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[Video || Cat food tray]

I'm not sure what exactly happened two days ago, but I don't like it.

[Woah, is that.. yep! Regina has gained the ability to speak.]

I'd like to help out where I can, but... I'm not exactly fit to give anything. Unless anyone wants to pet me. I can let them pet me. That was weird, though... ever since I watched that video where that weird human was talking, I can speak human-talk.

[Her eyes widen a bit, and she perks up.] Oh, I have to talk to Gogo! Gogo and Fay and that boy that gives my humans "pizza" sometimes and likes talking to me, can you all please contact me? That is, assuming that you're all okay.
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[Video | iPad]

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[Gomez finally shows up, looking a little tired and a little unhappy. Not at her, just... in general. That mine thing really kind of freaked him out. When he speaks, though, he does it in cat. It's just easier, okay?]

Oh, hi. You can talk human now. How is that working for you?
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I was.

[The fur on his tail-- not visible-- and the back of his neck-- quite visible-- fluffs up at the mention, and his ears twitch back involuntarily.]

It was kind of awful. But I can go invisible now.
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Oh, um. All right.

[Looking somewhere between pleased and embarrassed, he shifts a little on his paws, then starts to move sideways... and vanishes.]
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[When he slips visible again-- mostly without trying to; he just loses concentration and then he's back-- Gomez looks all puffed up and proud. An older cat just called him cool.]

Thanks. I-- oh.

[He's back. He looks down at himself then back at the iPad and Regina.]

Right. It's pretty neat. And might be useful. I mean, if we have to go somewhere dangerous again.
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Well, I'm still there. So they'd just have to guess right to swat me and I'd still be squashed. But it is pretty neat, I like it.

[He's not going to tell her about the limitations he's discovered so far. That will make him seem a lot less cool.]
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Oh, well, maybe a dog, yeah. I'm... thinking of trying to use it to do stuff. Like go back to that cave.

[Noselick of nervousness.]

Or maybe knock over those statues in the museum. Since nobody could see me do it.

[That one he sounds more encouraged about.]
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[His whiskers come forward with more approval and agreement.]

That would be nice, if you can get out for the night. I still have to talk to my human, but I can. Um. Try to contact you in your food bowl again when we're ready?
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I'll let you know when. Once I talk to Alex.

[He pauses, and flicks back one ear, looking away.]

It'll be neat to meet you in person.
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I'll talk to my human then. And we'll meet! He's always good about letting e out when I want to go.