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[Audio || Patch of ground]

[Hello, citizens of Locke City. Have a very happy, exhausted-sounded cat.]

Everyone, I'd like you to know that I know how to get to the network outside now! I don't have to be a house cat anymore! [She's so proud of herself.]

I mean... well, Mary didn't want to come with me, but it's so cool! I'm completely free, I can live wherever I want now!

...I'm really hungry though.

[Guess she didn't think of that.]
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... why would you want to do that...?

[Gomez would never leave his human! The one time he tried, he almost got torn up! He's looking back at the iPad, even though he can't see her, like she's gone insane.]

Have you ever even caught a mouse before?
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[Video] (in cat-speak, I'm just too lazy to italicize all the time XD )

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I guess... be careful of the mean cats, though. They almost shredded me the first time I got out.

Were your humans mean to you? Is that why you left?
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[Video] (technically his talking in the Speech would sound like cat to her anyway. hmm)

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You could just... go back to eat and sleep and stuff. I mean. Aren't you going to miss them? Your humans?

[That's what boggles him. He's pretty attached to Alex, really.]
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[That's just sad. Gomez takes a minute to digest that and feel badly for her. He continues awkwardly a moment later.]

Well. Um. I guess that means it won't be hard for you to meet me for the museum thing, then, huh? We could do that tonight, maybe... or tomorrow night. Maybe I can bring you some food.
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Tomorrow night, then. Do you, uh. Know where the museum thing is? Or should we come get you somewhere?
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Okay. It'll be right around when it closes. I'll see you then.

[Whiskers forward and ears perked, even if she can't hear it. He's nervous, but he's excited, too.]