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A No Good Very Bad Week

Who: Anthony and Doppelganger!Cesar
What: D!Cesar has summoned Tony to come help him "move something" in a heavy box. Nothing suspicious here at all.
Where: Some grimy abandoned store on the Southern edge of town. Still not suspicious.
When: A couple/few days after the real L is rescued from a closet.
Warnings: Violence, demons, language, business as usual. Doppelgangers are a mess.

It'd been a crap week so far; Drunk, left in a ball pit, and a particularly stubborn clinging hangover had left him feeling slightly off and irritable as it was. The fight with Nathan, doppelgangers all over the network causing a ruckus. Lazarus' doppelganger was a month's worth of trouble all on his own. Honestly, Tony needed a break. Problem was Tony didn't know how to take a break. If someone asked him for help, he'd probably try and do it. That has never backfired on him before or anything cough cough dog woman cough mafia.

So when Cesar contacted him it was with a small amount of reluctance he agreed to lend a hand. He'd slipped up and let Cesar see how strong he was a few days prior, so of course now he'd been asked to carry something. Ugh, at least with Shou's help Tony had gotten better at controlling his strength so he wasn't just breaking things willy-nilly. This was a simple matter and should be over with quickly enough. Then he could go home and back to bed for a while.

As predicted it took him close to a full hour to reach the destination. Way out of the way for someone to be storing things, but whatever, Tony didn't care to ask. From the look of it it had been a hardware store at one time, but now it was just a long empty building with boarded up windows and "No Tresspassing" signs all over it. And a healthy colony of cobwebs to boot, just the thing to set the mood. Just what did Cesar want in this place, anyway?

Ah well, hopefully they could just get it over with quickly.
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All the shelves are still there, rusting and sprinkled with the coating of dust and age that covers everything else in the building. There are cashier counters by the door. Further on, walls stretch to bisect the room, stopping just short of forming an actual door. Dust is thick in the air, and it's hard to believe that anyone's been here since it was first abandoned.

The front door opening and closing is loud in the relative silence. Tony will only have time to take a few steps in when a knocking sound carries over. Metal on concrete? It sounded like it was something tapped against the floor. Maybe it came from beyond those walls? Now there's plastic scraping the floor--a cooler? A bucket? The sound doesn't last long, and like everything else, its source is out of sight.

Cesar is watching the room's narrowest point, standing as far as he can without letting himself be visible. One hand is resting on the handle of a light aluminum baseball bat, and the other holds a rope. Even cheap tricks can go a long ways: he's jury-rigged something that could come out of a middleschool bucket-of-water prank, held at just the right trajectory to douse anyone who walks between the walls' opening.

All he needs to see is Tony himself, and the trap will spring.
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Cesar noisily drags a foot on the ground in response, waiting where he is. He can hear the man crunching grit underfoot as he walks towards him, but he can't spring the trap until Tony's actually within sights. He sounds like he's fifteen feet away from the wall-gap. Ten feet away. Five. Two--

Cesar waits until he's solidly over an invisible target before yanking the rope, sending a solid shower of diluted holy water down towards him. Cesar immediately takes up the bat in both hands, lifting it and watching for the holy water's effects. If there's no immediate response, he'll charge forward, and if not--it should be interesting.
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Listening to Tony bellow is like listening to a shrieking guitar solo: his pulse quickens, and he bares his teeth in a brief, satisfied grin.

It lasts no more than a second, and he's grabbing a thermos from the shelf by his feet and clipping it to his belt, striding Tony's way. The man seems temporarily incapacitated, but Cesar's job here is to make sure he never tries anything like that again, and this job isn't done yet.

He's close enough. He shifts the bat back into a two-handed grip and jabs it at Tony's face, planning to pin his skull between the metal and concrete. This isn't to kill him, or even to hurt it in itself.

He needs his attention, and damn if he's not going to get it.
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Not enough.

Cesar steps around and away from possible grasping arms, before darting out with the bat's wider end again. This time he's slower, and pushes directly at Tony's forehead. Who cares if it forces Tony's head against the injury he just made, he's doing this to keep him immobilized. The more pain he's in, the better.
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There's been a few times when Cesar missed having a working voice more than anything else. Being able to express pain, pleasure, even just something as mundane as ordering food--this time ranks pretty high there, though. He shifts the bat in his grip to brace it with his elbow, freeing one hand.

