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[A | closed: Summer, D!Lily | 4/3, evening | Neuschwanstein Castle]

It'd been a week since the battle at the Heart Tree. Summer and her Lily had gotten out unharmed, as had largely everyone except both of Raye. And, well... Jasmine. Their Jasmine had gone out in a blaze of glory and silver light. And there hadn't been a damned thing they could do about it. Both of them had been busy, occupied by other things, and Jasmine had paid the price. There hadn't even been anything left to bring back, aside from a few of the feathers. One was sitting in front of her now, on a nearby table, where she sat next to Lily.

The other girl was, understandably, depressed. Her sister is dead, by the hand of a young woman wearing the same face that looked back at her in the mirror every day. Neither Winter had raised a hand to stop it. The real thing had been trying to stop her Lily from going to assist, and Summer herself... had found ways to half-heartedly take potshots and generally stand away from the action. Saretha had made some convincing arguments, and fighting didn't seem like a good idea at the time. It still doesn't now, considering that things are coming to a head quickly. She's got a feeling that a big mess is coming, and the All Stars fighting amongst themselves is a very good way to get caught up in that mess without a chance to prepare. All that's going to do is get them killed.

The problem, ostensibly, is that Summer just doesn't have the same ability to lift problems off others' shoulders that her other does. She loves Lily, but her love is more forceful, rather than the gentle, supportive love that seems to radiate off Winter every time they meet. It makes her want to gag, but she regrets that she doesn't have that capacity. Still... she's trying. She's learning. And that's what's most important... probably. As she puts a slightly awkward arm around Lily, Summer sighs. "Dammit... it's killing me to see you like this, Lily. Especially when I can't do anything to help."

[B | closed: Winter, Summer, Lily, D!Lily | 4/6, afternoon | Locke City, Winter and Lily's house]

Summer had sent an e-mail to herself two days ago, which in turn meant she'd sent an e-mail to Winter. She'd proposed that they meet, herself and her other, and Lily and her other. That they needed to talk, that they needed to come to an understanding. She'd sworn, upon her powers and what passed for her honor, that she wouldn't hurt any of them unless Winter or Lily made an honest effort to hurt her first. She'd made specific mention that there'd been enough death to last her a while in the last two weeks. And, in a roundabout way, she'd apologized for what happened, and offered her condolences.

Winter had, at first, had a hard time believing that her other was going to come and not start something, but at the same time... the doubles had lost someone. Someone important to Lily and to her other self- Summer, the girl had used in the e-mail. And while the real Lily had been having some trouble after all was said and done, considering she'd delivered the last hit, things weren't as bad as anticipated. Even beyond that, Winter had told the other Lily that she wanted to meet Summer and Lily both, that she wanted to make friends and figure out how to stop all this. She supposed that started with being open and having a little faith.

And so it was that Winter Adamas sat on her couch on a brisk April afternoon, waiting for a knock at the door from herself, to talk about her fiancee murdering her fiancee's sister's doppelganger. Her head already hurts just considering that sentence, but she'd meant it when she said she wanted to make peace. Now, she's just counting on the girls coming here to make that promise.
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The worst thing about it all is, Lily - or "Lily," or "Lily's doppelganger," whatever - doesn't even feel upset for the reasons she knows her other, the real Lily would be. The reasons that she should be. No matter what they were, her sister was dead. Killed by someone with her face, and yet...

How she feels. The distance she feels from everything around her right here and now, it's brought on less by the sorrow of her passing.

Rather, for the words she said leading up to it. For what this confirmed them to be...

Feeling Summer's awkward hug, she shifts a little bit. She is trying. A part of her... appreciates that? She doesn't just love this person - she practically worships her. Getting this attention should make her ecstatic, and yet... She doesn't know what to do with any of it.

"You could help," she says, softer perhaps than one is ever used to coming out of this Lily. "By helping me figure out what the hell I am." She lets out a long, aggravated sigh, leaning against her. "What we are."
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This Lily hasn't been sure of how to take most of the things that had been going on. The revelations that had been occurring. She just knew that Summer would lead her to where she needed to go, or hoped as such. And her sister... She was her sister, right? Yet, that Jasmine's real feelings towards everyone, towards her had come out right at the end. If anything, her boiling rage and bloodlust towards her other was as much a result of that shock to the system as her actual death was.

That created a certain little fear in her. If her own sister would use her like that, would in the end think that little of her... What of anyone else? Were any of them what they seemed?

She found herself selfishly more concerned with her own plight in this whole mess than Jasmine's fate. She's certain, deep down, that the real Lily Tsukuyomi would be in a much different state in the same situation.

So she stares, and she listens. She does so intently, hardly budging, just... taking it in. As she does she, she sort of wonders. If they're opposites, how is it that both Lily Tsukuyomis love their versions of Cure Diamond? She tries to pick at her memory to find a solution there, realizing they both see different things in the different Winters. Lily had told Winter, on the day she confessed her feelings, "I want to make you happy." While this is not untrue for the doppelganger that rests here now, she can feel in her gut her reasons differ. She wants to stand by the side of a great woman, to do all she can to support her. All so that affection, that love will be hers and hers alone. Not to be loved in general, but to know that one, specific person can look at her that way... She's certain that Lily might even appreciate that perspective, selfish though it might be in some ways. Yet she'll give anything to Summer for that.

