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[Still adjusting to his new super-sight, Liam is wearing glasses when he shows up on the screen. A hint of general anxiety is shown by some fidgeting.]

Okay so... things are bad in Locke, right? I haven't been back in a while. People are talking about moving, and I don't want to move. It's like a second home to me, you know?

[He'd spent a lot of time feeling like he wanted to get away from Locke when his sea-longing first kicked in, but now...]

My family has had property there since I was a kid... I mean I get that the property won't go anywhere, but I'm kind of attached to it.

[Liam takes a deep breath then sits back from the camera. When he speaks again, he's less somber.]

Okay, distraction time. So, a lot of people I know have names for their past lives or old selves or whatever - is that pretty common? I figured I should get one too, if that's the case. Don't want to be left out. Any ideas?


...Okay nobody say "butthead" or something.
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Not really. When I first heard his name, it was in a memory of someone--Gandalf--listing off a bunch of names so I knew I was one of those names. Next I remembered me saying my name was Kíli so I never really had to come up with a name.

Dude, Salad is totally not insulting, Salad is amazing. Uh. Athelas? That's a plant we know came from our past world.
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Works for now, won't it?
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No. I have been to Orlando and the city is only cool because of the theme parks that I didn't get to go to. It's icky and humid and muggy.
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We were flat ass broke!
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Dude, it's fine. My childhood was totally okay for not having gone to Disney World.

[Ignoring the general oddity and instability of it but]
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[personal profile] youngestone 2014-10-21 07:21 pm (UTC)(link) long as you're not doing it because you pity me or something.
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[He snorts]

Dick. But yeah, Ariel would love the water parks.
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Yeah, sure.