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Who: Nathan and Misa
What: Awkward bonding times?
When: March 31st, evening
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
Warnings: None anticipated

Should he be working so much? Maybe not. But there honestly isn't much else for Nathan to do while he's at the school and he doesn't leave it much these days. It hardly makes sense to not be productive while he's here. Right?

It helps distract his thoughts from what he's trying to avoid, at any rate. He can't work himself up too much if he's busy repairing code. Tony is always nearby and that's both a comfort and a worry. A comfort because the other young man can keep him safe, but a worry because he has to keep him safe. How long this is going to go on, Nathan does not know.

He's at least used to the various comings and goings, can recognize a few people just from the sound of their footsteps now. That helps calm him, too. He can be aware of who's moving around without even having to look up. And thus he won't even bother to do so when someone comes in.
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Misa eyes Nathan curiously as she pokes her head in the door, then enters fully. He always seems to be working here, no matter what the time. She can always count on a light or two to be on in the computer room. She is still partially convinced that Lazarus is breaking some sort of child labor law by hiring him period— sure, he's good with computers, but can he really be much older than 13 with a body like that?

"Still working?" Misa ventures, offering him a small wave. While they have talked before, he always seems a bit awkward and she doesn't want to spook him.
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Misa waits expectantly for him to continue that thought, or look up, or give some other acknowledgement of her presence. As the seconds tick by, she realizes that these things are not forthcoming. Sighing to herself, she takes the initiative by walking over to see what he's working on.

"It looks pretty complicated."
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"No," Misa answers slowly, trying to remain casual despite the not-so-subtle invitation for her to leave.

"I just came down to make myself some tea and I was wondering if you wanted anything. Tea, coffee, a beer," she suggests jokingly, maybe hoping to prompt some sort of confession about his age.
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Misa is obviously taken aback by his response, uncertain what she said to provoke that kind of reaction. Maybe the joke was in poor taste, but the way Nathan looks at her, she might as well have insulted his mother after running over his cat.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to... bother you..."
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Well, this conversation is going about as well as she expected it to.

"It seems like you're always in here," Misa says, aiming for a fresh start. "Lazarus must work you pretty hard."
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"It seems like you two never sleep," Misa comments, glancing around the room. It's not a terrible place to work, she supposes, but not exactly welcoming or bright.
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Neither of them look fine, but Misa has more social grace than to come out and say that. Nathan doesn't look quite as skeletal as Lazarus, at least, but there's something unsettling about seeing what looks like a child wasting away.

"I'm sure Lazarus wouldn't mind if you called it a night... Sleep is important, for a growing—" she cuts off before boy awkwardly, and tries to salvage the sentence with, "—for anyone, really."
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"So take a break!" Misa suggests, standing up straight. "If you're not thirsty we could grab something to eat, or you could just nap in one of the rooms upstairs. I know there's plenty that no one's using."
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Misa is actually surprised that he accepts, though pleasantly so. She hopes that she isn't being too pushy.

"Great! What are you in the mood for?"
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"Well... maybe a buffet, or something like that? I'm not having any huge cravings either. Do you know any place around here with a good selection?"
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"Oh, alright."

She hadn't particularly planned on cooking tonight, but it is better to avoid the expense of eating out (though she has become more comfortable with helping herself to Lazarus's money since she prompted him to echo back a million dollars).

"Let's see what we have."
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The way Nathan says it almost sounds like a concession, though Misa isn't sure if he means it that way or not. She walks alongside him, trying to puzzle him out. He really is like a tiny Lazarus, in so many ways it's a bit eerie.

"This is a weird question, but... you aren't related to Lazarus, are you?" she asks curiously. It feels like something that would have been mentioned by now if he was, but the physical and behavioral similarities are so striking it would be more weird to hear that he isn't secretly Lazarus's little brother.
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"You definitely have the same eyes," Misa says, keeping 'and lack of social graces' to herself. "Have you known each other long?"
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"Oh wow, that long ago?" Misa asks as they round a corner and reach the kitchen. "And you met each other again after all that time, it must be fate."
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She glances at him, obviously surprised. "Then what do you call our echoes? Lazarus and I even knew each other in our past lives, meeting each other here has to be fate."
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"Huh? You're from that world too?" Misa asks, shocked that this little revelation hasn't come up before. "We've given each other lots of Pulses— he did this," she says, holding up a lock of blonde hair.
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An echo that mentioned L and Light being at school together comes to mind, and Misa wonders if it's the same one that Nathan's Other went to as well. But it seems they were all different ages, so that doesn't quite add up.

"Interesting... I guess we didn't know each other, or we just haven't done anything to trigger an echo yet."

She tries to think of all the things that prompted echoes with Lazarus. A name, the chains, a kiss on the cheek, a magazine, an act of violence... so many one right after the other, but little in common.
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Misa waits a moment for Nathan to elaborate on that. Oh, that's it for his contribution to the conversation?

"I get them pretty often from Lazarus, from all sorts of things... I know we haven't hung out much, but doesn't it seem like we would have gotten one by now if we knew each other?"
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"Really? I guess being from the same world doesn't mean lots of echoes for everyone, even if you do know each other," Misa muses. With all the memories and various things she has echoed back from Lazarus, she assumed that it must be like that for everyone who finds a friend from another life. "It seems like things were... weird, between our Others, but they were close."