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Who: Danny and Walter
What: One is a spirit, the other is possessed by spirits! SURELY WE CAN FIND A WAY TO NAVIGATE THIS.
Where: starting at Walter's house, then moving...somewhere.......
When: April 10th
Warnings: schloopy teens being schloopy

Danny flew straight over upon receiving Walter's text. Danny wasn't sure what to make of the message--it was complete gibberish, and Walter wasn't responding to any of his texts asking what it meant. He feared the worst and decided to book it over at top speed just to make sure everything was alright.

Once he gets to the Price household, though, he finds it takes him several extra minutes just to locate Walter. He wanders the house invisibly, but can't seem to find him anywhere. He's starting to get concerned. It's only when he finally thinks to check the basement that he has any luck. He solidifies and lands on the ground.

"Hey, Walter! Are...are you alright?"
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There's something uncomfortably off about the entire Price household. Walter's parents are upstairs, holding hands and talking in hushed tones. On the main floor, the orange cat lounging on the couch keeps looking in Danny's direction, invisibility be damned.

And the basement...

Well, Walter is there. Sleeping, apparently, and bundled up on the futon. His skin is so white now it almost glows, and there are bandages wrapped haphazardly around his head. The most alarming thing, though, is probably the way it sounds like every breath is a struggle.

When he hears his name, he stirs a little. Not asleep, then, but not far from it.
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A voice. An extremely familiar voice. He "looks" at the source, keeping his eyes tightly closed. He remembers trying to send a text, a garbled text, and deciding against it at the last moment. But he sent it anyway. Accidentally? Subconscious winning over the conscious?

It doesn't matter. He knows Danny's voice, even though it sounds like it's miles away. And he reacts by pulling his blankets over his head and whimpering. Danny shouldn't have to see him like this.
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It ends in a cough and a desperate attempt to cover himself. He ends up shifting the bandages around his head, and... a horn peeks out, despite Walter slapping a hand over it.
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"I do-"

A series of coughs this time. He's shaking and it seems like he really, really wants to cry, but maybe he's lost that ability. After a few labored breaths he pulls the bandages aside, fully revealing the pair of pitch black horns. He finally opens his eyes, because it isn't fair to hide these things from Danny, even if showing him is painful. They aren't supposed to hide things from each other anymore.

The whites of his eyes have gone black as well, though his irises have remained blue. A bright, eerie, glowing blue.

"I'm sorry..."
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"...tentacles. London. ....p-possession."

Each word is punctuated by another shaky breath. It's not much of an answer, but it's all Walter has. He's not in the right frame of mind to have a thorough discussion, and even if he was, he still doesn't know what's happening to him. Not really.

It just... feels... and looks like he's wasting away.
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Is there even a point to protesting? This is his best shot. And, as always, he trusts Danny. That is unspoken.

Walter swallows hard, nods, and sits up. It's a slow, painful process, but he does manage to get entirely upright. He's even able to push at the thermos, trying to edge it to the side.


He tries pulling Danny down for a hug. A feeble, but determined hug.

"In case."

There are footsteps coming from above. Very close. Sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Price are nearby.
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When Walter hears them, he jerks back, fueled by a stab of panic. Mom and Dad are going to check up on him.

"They -- know."

He weakly squeezes Danny's shoulder before pulling away, staring at the stairwell that leads to the main floor. His parents are talking, but it's impossible to make out the words from the basement.

"Won't let -- try to stop y-y..."

If they come down, it'll be a mess. A mess Danny could physically handle, no doubt, but an emotionally trying mess.
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The doorknob turns and the door slowly opens. Someone starts hollering, but by then, they've already made their escape. For Walter, it's happening in slow motion. They leave the basement, phase through the first floor, the living room, the backyard -- so many memories. Things weren't always like this.

He's looking back, looking until it hurts, both his neck and -- and everything else. Eventually, though, he turns towards the opposite direction. To whatever lies ahead.
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Walter isn't entirely sure what 'home' means, but that doesn't really matter -- he loses that train of thought during the short trip. Being set on the blanket pile and hearing Danny's voice again elicits a few weary blinks.


That is the most reassurance he can muster. It's pathetic. His breathing has only gotten worse, and he is struggling to keep his eyes open.
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When it hits him, it really hits him. Walter curls up on his side, screaming at the top of his lungs. Whatever has bonded to him has a fierce hold on him. Fierce enough to slow Danny down.

A misty black splotch is growing on Walter's chest. And spreading. The scream turns into silence as the blue glow fades from Walter's eyes. The black mist spreads and overtakes his entire body.

The resistance from the... the who-knows-what gives way, and he claws out a dark, misty mass of... horns. Tendrils. An incomplete ritual that's desperately reaching for its vessel.
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It -- they?? -- refuse to give up, furiously trying to grip the ground and drag their way back to the non-responsive, mist-enshrouded Walter.

But the pull of the thermos is too much for them. Slowly but surely, they're peeled back, almost later by layer, until the mass shrinks to the point where the thermos its able to suck the rest of it up.

Danny might want to put a literal lid on it. ASAP.
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The mist persists. His outline is visible, and it... it still has horns. Did this actually work? Walter isn't talking, or moving, or doing anything to instill any hope.


A few agonizingly long seconds later, the mist starts to evaporate. Beneath, there's vibrantly red hair. Pale, but healthy and unmarked skin. And... yes, horns, but they're bone white now. Improvement...?

His first movement is a slight twitch of the hand, and then a headshake as he opens his (normal, watery blue) eyes. He pushes himself up a bit, silent, apparently at a loss for words. Or exhausted. Or a little of both.
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"I'm... okay?"

He seems to be asking himself that too. Walter inspects his hands before pulling at a clump of hair, confirming that the red strands are not some kind of hope-fueled hallucination. He starts laughing, an overjoyed, uncontrollable giggle as he stands up. Just because he can.

It doesn't last long. The standing, anyway. He's still laughing as he sways and collapses back onto the blanket pile. He's used to falling over, especially lately, but this is different -- he just feels so light.

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