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Hajime Aikawa ([personal profile] chalicejoker) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-02-22 10:44 am

[Action] Yakkity Sax Plays in the Background...

Who:Hajime, Hajime's doppelganger, and anyone brave enough to save a doppelganger from a rampaging bug monster.
What: Hajime has found his doppelganger. Now he's losing control of his killer bug monster instincts as he tries to take care of said doppelganger. Oops.
Where: Around Neuschwanstein Castle.
When: Sunday morning.
Warnings: Angry bugs.

Hajime had been wanting to track down his doppelganger ever since he learned of the idiot's existence. Dressing up in ugly, brightly colored clothing and hanging around bars was not something the real Hajime would ever do, nor was attempting to flirt with...well, anyone. This was all making Hajime look bad, and he didn't appreciate it one bit. So he'd finally tracked the guy down at the castle.

But what he'd failed to realize was that he and the doppelganger shared certain qualities--the doppelganger pinged as another Undead to Hajime's monster senses. This set off Hajime's instinct to fight others of his own kind, and since Hajime was already incredibly angry with the guy, he couldn't stop himself. He transformed into his Joker form without a second thought, bellowed a roar of challenge, and charged at the man like he was intending to do serious bodily harm.

The doppelganger was far less aggressive, despite the Undead power within him, and he wanted absolutely no part of this. He did the only sensible thing here when he saw the original in bug form charging at him--screamed bloody murder in a fashion that would have made a little girl ashamed of herself, and took off running like his life depended on it. Hajime was less than pleased by the response, and he charged right on after his double.

There is now a screaming man in a ridiculously ugly, brightly-colored suit being pursued by an angry, snarling Lord of the Bugmen all over the castle grounds. Maybe someone should step in and put a stop to this. Or at least sell tickets.

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