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prepare for trouble

Who: TWO large monsters duking it out, Walter trying to stop the one he's responsible for, and OPEN FOR DAMAGE CONTROL/FREAKING OUT
What: A hair monster and a stone bird wrecking a European capital
When: April 3rd
Where: Central London
Warnings: Destruction and chaos

[ He wanted some reflection. Some personal time. And he'd never been to London before. Spontaneity wasn't really Walter's thing, but he went, early in the morning so he could spend the afternoon and the majority of Good Friday in the capital.

If he had known how things would've turned out, he would've stayed at home. He would've never left his house again, because clearly, he cannot go anywhere without ruining absolutely everything.

He's unleashed the creature below London, and a colossus. Here, in the flesh (stone??). It just came out of nowhere,
under him even. He didn't even have a chance to cling to its fur before it threw him off. Right at the hair. And evidently, that was considered an offensive move, because the hair went for the confused, thrashing colossus.

It all happened pretty quickly. In the end, London Bridge station is completely upended, the citizens are panicking, and there's a massive rock monster being throttled by hair. It breaks free after a bit of struggling and rises into the air, circling the emerging creature. The lights in its eyes have gone from blue to red.

After crawling out of some debris, Walter coughs and sends out a frantic network text. ]




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[Well, no worries there, Emi was moving immediately, rushing at her considerable top speed straight from her mansion to the teleporter, and from the other side to make a quick stop at Walter's house to get the weapons, then hurry back to the old school and through the teleporter to London.

Given that her top speed is close to the speed of sound, it wasn't too long before a new, bat winged figure appears in the sky, heading directly for London Bridge.]
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[Hopefully the fact she had brought her parasol shows that she's not an attacker. but anyway, she is heading right for him holding a sword.

His sword, that is. She just stops short and lands at the last second.]

...So I hear you need this.
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Then you need me to carry you up to fight it. [A statement of fact here, as she hands the weapon over.]

Let's not stand about, I'm ready when you are.

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I will get the sword!

[Floweregg is a go.

She is in Locke City anyway, so she heads straight to the assigned house... Just that Walter's parents only see a cute dog and when after a while of petting her and fussing over her she manages to get away and go find the sword, she can't find it and opens a feed again - under his bed so his parenst won't find her.]

Where is it?
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It can't be bigger than a broom, and I can drag brooms!

...What cat? I only saw your parents... [Okay looking around worriedly now]
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I'm not afraid of cats!

[...Though uh. With how he acts she's really getting nervous.]

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[Jovan was only here to explore the place he was supposedly from in a past life. Kind of. He's pretty sure the accent is Irish, but it's not like Ireland is an echo zone. This is as close as he's going to get.

And he knows he got an echo when he went down to an Underground station with all the hair in the tunnels, but he just doesn't know what. And it's not like he's got a lot of time to figure it out, either, because now there's a giant monster. In fact, two monsters. Two monsters fighting each other.

If anyone asks in the future, Jovan will say he didn't piss his pants, but it would be a lie.]


[He shrieks, his voice going shrill, and then unleashes an unholy screech when he sees the monsters shift. A chunk of building gets taken out, a huge piece of debris falling over ready to land right on him. He throws up his hands in terror.]


[What he doesn't realize is that a large, sturdy shield materializes in front of him at the last minute.]
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[When the dust has settled around him, a puppy will walk up to him and sniff.]

It is very bad behaviour in humans to mark your home range, my mistress says.
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[Jovan braces for death, curled up into a little ball. However, after a truly terrifying few seconds of shaking and scraping and shrieking, things seem to settle down. Yup, this is it, this is the afterlife, Jovan thinks. I've been hit hard enough that I've died proper and I can never be revived again. This is it.

Then he hears something. His eyes fly open and he whirls around to see who spoke to him--a puppy. A puppy surrounded by rubble, next to him, who still has a body and is still alive.

Jovan doesn't even question a talking animal, he starts laughing deliriously. He spots the shield in his arm.]

Holy shit! Ahaha, holy shit, I'm still alive!

[Then he looks up and shakes his fist to the sky.]


[Sorry, he's gotten a little carried away.]
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...Those are rocks, not aliens.

[This guy really has lost his mind, hasn't he?]
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Well, whatever the hell it was, it didn't kill me!

[He looks back up to the sky and shakes his fist.]

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...You should really pour some ice water over your head.

[She'd do it but she's a puppy, there are obvious logistical issues here.]

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to Walter

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[There is a bit of commotion outside of his hospital room, and then a white ball of fur shoots through the door and jumps on the bed, and a moment later has crawled under Walter's blanket.

There are voices and running outside, and both are clearly headed towards this room as well. THERE IT WENT, they say, HOW DID A DOG GET INTO THIS PLACE]
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[She wriggles in and under his arm, so when two nurses storm into the room it only looks like Walter is holding his arm at a slightly odd angle under the blanket. One of them asks Walter:]

Did you see a dog come in here?
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[The taller nurse sighs with annoyance but marches through the room and out of that other door. WELL THEN LET'S GO.

Floweregg waits before their steps can't be heard anymore before poking out her head from under the blanket and peering up at Walter.]

Why did they put you on a hand-leash?

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