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Who: Aaron + Liam
What: Getting horses in London
When: After the hair shows up, before things get too chatotic.
Where: London!

"We're going to investigate the subways, aren't we?" asks Aaron, as he keeps pace with Liam down a London street. The past few weeks have been fantastic, honestly -- Aaron doesn't know when he's been so content. Being out of doors, seeing places he's never seen, being in good company, the future only a vague worry, it's all been good for him. Not even that one wolpertinger they had stumbled across put a damper on it.He's a little worried that he wasn't able to detect any underground creatures, and their existence is still a nagging fear, but this extended camping trip is what has made Aaron finally feel ready to take on the real world and its mysteries again. There's a spring in his step and confidence in his voice.
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pffft I see what you did there...

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The Elf sees the horses before Aaron speaks, but the idea of horses in a subway are mind boggling, so he just stares. At his friends words, he snaps out of it.

"Duh," he says immediately. "Yeah, there's two, but they don't have anybody riding them. One's white and one's brown."
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The memory of that time also hits him, and he can't repress a small "heh" and raise a hand to cover an amused smile. "...Yeah that was pretty funny."

Now he steps forward into the darkness, his eyes adjusting to the lack of light quickly enough to let him see where he was going. He calls back to Aaron, voice echoing slightly.

"You're just jealous that you can't see forever too."

It's not too long before Liam is walking back out with two horses behind him. The white one without a saddle stays particularly close to the Elf.
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Liam lets go of the brown horse just as it starts to pull, immediately knowing what it wanted. He laughs a little, then nods to the animal approaching Aaron.

"He knows you." He looks up to the white horse for a moment, then back at Aaron. "I don't know about remember, but I know he's mine. I wonder if..."

Before he finishes that thought, he hops up onto the horse's back in a fluid movement. Thankfully, the horse doesn't seem to mind, and Liam actually looks pretty natural up there.

"Sweet! New ride."
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Unlike Aaron's horse, the white one doesn't have a saddle or reigns. Still he seems securely balanced. He gives the horse a light kick to get it moving... which it does, but only for a short while. Liam speaks to the horse. "Dude, follow Aaron."

The horse makes a disgruntled noise. What follows is what appears to be a one sided conversation;

"No I don't have any food... I said I don't have any food... No, horsey I got nothing." He sighs and switches to Sindarin. "I have nothing for you! Did you not hear me?!"

Now Liam makes a frustrated groan "Why can't they ever understand me? Ugh, this is going to be a pain in the ass."
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The white horse snorts and reluctantly heeds Aaron's command. Under his breath, Liam mutters. "No fair. You're my horse."

After that he has no trouble staying well balanced on the horse as it walks just behind Aaron's. There's a light spot up ahead, but already he could see that there was another dark stretch beyond it.
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Liam's horse stops with Aaron's. "Yeah, but subways can smell kind of funky sometimes..."

Liam pauses to consider what to do. Rather excited about the trip they've been having and his new found echo-horse, he decides to just push on forward.

"You want to go closer to the tracks?"
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It's when they're closer to the tracks that the air begins to get stale. That's when Liam starts to feel a bit claustrophobic. He didn't exactly enjoy living in the mountain in Vegas, it had upped his tolerance some after a while. Still, underground was not his favorite, and the lack of free air had him a little on edge.

He keeps quiet, some of the enthusiasm fading as they go deeper into the tunnel. Then, something catches his attention in one of the passes of the flashlight. Was that... hair?

Liam keeps his voice low. "Dude, wait. I see something." He holds out his hand for the flashlight, asking for it silently.
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Liam shines the flashlight down the tunnel. Ever since his eyes had changed, he could see quite a far distance, however the light only went so far.

"It looks like hair, or maybe fur? It's still pretty far down there, I think we can ride a little longer."

He tries to lead the white horse on, but he's not cooperative.

"...Aaron, can you help me out here?"
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Liam would prefer it if he could talk to his own horse, personally, but now wasn't the time to dwell on it. The white horse moves forward again, though reluctantly. As they move closer, Liam can see more clearly what's down on the tracks.

"Okay, yeah, it's hair." he keeps his voice low, and continues forward until the tracks next to them are practically covered in it.

"Uh..." The Elf gives Aaron a look that asks Any ideas, dude? And yes, the 'dude' was portrayed in his eyes.