The hand produces a folded up piece of paper that he shakes open. There's already writing on it, in bold permanent marker. It's held up close enough that it probably fills Tony's vision, blotting out the rest of the room.

If you ever go near L again,
you won't walk away.

I'm watching.
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Who's the one pinning the other to the concrete with a metal baseball bat here? Cesar shoves the sign closer to his face insistently, leaning into the bat. He doesn't know how much force it takes to crack a human skull, but Tony's not normal, so he's not worried. He'll be fine.

Even if he isn't, the doppelganger isn't too concerned. Tony might be one of those people Cesar could've tried to patch things up with before, but L ranks much higher on his list of importance. If it means keeping L safe, he's alright with Tony being out of the picture.
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Ya valio, he's fucked. The bat is ripped from his grasp, and Cesar takes a quick step or three away from him, feeling every nerve of him go on high alert. He's angered a predator, and he's not stupid enough to think he can take him. The closer hand scrabbles for the thermos at his hip, yanking its clasp off.

He's not going to waste time communicating. The soup-thermos is big, with a wide opening, and he flings as much pure holy water in Tony's face as one swing will give him. It won't be the full thermos, but if he can bring him back down, or buy himself time to run, that's all he needs.
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Shit shit shitshitshit Cesar is out of there. He backed up some of the way so he could still keep watch over Tony while the man thrashed, but the slam of the bat against shelving is more than enough to tear him from that useless behavior. If he doesn't run now, he might not have enough of himself intact to collect his own pieces later.

Cesar turns and darts behind some half-collapsed shelving to a back hallway, ready to charge through the back door he'd unlocked earlier. It was one of the few preparations he'd made, making sure there was a way out that no one else knew about, and hopefully it'll pay off now.
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Cesar's not a runner, but he probably sets a few new records for the 'quick escape towards an exit with a raging half-demon charging after him' category.

His car is parked out back, around a slight corner and half hidden by the back lot's overgrown weeds. Now he's fumbling for his keys post-haste, snatching the door open and trying two or three times to fit the key in the ignition. Nothing's fast enough, everything's going as slow as watching honey drip...
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Why did he lock the door? The car is sleek. All rounded edges, perfect red paint, cut from the same cloth that the sports cars of dreams are made of. He's prized this car since the day he got it, even going through all the trouble of driving it from his original college town.

Then Tony throws the mangled spear through the back window, slicing right through the passenger's seat and sticking through the dashboard beyond. Cesar can only gape in open-mouthed horror, before he's turning the engine on so hard the key almost snaps, yanking the car into gear.

Tony is between him and the small lot's nearest road. Cesar pulls around the car in a tight arc, facing both of them.

He floors the gas.
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The car does an (extremely) hasty turn onto the street, and then roars onward and out of sight. The doppelganger can't quite believe what he just saw either, but he'll decide later that killing someone would've brought all hell down onto the life of one Cesar Sanches-Ortiz, and that he'd only ever meant to scare the hell out of the kid in the first place. Mission totally as planned?

Totally as planned.

The abandoned store will have a few clues. There's a dropped crucifix near where Tony had originally been knocked over, along with the paper sign Cesar had waved. The sign has writing on the back in pencil, full of Christian bible quotes and a carefully sounded-out exorcism.
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The way Tony comes running straight through is bound to attract attention, but a cursory check for bloodstains on the floor turns up nothing and dulls any immediate concern. Hearing the shower running a few moments later tells him that the kid hasn't collapsed, so he's happy enough to wait and quietly examine the crucifix and note left on the counter.

His eyes follow the young man in silence when he walks back in, one eyebrow raised and lips faintly pursed.

"So," he says, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "What's the story?"
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"Yeah, I found the note."

Richard pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and sat down by the teenager, mostly distracting himself in the way he put it around him. He frowned, clasping both hands together.

"You wanna give me some more info, or do I need to guess?"
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Exorcise the--

"Oh, hell no." Suddenly, Tony's immediate jumping into the shower made complete sense. If someone had thrown what amounted to acid at Richard, he'd want to get it off himself as well. He was mentally checking over the young man for injuries - despite being well aware of his healing abilities - while he continued speaking, a frown drawing a furrow between his eyebrows.

"Better be mistaken identity," he muttered distractedly. "'Cause if it isn't, some asses are gonna get fuckin' defenestrated."