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A No Good Very Bad Week

Who: Anthony and Doppelganger!Cesar
What: D!Cesar has summoned Tony to come help him "move something" in a heavy box. Nothing suspicious here at all.
Where: Some grimy abandoned store on the Southern edge of town. Still not suspicious.
When: A couple/few days after the real L is rescued from a closet.
Warnings: Violence, demons, language, business as usual. Doppelgangers are a mess.

It'd been a crap week so far; Drunk, left in a ball pit, and a particularly stubborn clinging hangover had left him feeling slightly off and irritable as it was. The fight with Nathan, doppelgangers all over the network causing a ruckus. Lazarus' doppelganger was a month's worth of trouble all on his own. Honestly, Tony needed a break. Problem was Tony didn't know how to take a break. If someone asked him for help, he'd probably try and do it. That has never backfired on him before or anything cough cough dog woman cough mafia.

So when Cesar contacted him it was with a small amount of reluctance he agreed to lend a hand. He'd slipped up and let Cesar see how strong he was a few days prior, so of course now he'd been asked to carry something. Ugh, at least with Shou's help Tony had gotten better at controlling his strength so he wasn't just breaking things willy-nilly. This was a simple matter and should be over with quickly enough. Then he could go home and back to bed for a while.

As predicted it took him close to a full hour to reach the destination. Way out of the way for someone to be storing things, but whatever, Tony didn't care to ask. From the look of it it had been a hardware store at one time, but now it was just a long empty building with boarded up windows and "No Tresspassing" signs all over it. And a healthy colony of cobwebs to boot, just the thing to set the mood. Just what did Cesar want in this place, anyway?

Ah well, hopefully they could just get it over with quickly.

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