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Who: frankly anybody, even if you're new
What: Going to explore a mine! Finding a Sage who claims to know what's going on! Except...
Where: abandoned coal mine
When: Wednesday during the day. SKIP CLASS, I GUESS.

I figure we'll just start with Chris' team doing exploration, until the modly folk decide to show up with the Sage himself, and then... go from there.
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Eugene comes dressed for spelunking... sort of. Okay, he's basically come dressed in his idea of explorer's clothing, complete with pith helmet. He carries with him a marble rolling pin, his weapon should he need it. "UNDERSTOOD!" he cries out.
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The only reason Mort is even anywhere in the area is because his idiot brother insisted upon coming along for the ride. He's dressed much more sensibly for the occasion, and somewhere or another he's obtained a construction worker's hard hat. He's got first aid kit slung over one shoulder, and he's also carrying a flashlight.

"Quiet, Eugene, cave-ins could be a problem..." Mort trailed off in a sigh. He was too old for this foolishness, and Eugene was too old for this foolishness, and why were they even here?
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Right around as Mort finished warning about being quiet there was a loud rattling noise. It foreshadowed the arrival of a beat up truck rolling up to the area outside the cave, driven by a high school student who should almost certainly be in high school right now. She rolled down the window and leaned out as the truck heaved out a labored rattle and came to a stop. "This the place people were saying those freaky statues came from?"

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"Source of stone, yes," Mordin confirms, having arrived earlier. He checks his pistol over once more. "Expected guards, given warnings from Thunder Corp associates."
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Another vehicle pulls up to the cave, but a bike rather than a car. Thomas hops off, a medical mask on his face and an LED spotlight jutting out of his pocket. "Well, at least I'm not in the wrong place." Going to a meet up at an old coal mine is completely the right idea finding out about a secret network only hours before, right? "Is there a plan or is he idea to wander until we find something?"
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There's another bike parked off to the side somewhere unobtrusive with no apparent owner, at least, until Riku emerges from the entrance, looking faintly surprised to see so many people already as he checks his watch. What was that about running ahead, Chris? Oops.

"Looks like a party out here."
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idk how we do this; just post if you have a response?

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"It looks clear straight through with no turns until about 50 meters in before I went back out. Didn't see anything interesting but it's deeper than I thought." Riku pointed the beam of his LED flashlight into the cave with Chris.

He adjusted the set of the leather knapsack over his shoulder and looked back at the others. "Everyone ready?"
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Matthew was in the back, adjusting his very shiny safety gear and new-looking pack. There's something to be said about being able to indulge in a sudden passion for caving. He adjusted the strap of his head-lamp, humming softly under his breath as he made a few last-minute adjustments.

"I suppose we may as well."

He hadn't brought a weapon - why would he need one?
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Kotetsu arrives a bit late, having been sidetracked earlier that morning by a lost and crying child who'd been separated from his parents. He's in his civilian clothes this time, and all he's brought with him aside from the first-aid kit is his gun and its holster, just in case. Parking his old, beat-up green sedan a ways off, he grabs the first-aid kit he'd bought at Walmart the other day out of the trunk, and rushes over to the group.

"Yo guys, sorry I'm late."
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Marisa eyed the gun slightly nervously, then the baseball bat she had armed herself with. Part of her was screaming at her that she was in over her head. Part of her had been screaming that since she had stumbled onto the network, but it had been growing more and more easy to ignore that part of her lately.