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[backdated to before the kappa awakening] - [joint post with [personal profile] starlightheart]

[the video, showing two people who haven't been seen on the network for some time: namely, Natalie Tamura and Fuyuka Terasawa. In the latter's case, she appears slightly different, in that she now wears a pair of glasses when before she had none. Bardiche hangs around her neck.

It's Fuyuka who speaks first]

Ah... hello everyone. It's been some time, hasn't it? For those of you who don't know me, my name is Fuyuka Terasawa, and this is my good friend, Natalie Tamura. Several months ago, well... we forgot our echoes, and it seemed our time together was at an end. But it appears destiny had other ideas.

[despite it all, Fuyuka smiles slightly, hand coming up to the pendant hanging around her neck] Bardiche returned to me several weeks ago, and the same was true for Natalie's device. I'm... eager to find out what's progressed in our absence. It seems a great deal is looming on the horizon...

[Thats when Natalie pipes up, practically shoving her face in the camera.] That's why we want to do whatever we can to help! I- well, I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, or maybe not as much as I could before... I want to fix that, now that I've been given another chance. With all the people who could be in danger, that has to be our responsibility, right?

[Fuyuka nods in turn to that, smiling at Natalie as she tries to get her to sit back down]

My sentiments exactly, Natalie... it's really great to be back amongst you all.

[ooc - as this is a joint post, feel free to address either woman or both at the same time. Both will be replying to tags, in any case!]
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Whether or not destiny is a thing, I'm glad you regained your echoes. You've been missed on the network, Fuyuka. I can try to fill you both in on what you've missed out on, but be forewarned, it's a lot.

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Ah, I'm not Fuyuka - but hi! We'd be really thankful for any information! I left myself a bunch of notes, to remind myself of what I was in case my echoes ever went away, so I've tried to keep up with the news but that's sort of...

Well. Biased.
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I suppose you're not. Miss Tamura, though, isn't it? If we've spoken I regret that I don't remember it well, but... as you're well aware, a lot has happened.

I've invited Fuyuka to the coffee shop so I can inform her in person, and you're also invited along if that's agreeable to you. There are conversations I feel much more comfortable engaging in off-network.
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Ah-ha, well... it has been a few months, after all... But yes, I can see that! It's been all over the news, after all.

Ahh, I would be happy to, if you both don't mind. I'd much rather speak in person usually too! It's so impersonal otherwise, right?
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Impersonal, yes, but there's more to it... namely that with some of the doppelgangers still running around, it's just safer.
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Everyone's doing their best, but as you're well aware, a lot is happening. Even for those among us who keep thorough notes and make a tremendous effort it's simply not possible to be everywhere at once.

I'm sorry you've been bored. Perhaps I can find a place for you at the surveillance center in Willow Ridge, where Nathan and I attempt to do our part in more meaningful ways. It's not always exciting, but I like to think it's useful work.
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Of course.

My suggestion is that this would be better done in person, so... if you wouldn't mind, would you be open to meeting me at the coffee shop? I'll make you a drink on the house, and Natalie is of course welcome to accompany you.
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You think she might have misgivings? Surely you could assuage any potential ones.
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Fair enough. I've alerted her, as well.

The two of you must be very close?
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I don't suppose you care to elaborate...
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What about your Others? The people you're echoing back, that is... is there a connection there? In my experience, when that happens, people who are already close get even closer.
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I guess it is... don't answer if you don't want to, of course.
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Do keep me updated on the possibility of an in-person meeting though, if you could. My minutes are quickly growing accounted for.
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Good; in that case, I look forward to meeting with both of you when it can be arranged.