The Mafia
What: Kidnappings No illegal activity whatsoever
When: 9th August
Where: On route to Espresso Yourself
Warnings: Language, possible violence

Gonna make you a coffee you can't refuse. )
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Who: Anthony Sparado and Chinen Shou
Where: Wong's, Locke City
What: Gonna have a chat.
When: Right about now?
Warnings: Probably some language and discussion of things like violence and firearms.

Just keep digging that grave )
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Rei Ikari, here to be publicly crucified.

This month I've seen a lot of people talking about run-ins with certain groups of people that have left them beaten, distressed, or otherwise roughed up. Continually, certain people find out that we're numbered. And when that happens, people get hurt or people get in trouble because you find yourselves in positions that make you something dangerous or to be feared. Something worth taking the time to stamp out.

We're in a position where we only have each other to rely on. And to be frank, I don't think we're very reliable.

[There's a smugness as she touches her hand to her chest.]

Of course I am in no such position. I have long since been relinquished into the care of our national officials. I have access to a safe, air tights government facility in which I can find total respite. I have demonstrated a usefulness to them, and therefore am allotted cooperation. Protection.

[She lifts up her bangs, running a finger along her forehead to make a point.]

And look at this. No scars where my brain was scooped out of my head and experimented on. I haven't had drills slid into my temple, no vivisections, no experimentation. No marks from injections in my arm. I've been treated perfectly reasonably aside from some bothersome monitoring. But I have nothing to hide. For the most part, I am allowed to do as I please.

When the day comes that we're all found out and deemed such a threat to society that cannot be controlled, and it isn't just select mafia groups and crooked cops throwing stones at us, I will not be one of the ones laying in a pool of my own blood. I will be alongside the government, being touted as one of the "good ones." I'll be able to live the rest of my life. It'll be in government hands, and as their tool from time to time, but at least I'll live.

I've made it clear to them that I wish them no harm and am very willing to cooperate. You all should start considering doing the same before you start running out of options.

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[The feed clicks on and it shows none other than Eri Ampora. He takes his time staring into the feed, not exactly looking sure of himself, or at all comfortable. He shifts in his seat, before folding his arms over his chest. Eventually, he huffs, looking off to the side. Whatever he has to say, it isn't easy.]

In light a all the attacks goin' on to those far less fortunate than I, an' are you ewer less fortunate...

[Another uncomfortable shift, but he seems set on saying whatever it is he has to say.]

I'd like to extend a offer - charity to the wictims of the Mafia attacks. I feel, seein' as we're all in this together... No matter how shitty some of you are...

[Octavia... Alan... etc....]

We're on the same team, an' therefor I ought to take a more actiwe role in this whole--[a circular hand motion]--thing.

[He almost sounds defeated saying that, like someone is forcing him, but surprisingly to probably most, that's not the case here!]

If you're needin' some allowance to get by, I suppose I can help a handful a you there. An' I guess if some of you'we lost your home and are otherwise street bound... I could offer you lodging, so long as you ain't fuckin' smelly or dirty, I'we my limits.

[He pauses for a good few seconds, shrugging with a long suffering sigh.]

So speak the fuck up while I'm in this generous mood, unless you fancy eatin' outta trashcans.


Jul. 21st, 2014 07:52 pm
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Here's the million dollar question everyone: how do you repair a house in seven days, so that your parents don't come home to their house being totally wrecked?

Don't everyone come at once, single file lines will be upheld until further notice.
But, no, I'm actually serious. Kind of came home to one hell of a present, courtesy of the mafia.
Or, that's at least my theory of who those thugs were. Can't say I've had much of a run in with them before, but I have heard of them. They looked the type.

So, anyone proficient with fixing broken windows and/or doors? How about semi-burnt walls and other horseshit like that?
You know, small stuff. Nothing too fancy.

Now for part two of this fun-filled adventure: who can tell me about robots?
And I don't mean "Oh shit I'm becoming a robot, now I have rockets coming out of my ass" type of deal here, yo.
I have a robot that looks like me, with some sick shades, and even sicker fighting skills, and I'm not exactly sure what to do with him. Let alone, how to get him to listen at all. He seems pretty set on doing his own thing, but surprisingly it's probably not a good idea to have a stray robot on the loose.
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[The writing is a little spidery, but without the odd stops and starts of the first time he did this.]

Question. This is an easy one. Any tips for getting spray paint off car windows? And leather? And cars in general? Should I just write this off as a huge 'fuck you' from forces very much known and not waste my time with trying? All suggestions welcome.

Assuming this isn't a write-off, if anyone knows a guy, or knows someone who knows a guy who does vehicle repairs, do me a solid and hook me up. Last time I took it into a shop they swiped the change out of the ashtray.

[No, that's not really the reason that he doesn't want to take it to a non-numbered mechanic.]

[Private to Anthony Sparado]
Hey, kid, can you watch the house while I head out for an hour or two? Invite Dirk or L over if you want.
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First... it's only right to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped, following the attack on Espresso Yourself. We couldn't have done it without your generous assistance, and the speed we reopened with was a direct result of your efforts and sacrifice. Even if mob occurrences seem to be escalating for others, in frequency and severity... I can say, at least for now, that the coffee shop is doing well.

[A pause. This update is not the sole reason he's making this post.]

If you've... ever gotten a pulse, and it's something bad... something you lose sleep over, that goes against everything you thought you knew and understood about your other... how do you begin to repair the ensuing cognitive dissonance? Especially if your other hurt people... and you know it wasn't self-defense, and they were obscenely good at it...

I apologize for rambling. Let me attempt to streamline my questions.

Faced with new evidence concerning the person you're receiving pulses from, does it change your belief that you can be a better man or woman?

If you could talk to that person and ask them why they acted a certain way, would you embrace that chance, or be afraid of what they might say?
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Can't sleep. Choose topic 1, 2, 3 or all if you will.

If you were to assign your past life a genre what would you choose?
Give me some examples. I'm having trouble with mine -- I used to think it was slice of life but now I'm just confused.

If you think about going swimming in the ocean at night even in July, don't do it. It's cold as hell. Also practice diving first. If you go out at any time of the night, bring your phone no matter where you go. Except the water.

Who here has experience with immortality or time travel? Discussion requested.