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[Action for Tony]
Hajime was a little embarrassed that his mom had called Tony--how did she even get that number?--to help move the new fridge into the restaurant's kitchen. He could probably have lifted the thing by himself if it weren't for the thing's sheer bulk, and now that his family knew what he was, he wouldn't have to hide it. But no, his mom had called up Tony for a little help, promising him a free lunch for his trouble.

At least once it was over, he and Hajime could get down to the very serious business of doppelganger hunting. Hajime was itching to try out the new cards that had been all but burning a hole in his pocket.

[Hajime's doppelganger is upset. The thing about being a giant bug disguised as a human is that once you go bug, you can't go back to being a human without the one playing card the real Hajime has, and the doppelganger's far too scared of the real deal to hazard trying to steal it. So have a giant bug somewhere outside the castle, slumped on a bench in an exaggerated, swooning position of woe. He's also managed to find an eye-searing Hawaiian print shirt that fits a giant bug, even if there are spikes poking through it at odd angles. At least he's left a convenient visual cue that this is not the real Hajime.]

So what are you supposed to do if you can't really go out in public without making people scream? I'm so bored.

[He's whining. There is so much whining. Un-Hajime-like levels of whining. Whining that would put a five year old child to shame. Whining that just might draw the real thing to kick his ass again.]

And I'm hideous.

[He's also available to bother in person for anyone near the castle, because it's not that hard to figure out where he's theatrically sprawled out.]

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