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[Gwyneth knows what the number means. She is composed and sharp-eyed as she addresses the camera.]

A strange thing happened today. I was assaulted by a hairless dog with certain deformities. When it died a cloudy black mass emerged from its body and dispersed, and the dog looked like the average stray. Now I find myself aware that the world is different, though it’s hard to say how.

That was a numbered episode, I believe. Hello, Numbered.

I take it none of you are responsible for the orbital tower shifting position. Would you know who is?
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Aunt... Gwyn?

[Okay so it's been a while since the last family reunion but still, he's pretty sure it's her.]
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Maybe a little.

...Apparently this thing runs in the family.
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[He hesitates, looking down sheepishly like a kid about to get in trouble. The next is mumbled;]

About a year.


But Uncle Teage was first.

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People on here know rather little about the reasons and sources of what is happening around them.
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That as well.

Organization is also poor. [Which he doesn't mind, it's just a thing that stands out.
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They can; but from what I understand, there has been betrayal before, and the lack of a leader or a structured decision making process means that differences in opinion and interests splits those with numbers into many factions, discounting even those who would rather not be involved with anything.

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[First Arnold and now her? She's sensing a pattern here.]

I don't know how it moved, but at least it's not going to fall.
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isn't the space elevator going to vanish and reappear on Christmas Island?

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Yes, Elisabeta's daughter. Everyone really does just call me Emi now, don't they?

For a while, I thought it'd fall...
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Don't space elevators need to be on the equator anyway? Maybe that's why it's gotten stable again.

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[ ........... ]


[ Is this good or bad? ]
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Yeah... Lisa thought it'd be better this way. Um. Welcome to the club?
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Hah, well I knew better than to not tell Lisa, but we both agreed it was... something best kept quiet. Has Liam spoken up yet? He's been at this longer than me.

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It is and isn't different. It's the same world. This is just a part not everyone sees. Or at least, doesn't see in the same way.
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More personal? Or simply another kind of 'different'?
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A little, perhaps. And there's certainly no harm in being poetic.

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