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[Nat has been spending a lot of time holed up by herself. She looks a little bedraggled, but excited.]

Hey, hey. I have most of the parts I need to make something special. Now I just need some crystals. [Now Nat makes a face. She doesn't like to have to ask this.] There's some that could do under the mountain in Vegas, but I kind of expect if I go alone my evil clone will come? She might anyway. She's, uh... the powers I'm getting are stronger if you're nasty and violent, which sucks. Help me out?
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What is it you're making, and what is your name? We haven't been introduced.
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Fair enough.

I'm sorry we missed the chance for a proper introduction. It's been busy, which I hope you understand. I'm Lazarus Lawliet.
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No, not particularly. I'm just of the opinion that we should all know each other, at least a little bit, so I make an effort to speak to everyone at least once. Call it my small and occasionally practical compulsion.
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Some beneficial connections have been made, if that's what you're asking. Not all to my credit, but I like to think that I helped a bit.
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"Danger sense?" I understand about not wanting to disclose everything, but can you elaborate more on that?

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The mountain in Vegas, huh? Haven't been there myself, but if you need a body guard I'm not particularly busy right now.
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How are you doing? I heard you ran into a rough spot, same person?

Huh... not a fan, have to admit, but I think I can manage. Got a trick or two up my sleeve.

[Or a Trick-ster as you will.]
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She's out to be rid of you, then?

[He frowns, with Feivel being his brother that makes Nat an unofficial sister, and that really can't be left to stand for too long. Even if she can handle herself.]

I could, but I wouldn't know what the hell I'm looking for or where to go.
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Greaaat... dark side thing?

[Weird, okay.]

Alright, do that. If you can sketch me a map that'd be easier, I'm pretty good at finding my way around. So, she was probably collecting them for whatever it is you need 'em for?
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Huh... what kind of powers, it sounds familiar.

[Are they like demons?]

Any kind in particular or will whatever do?

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Does it need to be any particular sort of crystal?
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Unfortunately, I can't say I have any pearls. If you have trouble with the mountain, however, I might manage to find something to spare.
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I'm glad to hear someone's going with you. And I wish you luck in the search.
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Quite understandable. Best to be prepared, yes?