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2nd Vision [Action]

Gomez didn't get out of the apartment much. He tended to stay indoors, unless his ehhif Alex deigned to take him somewhere, but today he was just so bored... and Alex was just going to sleep all day, so he made sad-kitten eyes at him when he got home and got permission to go explore. He even got a door opened for him, rather than having to bolt out and hope nobody caught him, like last time.

And now he was out and about, sniffing at the park, strolling down main street, getting chased out of stores and then stuck up trees by yappy little dogs... it was an adventure, anyway. Even if being treed was embarrassing and a little scary. He stared down at passers by and occasionally cried at them as lost-kitten-ish-ly as he could. He needed down! And he needed petting!

And food!

Run into him in the park, on the sidewalk, or when he's stuck up a tree. He's wide open.
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Riku'd been taking pictures of some unusual cloud formations in the park when he noticed the cat. Kitten, really, a small thing, with a patch that looked like a mustache right over it's mouth.

"Looks like you got on the wrong side of a permanent marker," Riku grinned a bit, lining up his camera to take a quick picture.
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Riku grinned a bit at that, a natural model like most cats, then. He took a couple of quick test shots and adjusted the aperture, taking a few more.
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"Now what are you doing up there?"

Shou had been walking along, lamenting the fact that his car was going to take another two weeks in the shop because of parts. He was thinking of maybe buying a motorcycle or at least finding a driving service he would like besides the whole taxi thing when he heard the little kitty cries. It had took him a few moments before spying the kitten in the tree, and since it didn't look like a stray, he felt it was okay to talk to it.

"Do you want down?"
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He laughed; it was like the kitten actually knew what he was saying. Shou looked around before shrugging and scaling the tree himself. It wasn't too high at least and the tree was sturdy enough that it didn't break when did a ridiculous stunt like this. He braced himself and reached for the kitten.

"Now, grab onto me and we'll get down from here, okay?"
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Well, he should have expect that. At least Shou has the good manners to not jerk away and yell loudly, though he does mutter a lot of impolite Japanese words through his clenched teeth while trying to find a way to tug the kitten free from his hand. That involved him letting go from his perch - somehow balancing very easily despite the fact that he should be falling without a handhold - and tugging the kitten free from his hand.

"Okay, now to get down." And this is where his brain caught up with the fact he had been holding onto the branch to keep from pitching forward.

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that helped and Shou had enough time to stop hitting the tree trunk by the simple act of throwing his hands in front of his face. Somehow he was still keeping a grip and he hadn't head for the pavement but this position was a bit awkward and made the way of getting down a lot harder. He looked down at the ground and then shook his head and thought about it.

A gymnastic trick came to mind and he wiggled a little, shifting his grip and closed his eyes. He didn't know if he could manage a twist in the air, but seriously he did not want to cause the fire department too much trouble. So freeing up his one hand to zip his jacket closed so the kitten wouldn't be jarred off, he pushed off.

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Marisa was sitting at a bench in the park with, of all things, her math textbook from school. Yup, a gorgeous day like today and she spent it studying.

She glanced up at the cat, smiled, then reached out to scritch it behind the ears.
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Trigonometry isn't much more interesting when you CAN read. She's had cats before, though, she knows the score.

"You're a cute little guy. Are you a stray?"

She checked for a collar.
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"Hmm, no, too clean for a stray."

Oh fine. Kitty gets a few minutes of attention. Petting and ear scritches galore.

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Julien was out with his young niece, for the moment content to supervise from a distance as she chased birds and picked up rocks. Sooner or later she'd want him to play with her again, or someone with a dog or another child would come by, and he'd get up. For now he was relaxing on a bench keeping an eye on her and ignoring the desire to take out his phone, holding still enough for long enough that the pigeons he and Val had fed before she'd chased them off had come back to strut around underfoot and check for any overlooked crumbs.

Something pale and moving caught his eye off to one side. A cat? Looked like. Julien looked back at the apparently unconcerned birds. "You should be ready to shoo," he said.
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Interference was unlikely unless one was caught, which didn't seem that probable, no. If he'd seen the cat, the birds probably had too. They were bold, but that only ever went so far. Julien leaned back a bit and watched, secure in which ones he was rooting for.
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Lazy park pigeons that they were, they let the cat come fairly close before the whole flock exploded upwards in a rush of wings. The noise of it made Valerie, a ways out, look back, but since the birds didn't settle back and she couldn't see the kitty, she stayed where she was.

Julien grinned. "'Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.'"

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[ what a cute kitty... Kyouya smiles slightly when he sees it in the park, holding out a hand for it to sniff or pass up. He likes cats, but understands they can be a bit touchy about, well, being touched. ]