Something which she's finding is rewarded here.

Her voice still soft, she finally speaks, murmuring a little. "Human..."

She closes her eyes, giving a soft breath at the feeling of that hand through her hair. She's not even sure if that's the case, but she's not sure she cares that far. The most important part, though...

"We're alive. And we have the right to live how we see fit."

Even if that isn't entirely the case, and she knows it. They're still pulled by the creature in this area, and perhaps dependent on it too.

"Or as far as we can... But I want that. I want to be able to live and do as we decide, whether that leads us to do good or bad, so long as it's with you... I want to live as we want, dammit..."

She bites her lip a bit, and opens her eyes, frowning. "But I can't do that... thinking I'm Lily Tsukuyomi... can I, Summer...?"
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She shifts again, a bit closer - if that's even - and blinks at the sudden suggestion of just throwing their others at the aliens. She does that a couple more times before a mischievous smirk manages to form on her face, finally. "You suggest things like that, I might be tempted to take you up on the offer. It'd be funny."

At some point, she's probably realized those wants of Summers. Another type of person might find that distasteful, or as if they're being used, but... This Lily doesn't really care. Summer rewards her handily for it, and so long as she can stake claim to her... She's more than satisfied, herself.

She has to almost snort at the application of the word 'purity' towards her, to some degree. Maybe pure in her lack of care for how she's perceived, or that she has no fear in stating her mind...

"If I'm not more than just her yet... I will be," she says, almost a little roughly, though it's obviously a feeling directed inward rather than out to Summer. "I'll be as strong, or stronger. If a Precure's really stronger for what they feel..." She reaches up, fingers pressing against Summer's cheek as she stares intently. "I'll just have to magnify everything I feel, hm? But... for what I am, for who I need to be, I... hm..."

The intensity in her expression remains, but it shifts a little bit. For however much Summer might want to be seen as some sort of goddess, the look she's being given right now would likely feed that to some degree. "Is there... anything you might want to call me...?"
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"Maybe not more, then, but..." Ah. There's that. Her speech trails off with an undeniable shudder, something that anyone right up against her would inevitably feel, as she feels that finger slip up along her spine. It halts all thought for a few moments, as she catches a couple of uneven breaths. Her own grip on Summer tightens, and she purses her lips. "But... something different, than them... That much at least, if we're not merely in their shadows..."

And she stops again, and she just gazes at her. Adoringly. Having at some point shifted from a growling attack dog to a loyal puppy in her arms. That reason is indeed the willingness to defer to her, in this and anything else.

She hears what Summer says and an uncharacteristic blush creeps across her face, before she nods, leaning in and nuzzling herself against Summer's shoulder. "Mmm... I think I like that..."

Of course, she would. Summer came up with it, after all.
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To say this is sort of awkward would be a vast and mighty understatement. Though having taken the brunt of both the Jasmine doppelganger's attacks and those of her own, real sister, Lily had... recovered in the past couple weeks. She'd found herself on bed rest for a bit of it, and didn't really have the strength to fight anyone over it. How quickly the tables turn.

Though looking more or less none the worse for wear now, there is a distinct difference - her hair. It had been frayed badly caught in Jasmine's maelstrom of self loathing, and it had resulted in a distinct change. Namely, the fact that her formerly lengthy, purple hair now only comes bobbing right around her shoulders. She's seemed... far less upset about that than she may have before. In fact, she'd been wearing it a little bit looser in terms of style than anyone who may have known her would be used to. Lily looked tired, and a little bit different, and yet... sort of refreshed, all at the same time.

This was hardly an average social call. And she wasn't sure how she'd face her other, knowing what she'd done. She regretted it deeply - she'd spent her own time mourning that loss, even if... Even if she understood. She understood she couldn't have prevented it. She couldn't have known, and...

That Jasmine?

That Jasmine couldn't have been saved.


She'd taken a life. A thinking, feeling, intelligent life.

Somewhere, she's still processing that. Knowing it's something she doesn't really want to ever repeat, but...

She'd make amends for that somehow, in her own time. Perhaps today could be a step towards that.
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Rose, meanwhile - also dressed down, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, honestly a wardrobe more often befitting the original Jasmine Tsukuyomi - follows Summer out dutifully. She observes the area carefully, as if something might leap out at them, as if they were walking into some kind of trap... Remembering the last time she'd encountered these girls, she was dead set on murdering one of them.

She breathes, though. She gives Summer a nod, and walks up... before promptly banging on the door.

Inside, Lily practically leaps out of her skin. She gives Winter a briefly frantic look before composing herself, taking a deep breath, and moving to answer the door.

Upon seeing the twisted mirror reflection of herself on the other side, it's all she can do to not flinch away. Because yes, she remembers that whole... "I'll kill you" thing too. It's not that her double hadn't had a good reason for it, either. Lily is not wholly convinced she would have reacted differently.

Maybe that's what scares her.


Lily blinks at her opposite, and just... nods quietly, stepping back from the door way. "Ah.. hi there..."