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The Devil Went Down To Vegas (Closed+Open)

Who: DoppelRaye, the magical girl squad and anybody else who answers the call.
What: Raye's Doppelganger has gotten tired of wasting time in Germany and wants to meet her other self's loved ones face-to-face.
When: March 1st to 2nd
Where: Las Vegas
Warnings: Probably violence. DoppelRaye being a monster. Possibly to be updated.

For a time, Raye had been content to spend her time in Germany simply observing the events surrounding her double and those around her. A few in particular had managed to catch her interest.

She ignores the human cattle milling through the streets of Las Vegas, gorging themselves on vice and sin. Senketsu gives a low growl under her black coat and she reaches up to pat the Kamui, recognizing his hunger. The creature's appetite was relentless and she'd soon have to feed him again, their partnership was one based on mutual benefit but counting on the loyalty of a hungry predator was its own level of foolishness.

Not just yet though. First, there's something she needs to do.

She made a beeline from the location of the city's teleporter to the hotel where the Precure had taken up residence. It was easy enough to get in. She was numbered after all, obviously a friend. Making her way up to the right floor, she finds herself outside the door of one Winter Adamas. Without any sort of announcement or preamble she reaches out and seizes the handle and twists. A crack rings out as the lock shatters and she pushes the door open, breaking through any kind of bolt with ease.

Smiling faintly, she steps inside.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

[Another time during her visit to Vegas, a post from her appears on the network with a photo of a Las Vegas street and a text message.]

I'm in Las Vegas and feeding time is quickly approaching. Fortunately, there's plenty of livestock around.

If anybody has an issue with this, please feel free to come and find me.
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Lily had been sitting at her and Winter's bedside, idly flipping through the limited hotel TV channels and in general just holding light chatter with her fiancee for the evening. For the most part, Lily hadn't really left the other young woman's side for awhile. Sure, she could move on her own for now, but... well. Lily worried. She will constantly cite that it's not really any worse than Winter was after Lily's own injury, as Cure Diamond had basically taken up permanent residence in the Tsukuyomi household after that ordeal.

As such, if there are any objections or accusations of smothering to be had, she takes them in stride. Because in this case, they now knew they had some pretty big things to actively worry about - those doubles are dangerous, no matter what they can do.

Thus when there is a literal crack at the door, it's only a second later that Lily is on her feet, transformation device - with the Precure Seed already slotted - in hand. Her increased strength and physicality from Yuri does enough to throw her several feet across the room as it is, and her expression is hard as she sees Raye...


Not a chance in hell.

Raye wouldn't enter like that. There's no way. The dress is all wrong. The smile, too.

Plus. That phrase is way too courteous for her actual friend.

"Get the hell out of here," Lily hisses, harshly, fingers already on her device. The transformation itself would provide a momentary protection, so... she's banking on that necessity.
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As much as Winter would like to raise accusations of hovering and being overbearing, she knows full well that, in a room not far from this one, she was very much on the other end of all this over the summer. She just wasn't in a position to be quite so sweet about it, and wasn't quite ready to help as much. Now, things are different, and she submits to letting Lily help with things; April really only comes over for checkups and advice, and that happened yesterday. So the couple has been spending the day relaxing, largely, and planning out their next move; Vegas is very visible, and their false selves had already been seen around the city, if briefly.

That's brought into sharp relief with their lives before now, as the door protests and a loud snap echoes through the room. For a fraction of a second, Winter is actually of the impression that maybe it's normal Raye behavior and she's just in a hurry for whatever reason... until she starts to talk like a proper, civilized person that can't be cordial when she's depressed and looking for a friend, let alone when she's on a social call. It's enough to raise her eyebrows and make her start to sit up where she's laying on the bed, but Lily's response is... quite a bit more violent, and she's learned to trust Lily's instincts about as strongly as her own. "Raquel," she whispers, "get ready." The plushie flies over, but between them, she's not quite fast enough to prepare for battle right away.

More loudly, she continues, "No, we were just trying to find something to watch on TV. You know how it goes. Sixty channels and nothing good to watch, except a special report on myself. To what do we owe the pleasure?"

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Ah, but you are as predictable as I anticipated.

I suppose I did read what the opposite of Raye would be correct, after all.

Thank you very much for verifying my suspicions on your nature.
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Don't think I'm going to sit here giving you a monologue, monster.


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Do you or Senketsu mind an audience?
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I will have to brave both the city and you then.

I want to see if anyone shows up to complain.
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Text; Doppel

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You don't care about the livestock's money, right?

[Best to be a little careful with fellow immortals. Raye especially was very... intense. If you don't contradict her, she has no reason to interrupt your climb to fame and fortune.]
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Text; Doppel

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Of course. No reason to interrupt a good time out on the town, eh?

[Miria and Isaac strongly suspected that the... thing Raye had with her would find their replenishing blood all too satisfying.]
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You really can't think any of us are going to let you get away with it, are you?

I mean, it's obviously a trap, but those only work if no one suspects anything.
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Pretty sure my brother would congratulate me on not falling for an obvious trap, considering how often he tried to get me out of danger.

Try harder.


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text; doppel

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Do remember to chew your food, dear Raye, and don't get that fine outfit of yours dirty with someone else's blood.
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Mmm, and yet, when someone eats their dinner, they must keep their face clean, must they not?


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Raye? What do you mean by... livestock? Is this some kind of joke?
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Meet me...?

Raye, what... oh no

[She gets it.]
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...please don't hurt any cows.


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What is the meaning of this?

[The vampire is heading out the door already. If Arthur happens to be with her, she's dragging him along with her. Telling him Raye's doppelgänger is going to attack people should be enough to get him moving.]

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