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one part closed, one open

Who: Richard & OPEN
What: Things before endgame
When: 25th & 27th March
Where: All around! See headers.


PARTIALLY CLOSED; Tony Sparado | Park | March 25th

"... Okay, let's see you try that one again."

He wasn't about to comment on the fact that the younger man just knocked him flat on his back as he pushed himself back up to his feet, shaking off the faint twitch of embarrassment. Richard cleared his throat and picked up his sword, checking it for dents and - once again - finding not a single one on the flawless blade.

Still not sure of whether or not he should be finding that a matter for concern, he gripped around the hilt and set himself into a defensive posture.

"I'm not gonna go as easy on you this time."

(ooc: open to any observers who want to catch him and/or Tony afterwards)


OPEN; Business District | March 27th

Carefully juggling a cup of coffee, a plastic bag with a few essentials he grabbed from a nearby general store, and a newspaper, Richard's attention had been caught by the news stories scrolling across the display of televisions in an electronic's store about five minutes ago and he was still standing there, watching the ticker bar roll by and reading the subtitles as they flashed up on the screen.

With the situation in Neuschwanstein getting worse (that tower looked like it was going down any day now), the death of Alicia Kerren and the subsequent expulsion of the American ambassador from Brazil didn't offer any better news.

"Well, shit," he muttered to himself, taking a sip of coffee. "World's goin' to hell in a handbasket."

(ooc: any time between the 25th and 27th is also open to anyone wanting to contact him via network or his cell phone o/)
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Out on the street Julien comes down out of the sky, backwinging and flaring his tail to kill his momentum. He's the size of a small horse with tremendously big wings, kicking up a powerful amount of air. It's a dramatic sight, if Richard's turned around. Even though he's been back through Locke a lot, people take cell pictures.
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After the successful blow, which truthfully had come as a bit of a surprise to Tony as well, he'd hopped away a few paces to give Richard some room to get back up. He chuckled, delighted that it was clear he was improving rapidly despite his earlier uncertainties.

"Hah, you really want me to knock you over again huh?"

Arrogant little brat. But it's all in good fun. Casually he spins Rebellion in one hand, before darting forward at blinding speed to try for another go. Astoundingly Richard's sword has held up remarkably well against the onslaught, given that Rebellion isn't exactly a light weapon by any means one would think a katana wouldn't be suitable at all to deflect it.