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4th Vision [Action/Closed] Backdated to 6/24

The van pulls up to the Hugh P. Thadson Gallery of Fine Art, with a cat and a baker inside, shortly before the gallery closes for the day. Gomez is perching on Eugene's knee, his paws up on the driver's side window, staring at it with his little tail lashing nervously, the fur there just a little fluffed out.

"Is that what a museum looks like?"

Obviously, he's never seen one before. He's focused on that almost more than he is on looking for Regina, wherever she might be, since they're supposed to be meeting her here. His memory of her, after all, is distorted a little by having come out of a food dish, and the gallery is rather scarier.
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She'd arrived a little earlier, nibbling cat treats and chatting with Karson as he gave her a ride over. Finally she hopped out and sat by the entrance, until she finally spotted Gogo.

Immediately she trots over, meowing loudly to call his attention. "Hey, you made it!" He may have been distorted by the tray's surface, but the markings on his face aren't hard to recognize. And anyway, what other cat would be near a human around here at this time of day? This is definitely Gogo.
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the little robot squirts ink at bad guys jsyk

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"Yes," Eugene confirms, opening the door for Gomez. "This is a museum! A repository of human culture or history, documenting the growth of our species." He takes the octopus candroid out of his pocket and pulls the tab on top so that it transforms into a tiny floating robot. "Here. This is Taco. He'll guard the two of you on the mission."

He's got a couple trays of cookies with the MAGNIFICENT BAKERY logo iced on them on the seat next to him. Might as well give out some free samples while the cats are doing their part.
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It's not like she's doing much better on the attention front. She's also watching the little robot with wide, dilated eyes. Older she may be, more mature? Probably not. "Ooh, he's shiny."

Make that definitely not.
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Eugene chuckles. "It is, but he isn't a taco. Taco is his name. And yes, he's very shiny." And floaty. And his legs keep spinning around. "You two should get the mission underway. I'll be waiting for you out here."