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Mistakes come back to bite you

Who: Anthony and Nathan
What: Confrontation regarding poor decisions made while under the influence of Peer Pressure
When: Couple days after this
Where: L's boarding academy
Warnings: Angry teenagers and Serious Talks about alcohol use.

It had been a couple days, the hangover had faded for the most part though Tony still felt slightly off. Maybe it was all the teleporting, that couldn't be good for you. He still wasn't sure what to make of what happened, Hajime and Nathan were both acting horribly out of character, but he'd not run into either of them since then.

Some kind of strange bug, maybe? Others were acting weird as well, L for one, and Tony being as protective as he is felt it was time to go check up on him. Make sure Cesar got him back safe and sound. Honestly he was a bit surprised he'd not heard from him yet. Maybe something worse was going on?

Hell if Tony could figure out what it was on his own, though.
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Nathan wasn't the type of person to go out a lot at the best of times, but now? Now he'd been spending the past few days trying to figure out how they were going to deal with what was apparently the sudden appearance of Numbered doppelgangers. Everything seemed to point to it, as impossible as it all sounded; he'd been keeping an eye on the network as best he could between everything else, even spoken to a couple of them.

He was taking a bit of a break from it all at this point, trying not to let his anxieties overwhelm him. He wasn't good at that, and not having properly heard from Lazarus hadn't helped. Things were happening that he didn't know how to deal with.

Being at the school was at least somewhat soothing; that was about the best he could do on the relaxation front. The finger habitually twisting into his hair put a bit of a lie to his placid face, though.

He looked up when Tony entered. Maybe he could offer more insight? But it would be rude to simply ask with no preamble, so: "Hi."
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The meeting had been rocky, but in the end not as bad as it could have been. Overall, it was simply that he felt comfortable at the school due to the connection it had to his Other's life. A safe place.

His brow furrowed at Tony's awkwardness. What was that about? Had the meeting actually been worse than he'd thought? It had seemed relatively okay to him by the end. He couldn't say any more definitively than Tony why this should be so uncomfortable for him.

"I am fine." Then, after a pause and a mild tilt of the head, "... Are you alright?"
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The brow furrowing was now abandoned in favour of blinking. A lot of blinking. What was all this? His mind immediately jumped to the thought of the doppelgangers . . . but no. So far all of those had been displaying personalities diametrically opposed to those of the true self. Tony fumbling around and apologizing for things was consistent with behaviour Nathan had previously observed.

But otherwise, this did not make sense.

"... I don't know what you're talking about." His tone was genuinely confused. He was just going to leave that whole possibly being hit on thing alone. Too strange to deal with, even after one particular network conversation with a double.
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No, something wasn't right here. A piece didn't fit, there was a gap in his understanding. Nathan didn't like not being able to understand something. Could this be about his own double? He'd learned that he did have one, but he had not encountered the double either on the network or in person. Perhaps Tony had?

He just kind of watched Tony dubiously as he tried to slink out the door without explaining things. "Tony. What did I supposedly forget?"
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Nathan's memory was an impressive thing. There was very little that he honestly forgot; it was one of the biggest reasons those missing days in January had bothered him so much. He simply did not lose time or information like that. So he certainly would have remembered . . . that.

The finger in his hair stopped twisting at one very specific word. What?

"Bar?" There was a faint tone of disbelief in his voice. But the disbelief began to recede in favour of something chillier. If Tony had been expecting fury, he may well be about to get it. "So you're . . . under the impression that we went out drinking."

That was the most ridiculous, most stupid . . . How . . . He would never . . . Why would anyone think . . .
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It might have worked if this weren't a situation that hit Nathan in just the wrong way. Normally he shied away from conflict, backed off if the other person took a stronger stance. But this? No, his eyes just grew colder at the explanation. He wasn't sure if he was angry at Tony or at his double, or maybe both of them. The fact that he was angry at all was enough.

"My idea." And his voice was colder still. No louder, though; Nathan never raised his voice. He unwound the finger from his hair; his hair-twisting was a nervous habit and his nerves had been supplanted by something else entirely now. "I see that I need to explain something. There are doubles of us running loose. I have never in my life, will never in my life have such a pathetically stupid idea."

Not after growing up in that house, not after having to endure his father's temper after he'd gotten a few drinks into him. He wanted nothing to do with that disgusting habit.
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And Nathan had learned that if he put up any fight whatsoever, he would just be punished even worse. Shutting up . . . shutting down and taking it was the most expedient way for a bad encounter to end, the way to come out of it with the least damage. It was how he'd survived that house.

He should feel terrible for making Tony cringe like this. Maybe he would later. But right now there's no room for that. They'd blundered onto one of his biggest issues and he's not thinking clearly as a result. He won't shout; he never does. He won't attack, not physically. He is not his goddamn father. That's the whole point.

"A few conversations over the network led me to the conclusion." Speaking with Emilia's double had sealed it; she'd spoken of another version of him who had been incredibly talkative. "Have I ever given any indication that I would do such a thing? Did you not at least consider that 'I' was acting incredibly out of character?"
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Whereas Nathan had lived with his aggressor, had always been the smaller, weaker one. There had been no debating. He'd had to give up every time, to the point where he'd stopped even having the impulse to fight. He couldn't fight that man, can't even now.

But he can fight becoming him.

"Apparently not wrong enough that you thought to stop it."

Not knowing about the doppelgangers could, perhaps, be forgiven. Even in the state that Nathan is in right now. But he isn't feeling very forgiving. There isn't any way Tony could have known he was walking into this minefield -- Nathan does not talk about his issues -- but he'd walked into it all the same.
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Running had honestly never occurred to Nathan, he'd been broken down so far. His plan had been to endure if for a while longer -- he'd already done so for years; he could keep at it -- and then leave the house a better way. And it had been on the verge of working, only to fall apart at the last minute.

He's certainly not impressed with that answer. "Wonderful. Well I hope you had fun."

Why wouldn't someone stop that? When they knew the behaviour was so egregiously wrong? Why would they go along with it? This is not computing in Nathan's brain.

He turns away, huffs an angry sigh. "You came here for something else besides speaking to me. Perhaps you should get on with that."

Nathan is hardly more eager to continue this than Tony is. It's bringing up nothing but stress and unpleasant memories.