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Fifthteenth Bite | [Action]

Who: Emilia and whoever else happens to be in the area.
What: Suddenly, ghost wolpertingers!
When: March 27, 2015
Where: Somewhere in Locke City.
Warnings: Fighting, violence toward ghost wolpers

The last few days had been chaotic. Between everything to do with the doppelgängers, the mushrooms growing all over Christmas Island, and now a sudden spike in ghost wolpertingers here in Locke... Well, it was giving everyone plenty to do. The mushrooms still needed to be contained or dealt with somehow, and people in the Neuschwanstein will have to be cleared out before the swan wakes up. That was only a matter of time. Last night's nightmares didn't slow her down, though... Despite leaving her shaken for a while.

A chorus of shouts and screams quickly startle the vampire out of her thoughts, more of the ghostly wolpertingers have arrived, charging out of a portal and attacking anyone unfortunate enough to be in the area. The vampire simply summons Gungnir in response, and enters the fray without any hesitation.

Emi won't let this continue. These things were going down.

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If anything, Emilia was not alone, even if she thought Dani would probably stay behind. That was not the case as three copies of the 9 year old charge out and tackle a few of the beasts to the ground, trying to keep them down long enough for someone to either take them out of other things.

Dani comes out from the sky and lands, a large black wand like item in her hands. She's fairly quiet and looking really reserved about the whole thing. Of course it's probably better then her hiding in her room more, as she had been doing mostly lately.
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Similarly Celine had to take a moment to recover, shaking the new memory from her mind. She fell in line behind Remilia, drawing her knives with a chilly ripple... but she didn't throw them, her hands shaking. Unlike the other two she wasn't as used to combat. In fact, her two allies could probably sense Celine's fear quite easily.

While she would have appreciated the luxury of simply not attacking, there was another large one charging from the left. Seeing the movement from the corner of her vision, she lashed out reflexively, following her initial throw up with a half dozen more in an instant and felling it to the ground, though it wasn't dead yet.
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Dani would be all over this but her heart isn't fully into it at the moment. She raises into the air along with her clones to start letting loose with the magical bullets. She's taking great care to not hit Emi or Celine with any of them, mostly to try and make the beasts keep their distance.

If anything, Dani's aiming the denser red bullets at the creatures to distract them into her other ones.
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Celine shifted her attention to another. That hadn't been so bad... And if she stayed near Emi then she probably wouldn't get hurt either. Falling into step she drew more knives, loosing them one after another, faint ripples of warped space time rolling off of her each time she produced a weapon, eyes taking on a faint red hue.

After incapacitating it she turned and hurled several more at one that was intangible, the nature of the knives' material disrupting it somewhat, forcing it, at least partially, into the physical world
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If anything, Dani keeps the pattern going, keeping a eye on her clones more then doing much of the firing herself. She's keeping a good eye on both Emi and Celine, waiting fro any commands or even them telling her to go..Although something does catch her eye. She shifts herself and her clones to make ti hard to tell which was the original..although the fact one is approaching one of the wolpertingers with her hand outstretched in curiosity.

A thought had occurred to her, even if the beast was giving her such a side eye at this. At least she's still helping?
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Celine was moving faster now, collecting discarded knives as she passed them. She would flicker from time to time, her body accelerating a bit beyond what should have been possible for a human as she dipped briefly in and out of time. Even if she wasn't skilled enough to perform any trickier throws, what she was doing was more than effective, letting that bizarre muscle memory guide her.

She paused when she heard Emilia shout, turning, her eyes falling on Dani. She was too far away to help... she was... Something moved out of the corner of her eye and she stumbled back just in time to avoid a slash from four inch long claws, another coming in from the left.
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It's a bit too late that Dani herself noticed the one behind her and screamed as it scored a hit across her back. Her immediate reaction is to whirl about and punch the creature away from her so she could scramble back. Her clones falter then tackle it, to make sure she could get away back to somewhat safety, keeping her back out of sight.

Once she was back with Emi and Celine, she dismisses the clones and starts using her own magic to blast the creatures away.
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Celine rushed to Dani's side, drawing a knife and cutting away part of her now ruined shirt to better expose the wound. She didn't have any medical experience but she knew, at the very least, she had to slow this bleeding (somewhat disregarding that Dani's power) until they could get to a doctor.

The weapon vanished from her hands and she removed her own jacket, pressing it against the wound, holding it closed, one arm wrapped tightly around Dani's shoulders, bracing her and attempting to hold her still.

"Dani. Calm down. Calm. Be still."
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Those gashes in her back are bleeding pretty badly and Dani is shaking like a leaf while holding back tears. She's hurting but still wanting to help, to fix her mistake. Although when she's braced, She whimpers and tries to pull free weakly.

"I...I'm okay. I..I can still fight. Please..I can do it...."

Te one wing that was hit is still twitching, betraying the pain she's hiding just to keep going.
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Celine flinched, her grip on Dani tightening, her eyes focusing for a moment... and then her arms went lax. Her hands had stopped shaking.

"Dani. Don't move." Her voice was forceful, not something to be argued with. In an instant the sleeves of the jacket had been wrapped around dani's chest and bound in the back. It would keep the fabric pressed against the wound and keep it closed provided Dani stayed put.

"Emilia I'm coming!" She stood, stepped forward and vanished, some of the knives disappearing from the field as she moved through time. She was gaining distance with every stop, remaining beyond the boundary for longer periods. The air was growing heavy with the unnatural chill it caused.

In a single breath she reached Emilia's side, appearing midway through the process of ramming one of her larger blades into the ear of the wolpertinger that had bitten the vampire. She vanished with a cringing chill, several more blades appearing crisscrossed in its throat, a hand grabbing Emilia's shoulder and dragging her back away from the last remaining one, arm flicking throwing knives as they retreated.
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Dani whimpered again and did as she was told his time, trying to still although her wing is still twitching like crazy. She closes her eyes, feeling a bit light headed and mostly trying to control her shaking, which had only gotten worse.

If anything it was a bad idea just due to the echo that had just hit. Her eyes fly open and she curls up slowly, fingers in her mouth to keep her from making any more noise. Maybe keeping herself as small as possible would make her hard to see and out of sight.

Although she was paying attention just in case, ready to do what she could to keep everyone safe.
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Celine didn't let go dragging her back as the final spear was thrown. She paused only to ensure that the last of the ghostly wolpertingers was truly dead before loosening and adjusting her grip so she was guiding rather than dragging.

Celine turned, heading over to where Dani was. Her voice was firm. Assertive but there was no missing the underlying concern that colored it. "Don't go in without someone to watch your back. Even with your regeneration. It's not safe."

She stopped several paces away from the younger cousin, nodding subtly in her direction before turning to collect her weapons and give them a little bit of space.
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There is really no response from the little girl, just a wide and fearful look. She's again, chewing on her fingers. It was keeping her staying still instead of darting off and hiding like her mind was screaming to do. That and the instructions to not move.

The only thing she does do is let out a tiny whimper. All she wanted to do was go home and not come out for a while..even if her back was killing her.